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    If you're wondering why I came to view your profile, it's only because I have clumsy fingers and a touchscreen device. Sorry if I got your hopes up! Or you stalked me first.
  1. Summerqueen

    The Richard Morgan Thread III

    Police Snark turns off potential readers and discourages anyone else from coming to the book's defense. Just saying'.
  2. Summerqueen

    Board Issues 4

    Thanks! I missed that there was a separate Tapatalk thread. Will check it out. :cheers:
  3. Summerqueen

    Board Issues 4

    Tapatalk error: Tapatalk hook was disabled in this forum. Is this an accident or deliberate? I see that the board is having problems (I've been oblivious, as I use this forum app). Is Tapatalk no longer going to be supported?