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  1. Which younger, open-minded Palestinians are you counting on? The ones watching their relatives get indiscriminately bombed and starved by the IDF now?
  2. I suppose in those years Israel would just twiddle its thumbs and make no preparations, then? Or, no, wait, they'd go back to the Bibi playbook of helping Hamas squeeze out other rivals for power in order to keep a perfect bogeyman around. Of course Hamas is going to do whatever shady shit they can get away with while under a cease-fire. If Israel is going to continue to pretend to be a law-abiding state, they need to be prepared to act in good faith even while being absolutely sure Hamas is getting away with shit. You rely on your intelligence services and alliances to keep watch and prepare for when they act out again. Do you think Israel's the only state who's ever had to try and make a deal with a known bad-faith actor?
  3. The sole source of their money, power, and privilege derives from hereditary connection to the imperialists of the past. If you, collectively, but also if you, personally, could move on the from past, you wouldn't be such a throne-sniffer. What a transparently terrible, self-indicting argument. Good Lord.
  4. Great game. Weird game. Tatum feeling it all night, he and Horford rediscovered their 3 stroke, so of course this is the game they fall behind by 18 against a team missing its best player. I was always a big fan of Marcus Smart, sad they traded him, but wow am I glad they got Holiday.
  5. As the Celtics take the lead back, I'd just like to say, Thank You Refs.
  6. It's cool, if the Celtics lose, I'll blame it on that play just a couple minutes ago where Holiday got fouled and it didn't get called.
  7. Yes, and of the 80+ million who vote for Biden, there will be multitudes of dead people and "illegals", while every single person who votes for Trump will be a patriotic, red-blooded, meat-eating, whiskey-swilling, Jesus-loving Murican. And if some happen to vote in multiple states where they own homes, that's how our Sainted Slavelord Founders wanted it.
  8. Yep, the no-call on Kyrie and lack of ability to check for that during a possession review sucked. So did the Wolves fumbling away two possessions in the last minute. I can see why not getting the foul hurts: foul shots were the only points the Wolves scored in the last two and a half minutes.
  9. Oh fucking Christ take a lude and stop honking over refs. I suppose the refs were also responsible for KAT's absence for the whole-ass end of the game.
  10. Ant ain't ready yet. ETA: Luka screaming after a big shot is a distinctly unpleasant sight.
  11. You're right, the Seahawks should've just let Russ walk and drafted another 3rd round championship level QB.
  12. And one of those was Russell Wilson, who also had an elite defense and running game, right?
  13. If this doesn't get Ty off the blame refs shtick, nothing will.
  14. New thread was needed, and I am also impatient with Ty's reflexive ref-blaming, but making the thread title a call-out of another boarder is a bad look.
  15. Yup. I still vividly remember my Greek friend in college ranting that he'd never had a good tomato in the US. Oh, this reminds me, @Ser Scot A Ellison, I just noticed the other day that there was a sign in the parking lot of our favorite dive bar/pizza shack: "Legalize raw milk!" I don't know if it's new or if I just never noticed in the ten years we've been going there.
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