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  1. I knew my backyard trebuchet was going to be a wise investment.
  2. I know why his stock was down, and I know it's only been three games, but damn Taylor Hall looks good flying alongside David Krejci. All three guys that the Bruins picked up at the trade deadline are contributing.
  3. Two of the biggest Republican trolls in the House have formed an "Anglo-Saxon" caucus? What the suffering fuck? Are they not even bothering to hide the Nazism? Is this the troll of all trolls? https://www.vice.com/en/article/g5gpqj/marjorie-taylor-greene-matt-gaetz-launch-anglo-saxon-america-first-caucus
  4. @lady narcissa I'm glad you were able to see the season finally. I've mostly enjoyed this season -- because of CT and Big T, and Leroy doing well, and some beautiful justice being visited upon some of the people I dislike. Maybe I'll just do the free month or whatever of Paramount+ and binge some Challenge. Tonight's the final? Oh boy...
  5. Blue state vs red state is not a real thing, but urban vs rural is. And a lot of the critical swing state races were decided in the suburbs, which I guess is also its own sort of culture.
  6. Julian Edelman retires after he fails a physical and gets released. End of an era. As tough as anybody, and the author of so many great moments. Obviously there was the great catch in the Falcons Super Bowl. But I'll also remember that in that AFC Championship against KC, Edelman converted two third-and-10s in the only drive of overtime.
  7. Another case where your lack of good faith shows. Nobody said it was a conspiracy. Someone observed that the BBC might have made a coverage decision to curry favor with the government. This is a pretty reasonable idea and not a conspiracy. And of course no one is objecting to coverage as a major event. This is about the degree to which it took over all channels.
  8. I hope they don't trade Winovich. I've heard him do a couple of radio interviews and he is fun. Direct, unable to dissemble, genuinely curious about the world. He went on some amazing almost-galaxy-brain stream of consciousness riff that I loved. But he seemed to go into the Belichick doghouse last season.
  9. He must be jealous of Handsome Jimmy's olive oil voice and guinea charm...
  10. "In recent memory" is right there in the part you quoted. I would have brought up McGovern myself, but for that phrase. Did McGovern's defeat in the cycle after the clusterfuck of the 1968 election shape the institutional attitude of the Democratic Party? Is that the origination of their timidity and fear of being labelled too lefty?
  11. I stabbed my brother with a pen in front of Ted Kennedy when I was four, and I've eaten snails with Mike Dukakis.
  12. I did enjoy Brand a lot but yeah, it's just him. They didn't even bother to create a new character for him for Get Him to the Greek but Jonah Hill was different.
  13. I started talking like Russell Brand in Forgetting Sarah Marshall: "We're actually doing this. Just letting this happen."
  14. Oh Deshaun. You can't Kobe away 22 accusations that way.
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