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  1. Majewski had another lie revealed. He wasn't allowed to re-enlist after his initial four-year commitment. He said it was because he got in a fight with another service-member. That's untrue, unless the "other service-member" was Captain Morgan. He was busted for a DUI. https://apnews.com/article/2022-midterm-elections-afghanistan-ohio-campaigns-only-on-ap-14b98ee6b4e8ff023729a4498ade2ac0
  2. She is a terrifyingly empty and incompetent muppet surrounded by same, but I am pretty jealous that y'all have journalists who can and do ask real questions and follow up. "We will make sure there is local consent in place" sounds pretty ominous to me.
  3. "We're no worse than anyone else" may be true, but it's a pretty tough thing to hear about a country that aspires to some high and mighty principles and regularly calls itself the Greatest Nation on Earth. I believe that as the .1 % of history, we have a duty to be better and more responsible with our power and influence.
  4. I get what you're saying, and I see how Americans are victims of their own culture to some extent, and I understand the danger in blaming a people for their government. I get it all on an intellectual level. But it's hard to get past the last 20 years of avoidable epic fuckups.
  5. I don't think that Americans are genetically predisposed to barbarity and cruelty, but it's in our culture. The differences between the US and other Western industrialized nations are pretty stark: guns, prisons, for-profit healthcare, inequality, etc. I also think we as a Americans are sheltered from the hard realities a lot of the world experiences. We are the wealthiest, most protected, most culturally coddled people in history. The casual cruelty of our culture and the insulating effect of our comfort and very effective self-glorifying propaganda can make us pretty ignorant and callous about the rest of the world. As an immigrant American from a country that has suffered from the warping and corrupting influence of American foreign policy, I think I've got some decent perspective on that.
  6. Our town clerk (responsible for voter rolls, among other things), a friend of my wife, recently got this email: These apparently have been going around, so it must be some copy-pasted form from the right wing arglebarglesphere. The presumption, ignorance, and half-bright writing would make me laugh, if it weren't so problematic that there are millions of dumb chuds like this who lack even the cognitive capability to realize they might be wrong about something.
  7. Ah, I stand corrected. Honestly good for them, being the most successful franchise in the New York Metropolitan Area.
  8. I'm not in the business of defending Tom Brady but this was a good reminder that the Giants win in 2011 was the last championship for a New York (or New Jersey) sports team. I'd be petty too.
  9. Why is she dressed like a Green Beret for fucking traffic stops?
  10. Good. Rolling Stone ain't what it used to be, but this is a good headline. Ken Starr, Who Turned a Blind Eye to Rape and Defended a Sex Trafficker, Dead at 76
  11. Perhaps they feared being arrested if they answered "no."
  12. It is probably, in some way, Meghan Markle's fault.
  13. On the plus side, perhaps Putin can take comfort in the fact that Ukrainian gains no longer look like a giant penis penetrating Russian territory.
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