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  1. Surely the answer depends on if you're asking a Reform or Orthodox Jew.
  2. I'ma let you have that one because I know you never get to say it.
  3. And if any bleeding hearts do sneak through the process, they'll be frozen out, forced out, or otherwise sabotaged.
  4. God they can't makes 3s or layups.
  5. Apparently when the Celtics challenged the foul called on Horford, that gave the refs time to review and reset the clock. So, more created luck. Seems like every championship requires some lucky breaks along the way. Oh, I don't know, I can see the Celtics getting high on their own farts again and blowing it.
  6. It was an amazing play and sure, lucky. I think, though, this was one of those situations where "You make your own luck" applies. Derrick White was the inbounder and yet managed to crash in from the baseline in two seconds. Spoelstra said afterwards that the ball went the only place it could have gone for the Celtics to be able to put it back, which strikes me as wishful thinking, or maybe you have to tell yourself that after that kind of reversal. If the ball had gone the other way, Tatum was above the rim on the other side. Or it could have just gone in instead of rimming out. There were many ways that ball could have gone that led to their loss.
  7. I feared it, but damn I thought the Celtics had at least grown enough to make a series of it. I never imagined this kind of pants-shitting. I can't even with these fucking guys.
  8. Point taken. It's just that I've switched most of my emotional investment into the Celtics and Bruins over the last few years. I would trade the last Sox and Pats championships for just one for either of the Garden teams. ETA: I don't read the dating thread because I'm a boring married suburban dad and it seems... I dunno, voyeuristic or something to read about y'alls romantic travails.
  9. Also, the threes and layups strategy doesn't work when you brick so many open looks. So frustrating.
  10. Is watching the Celtics and Bruins choke our karma for the Patriots?
  11. Watching Jimmy Butler has not been fun.
  12. Seriously, when you find yourself defending the papps as "working media" maybe it's time for a perspective check. I guess Piers Morgan is just a hard-nosed truth-seeking journalist as well.
  13. I am shocked, absolutely shocked, to find HoI trying to polish a turd of a right wing position by pretending it is the most anodyne sloganeering instead of acknowledging the context of policies meant to elevate the "traditional family" above others.
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