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  1. Do you remember those meetings that had to open with recitations of slavish praise from his Cabinet secretaries? He had the Diet Coke button because he wanted to have someone at his beck and call.
  2. I would say Trump has widened the rift between US Catholics, because certainly there have always been asshat Catholic leaders getting too involved in partisan politics, and it's been getting worse over the years. I remember the fuckwit bishops who opined in 2004 that John Kerry should be denied Communion for supporting abortion rights. And the USCCB has been rebuked by a Cardinal seen as an ally to the Pope.
  3. I can't wait for people to discover the burner accounts that KD and Kyrie create to talk shit about Harden.
  4. Ha! He reminds me of The Smiler from Transmetropolitan, though to be fair, Pete Buttigieg was getting a lot of Smiler comparisons too.
  5. Nah. The last four years have convinced me that the US is indeed a special snowflake -- of dumb, over-privileged chuds who would rather burn the world down than confront their own ignorance. Right wing terrorists plotted to kidnap Michigan's governor because they couldn't deal with mask mandates. The uprising against Hillary Clinton for trying to get a whole country full of dumb MAGAts to wear masks might well be the boogaloo these chuds have been asking for.
  6. I wouldn't say I'm happy for them, but I do wish them well. I have much less rancor in me for the Bills than I do for the other AFC East teams. I'm enjoying these playoffs from a less emotionally invested perspective. It's pretty cool that I spent over a decade wishing for Brady vs Brees or Rodgers in the Super Bowl and it never happened, and now Brady has to get through both of them to potentially face Mahomes for a title.
  7. Wild Sports Illustrated story about the creeping and apparently tenacious influence of Jack Easterby on the Texans, who seems to be working the Rasputin playbook. https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/01/16/texans-chaos-deshaun-watson-unhappy-how-jack-easterby-kept-his-job
  8. Rep Sean Maloney is one of the members of Congress who says that he saw Republican Reps giving Capitol tours to insurrectionists the day before the riot. Lauren Boebert, the sloppy drunk chronic criminal who got elected to Congress from Colorado, attacked him on Twitter. She said Maloney had made "false and baseless conspiracy claims" about her. Maloney's response was... *chef's kiss*
  9. Have those Republican plague rats just not been tested?
  10. What a story: Secret Service agents guarding Jarvanka are not allowed to use the bathroom in their DC house. They brought in a huge, fancy portapotty, which the neighbors objected to. So they removed that and agents had to go to nearby businesses, or Pence's house, or Obama's house. And then... Secret Service agents shit up Obama's bathroom because they weren't allowed to shit in Princess Ivanka's pool house is the most on-the-nose story ever. https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2021/01/14/secret-service-bathroom-ivanka-trump-jared-kushner/
  11. I'm sure a bunch of these Republican shitheels who spent years supporting and encouraging leopards to eat people's faces are scared now of having their faces eaten. That being said, Democratic lawmakers are dealing with worse threats and have good reason to believe that some of their treasonous colleagues put them in harm's way. So why are Republicans such weak, cowardly little pissbabies?
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