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  1. I'm of a mind to go back and look for those little Italian and Spanish country towns that are offering a free house if you just come and live and work. My job does pretty well remotely and we have a ton of European clients, and I assume Mrs Gabriel, as a midwife, has a pretty portable career...
  2. @Padraig that's a laundry list of Republican propaganda. Unfortunately it's commonly believed by a lot of stupid people. I'm on a town Facebook page where some dingbat low-level Republican office-holder constantly talks about how Evil Democrats hate America and want to get us all killed by releasing violent criminals (is black and brown people) from prison and making it impossible for (white) homeowners to defend themselves by banning guns.
  3. Except for Nazis and the Confederacy, I guess.
  4. Between the 49ers and the Eagles, I'm glad I don't bet on football.
  5. He's Wormtongue, but he barely drew blood when he tried to stab his Saruman.
  6. To be fair, if Christian fundamentalists only admired people who liked them, they'd have no one to look up to. Even their own preachers seem to have deep contempt for them.
  7. Laura Ingraham doesn't need to be paid to be a vile, bootlicking piece of shit. She started her journalism career by going to meetings of the LGBTQ group in her college and outing attendees. She's fucking damaged and despicable and covers for Trump out of professional courtesy.
  8. Age and parenthood have mellowed me. Also, warning points.
  9. I got a notification that some half-bright lying troll responded to me but I don't see anything. Must have been a doozy,
  10. Yeah, that was @The Map Guy, prattling on about how a pudding-soft sack of cowardice like Trump is an alpha male, just because he was born white and rich in a country that bends itself over to coddle such people. Trump has been shielded his whole life, by money and power that he never earned, from the consequences of his own actions -- and that somehow translates to the witless numbfucks under his well heeled lifts as bold manliness. I've long heard that New York people knew decades ago that Trump was a buffoon, but at least one self-proclaimed working class New Yorker bought into his grift. The science behind "alpha" was debunked long ago, but Map Guy's understanding of the world seems frozen on the early 80s, with Reaganite "young bucks and welfare queens" type of rhetoric.
  11. Speaking purely from optics and an analysis of how I think this will play out: I think there are enough complicating facts about Rittenhouse's actions and the protesters to muddy things up enough that middle-of-the-road white voters will dismiss the injustice of it and come to support the baby-faced white guy with a rifle. This will, of course, be aided by deliberate distortion pushed by a well-coordinated right wing arglebargle operation, complicity/both-sidesing in the mainstream media, and a propagandistically run defense effort by some Republican lawyers who'll be on the fast track to federal judgeships and Justice Department positions in the next Republican administration. I don't like it, I think it's evidence of a sickening double standard in American culture, where grafitti and property damage are seen as more worrisome than actual murder. But I think that's how it plays out politically and culturally, because middle-of-the-road white Americans are just looking for anything to make them accept or be comfortable with right wing violence.
  12. Trumplandia is very willing to cut loose white liberals, yeah. I see it all the time in my lily-white corner of Massachusetts. The Trump dead-enders hate everyone who disagrees with them. I've seen so many "make liberals cry again" type signage going up with Trump signs. And yeah, Rittenhouse is becoming a cause celebre for the right. Nick Sandmann's lawyer is representing him and a legal organization dedicated to "fighting liberal smears" is taking up his case. https://www.insider.com/kyle-rittenhouse-lawyers-john-pierce-lin-wood-fightback-foundation-2020-8 Surely a police-loving teenager who was protecting property and cleaning up graffiti earlier that day shouldn't be cancelled by vicious liberal mobs just because he *checks notes* shot three people and killed two of them. You know how the right wing arglebarglesphere operates. He's the real victim, it was a hoax, the people he killed were Antifa agitators paid by George Soros, etc.
  13. I get the feeling that this Rittenhouse issue is going to become George Zimmerman all over again. Shitty and unbalanced trial, feelings running hot on both sides, and ultimately a disappointment for people who think a murdering cop-cosplayer should be punished.
  14. @The Map Guy thinks Trump, who deferred out of military service for bone spurs, bullies the weak and powerless, and lacks the courage to fire people in person unless it's reality TV, is an alpha male. @The Map Guy is too much of a wimp to respond to Fury's posts. He deserves pity that he lives in such fear and ignorance.
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