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  1. You forgot to account for the multiple token D&D made up filler shit scenes - followed by 14 minutes of Dany staring blank face talking about something nobody gives a shit about - 2 minutes Stannis slaughtering a bunch of wildling innocents who only want to cross the Wall to save themselves from the Others (excuse me 'White Walkers') - and I forgot to mention Lady Stoneheart appearance -plus a bunch of scenes of pointless talking and walking around and other stuff that always finds a way to eat away at the time that could be allocated to far more important and meaningful scenes
  2. Fuck are you serious? They are really about to disrespect the Hound like that too huh? Damn it D&D fuck you guys. Finale - 66 minutes 1) Bran/Reeds and Bloodraven 2) Dany/dragons 3) Stannis at the wall 4) Jon/Mance 5) Arya/Hound - and apparently Brienne punking Hound now too?? 6) Tyrion/Tywin/Shae/escape 7) Jaime/Cersei Plus all the made up scenes that D&D will inevitably put in :rolleyes: I don't see how the finale will be effectively hit all these plot points effectively
  3. Pretty sure this is almost word for word what he said to Jon Snow in season 1. Nice writing DnD.
  4. There are sensical changes made for good reasons, and there are completely non sensical changes made for no logical reason at all. Unfortunately, HBO's adaptation has more of the latter, not former. On top of cutting great scenes from the books that would enhance the show, time is used on ill advised scenes with crappy 'characters' and 'plots' and many made up scenes which turn out to be dreadful, lacking any real impact. The best example of the entire series is probably when D&D applied their genious and thought it woul d be better for Cat to let Jaime go without even thinking her kids at Winterfell were dead, which was basically her entire motivation from the books. Literally all they had to do was add 1 minute scene where she finds out before releasing Jaime, instead it results in a completely ridiculous and unebelievable ending. Side complaint being HBO's adaptation is so over the top hit you in the face with things it leaves nothing to the imagination. Subetly is entirely lost with D&D, and I really think they aren't good enough writers over all to truly do ASOIAF justice, whereas more literarily competant writers/show runners may have. Also, GRRM literally has zero say in the end on what the show does or doesn't do. Even as a writer on one episode per season, he still must stay within the established guidelines and do what D&D want him to. They also make changes to his scripts after the fact like adding, moving, or changes scenes. Even with the author as exec producer, D&D can still and do make up whatever they like. GRRM has no power here. The rights are sold and he must live with the decision as he has talked about so often in the past.
  5. Did you miss his last line stating Meryn killed Syrio because Meryn had armor and a 'big fucking sword'? - and Syrio didn't?
  6. Watch the viewership drop now that non book readers know Dany is going to do shit for years.
  7. OR it could be more random shit DnD have made up. But I guess that never happens, right? Check Ran's response to that below:
  8. Lmao. I have always hated the look of the 'White Walkers' on the show. They are the complete opposite of how they are described in the books and what GRRM has stated in interviews.
  9. Clearly there were more of them (the silhouettes) in the background that this one walked from. This one we saw was one of many that were there. DnD said on Inside the Episode this scene wasn't in the books but suggested by it, and they wanted to show people more about them. I don't know why so many people are automatically thinking this was a book spoiler instead of the possibility of it being more random shit that DnD have made up.
  10. There were more shadows in the background. That new creature at the end of the episode was not the only one, just one of many that were there.
  11. 1) They killed one slave master in Meereen and the city is now hers. What? 2) The Others in the books are beautiful creatures and GRRM has stated this before. They bear no resemblance to the show's 'White Walkers' so there is no point to even theorize about what the Others truly are based on the show's depiction. 3) Inside the Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz5K_j4TRMs DnD state the White Walker scene at the end was 'not in the books, but suggested by the books.' They wanted to show people this. Take that as you will.
  12. This episode was OK. Pretty weird lack of emotions and hysteria during Joff's death.
  13. You all do realize that GRRM has to write within the confines that DnD have given him, yes? If you do not realize that, then hopefully you do now.
  14. I was against a LSH reveal, but I really like this idea with the BWB just fishing Cat's body out of the river. It would get fans to think, but that might actually give her resurrection away since they put so much emphasis on the BWB and Red God revivals with Beric Donadarrion and all... LOL. Even so, they would have less than zero chance of successfully raiding the Dreadfort which is full of men and undoubtedly one of the strongest fortresses of the North.
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