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  1. Antonius Pius

    RIP Gene Wolfe

    Sad to hear this I loved his Book of the New Sun. His prose isn’t always easy, but he was a great writer. I already had Soldier in the Mist laying ready on my nightstand.
  2. Quote above is from A Horse Named Stranger's post, citing the article in Der Spiegel: is this really the sentiment in the mad-for-brexit parts of Britain? Why haven't these irresponsible rascals like Boris Johnson and his ilk been lynched? With every passing day and political farce it looks more and more like everyone in politics is trying to screw the Britain over for personal electoral gain. Indeed, Your nation is being held hostage over this unresolved struggle - because so much work seems to be put in keeping it unresolvable. I'm sorry, but the mind boggles. There seems to be such a disconnect between politics and reality.
  3. Antonius Pius

    Formula One 2018

    These guys have sort of an explanation of what's gone wrong with Williams and McLaren, and why there luck isn't going to turn around anytime soon. Wait and see, I guess, but I'm not optimistic about their chances of succes.
  4. Antonius Pius

    Formula One 2018

    It’s a great story to have him back, but I saw some onboard footage of him driving the Williams, and I’m not sure it’s wise. His right hand seems to be truly useless, which means he depends on his lift for every manual action he has to take. I wonder how it will work out when he has to focus on both his lap and the competition trying to take his position - though in a Williams that may mean there’s no one to directly duel with except for his teammate.
  5. Antonius Pius

    Formula One 2018

    I doubt that Hamilton would have taken his own advice. I also want to bring up that Hamilton felt Sirotkin should have shown more respect in an incident where he himself essentially almost took Sirotkin out. There’s not much that Hamilton says about other drivers without having an agenda. Especially where his main competitors are involved. Also, Max has had some incidents this year where he was obviously too eager, but I cannot see the reasoning for holding Max responsible for this incident with Ocon. Ocon had no right to duel with the raceleader. He had a right to unlap himself, yes, no one has disputed that. But he was racing Max as if they were racing for position, as he himself admitted in the interview afterwards (“I did the same [move] with Max that I did with Fernando and many others”). Honestly, it seems to me like frustration got the better of him. I don’t know if there was bad blood between them from their Formula Three days (they had some tough fights), or that Ocon is simply frustrated about not having a drive, but it was a bad move, plain and simple. Verstappen just said on Dutch tv that he didn’t intend anything at the scales, just that he wanted to ask Ocon what he was thinking, but got (more) angry because Ocon immediately essentially played the victim and started to grin.
  6. Antonius Pius

    Formula One 2018

    (Re: crash between Max and Ocon) Well, that was an unexpected dick-move by Ocon. Has to have been motivated by either vendetta (for a Formula 3 incident?) or a moment of braindeath. You are of course allowed to unlap yourself, but driving into the side of the leader is inane in any situation. There can be no justification for what Ocon did here, IMO. Breaking news is that both Ocon and Verstappen are called to the stewards for this incident. I can’t imagine there’ll be a punishment, especially after Saturday. Hamilton already starting the psychological warfare by calling the crash Verstappens fault.
  7. Antonius Pius

    Formula One 2018

    Don't think that's likely... Alonso burned his bridges at Ferrari, and even though he may desperately want a winning car, Ferrari aren't going to be giving him one. The decision to take Leclerc over keeping Kimi is a slap in Vettel's face, so I'm sure he's aware he's not untouchable. Ferrari aren't above giving Leclerc preferential treatment if he prefers better. After all, their only goal is to win.
  8. Antonius Pius

    US Politics: Judge Dread

    This picture tells its own story...
  9. Antonius Pius

    Formula One 2018

    Maybe Williams? I assume Stroll is out next year - though Williams may need a pay-driver, Mercedes could also do something about the engine bill. Big decision for Ferrari and Leclerc. I'd have expected Ferrari to want to field Leclerc at Haas for a year, but they've gone all out. Good for them. And why on earth would Kimi want to race for Sauber? Just to pick up a paycheck? Can't imagine what challenge he sees there. I expect he will do a lot of good for the team, but really? Too bad if Vandoorne and Ocon don't get a drive. Ocon certainly deserves one, and I think Vandoorne deserves another chance outside the shitstrewn horrorshow of McLaren.
  10. Antonius Pius

    F1 2016

    Thinking of last year's driver crop, what do you guys make of these drivers? (In no particular order) Sainz did well at Renault, but has shown a recklessness and lack of control at Toro Rosso that made him a liability at times. And a greater aptitude for lying that is generally necessary for the business. Hulkenberg has to step up though, or he'll get beaten. Kvyat and Palmer have essentially written themselves off Perez was good, but Ocon was/is better Wehrlein and Magnussen didn't do bad, but didn't impress either; Magnussen seems to be an annoyance to the other drivers; Stroll wasn't as bad as I feared at the beginning, especially for a buy-in driver. He did have some good moments, and some promise as a reliable driver, if not a real racer. Grosjean had a few moments, but his whining is incredibly ennoying (earning him a "Shut up, Romain!" radio-message from Gunther Steiner). Had a lot of mediocre moments too; Ericcson seems to be the weakest of the lot.
  11. Antonius Pius

    F1 2016

    If that is the case, Williams are either wasting Kubica's time, because next year there will surely be another experienced though not yet ancient driver on the market. I'm thinking Di Resta, Grosjean, or Perez or even Raikkonen. There are more options than Kubica if he really isn't good enough. Or they're just keeping him in reserve for this year, if Sirotkin really bottoms out. But if they can't put him in for more than one or two races, I doubt this will do any good. Or do you mean that they're taking 2018 for a lost season and let Kubica do what he can for them as testdriver (technical know-how) and throw both him and Sirotkin out next year? Did Di Resta disappoint also? I didn't get that Massa outperformed both Sirotkin and Kubica. Word in the media was that Sirotkin was better than expected, but I don't know how that was managed re: set-up, fuelload, etc. I think nobody bothered to ask the grid girls themselves, but I think Liberty were more concerned with how it looks for the worldwide audience to have good looking women standing there like furniture, as if that's all they're good for. In this day and age, that is indeed an anachronism. And arguably a slight to the many female fans Formula One also has. Getting with the times also jives with Liberty's stated goal of updating Formula One to the present.
  12. Antonius Pius

    F1 2016

    So, Kubica definitely not in the car for 2018, except for testing and unforeseen circumstances. I guess Sirotkin and his money gave Williams a really tough choice. On the one hand, I'm all for new talent, but on the other I was curious to see if Kubica still has what it takes. Apparently Williams think not. And, Formula One is not a place for sentiment. Testing for this season begins in three weeks, by the way. Re: grid girls: it makes no difference to me that they won't be employed this year. The concept of grid girls is obviously sexist, and it doesn't really add anything. Employing rid guys is even more farcical, so please no to that. There has to be a better way to place/position markers. A good friend of mine is going to Silverstone too. He's been to some races, but never in England. Are they really the result of Bernie? Signed pre-contracts and so on? I hadn't realised Bernie's reach was that wide.
  13. Antonius Pius

    F1 2016

    RE: Kubica Kubica isn't likely to step in unless he gets an airtight contract guaranteeing him a drive for two years or full compensation if he's swapped out. After his accident he got a huge pay-off from his insurance company, on the basis that he would not be able to drive F1 again. If he turns out to be able to drive in competion circumstances, his insurance will require him to pay them back. So in order to offset that 'penalty' he needs a guaranteed amount of income. This comes from Robert Doornbos, a former Red Bull and Minardi driver and friend of Kubica's.
  14. Antonius Pius

    F1 2016

    So the engine for 2021 is basically a more straightforward version of what we have now. Still hybrid but less intricate components and more RPM, which supposedly makes it easier to produce and operate, but is still equally fast. Good news for manufacturers (Aston Martin?), meh for fans. Hamilton managed to seal the deal in Mexico, not in the way he wanted, but still deserved. Too bad Ferrari and Vettel (Baku, Singapore) fell to pieces after the summer break. More competition would have been nice. Good to see Red Bull joining the fight, makes it more interesting. I do think maybe the last two tracks somehow suit the Red Bull car disproportionately; they may again be a bit off in Brazil, and I would expect Abu Dhabi to be a fight between Mercedes and Ferrari. But who knows. Red Bull have improved a lot during the season, as have Renault. Just from the change in demeanor you can tell how much Hamilton relishes being rid of Rosberg. Those last few years together weren’t nice. They were really grinding each other down. Bottas is a clear number two, and Hamilton is (deservedly) the man at Mercedes. For the drivers market, there really isn’t an obvious move for Ricciardo. McLaren may be the best option, the Renault is a good engine, and Alonso may be beatable if they don’t renew Vandoorne. Ferrari aren’t going to take Ricciardo (Vettel will probably veto), unless he’s the clear number two.
  15. Antonius Pius

    F1 2016

    New contract for Max Verstappen He is pleased about it too Apparently he is going to make a lot more money, but his stated goal is to win multiple world championships. Conclusion is that Red Bull must have been able to convince him that their package going forward will be good enough to keep fighting with the Mercedeses and Ferraris. No idea yet what the engine deal will be (Renault could still be an option, despite public statements to the contrary), but otherwise they have to have some card up their sleeve. I can’t imagine they think Honda, which will power Toro Rosso next year, will make such a leap as to be fighting for wins in 2019. There are rumours going around that Red Bull might get a Mercedes customer-engine, but that would be a risk from Mercedes’ point of view. Don’t know what to make of that. Ricciardo might get the nod, and start looking elsewhere. Horner has said that they want both drivers to remain, but from the details we have, it looks like Verstappen has been made first driver in all but name. Meanwhile, Hartley is getting the sympathy vote. Hope he can do well. Kvyat is made to look like a mindless puppet with the way they’re putting him in and out of the car. Hope we’ll get a good qualifying and race.