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  1. I think you are spot-on. It's possible that they are just setting up more "bonding time" between Jon and Ygritte. I think he will let her go before he joins back up with Quorin and then things will be back on track with what most people believe must happen with Quorin, Jon joining the wildlings, etc.
  2. I agree and don't think Dagmar is Ramsay. Dagmar looks almost as old as Roose Bolton himself. Could they perhaps be using Dagmar to fill the old "Reek" role, actually killing the miller's sons and giving Theon the idea to use them as "fake" Bran and Rickon? That would, of course, be before Ramsay shows up. I may be wrong about timing here...but I suppose it could happen.
  3. Interesting that when looking for Azor Ahai he shows her Snow (capital S). When Jon asks Melisandre later if she had gotten a glimpse of Stannis, she says, no, only snow (small s). I think that tells us a lot.
  4. I've read lots of comments since the last episode and yours is the first I've read about Hot Pie. He was great! And I was so scared that Gregor was going to pick him...my stomach was in knots. He really doesn't have a heck of a lot to do from here on out (at least, I don't think so) and...well...they did kill off Dany's Silver...you never know.
  5. I think it's practically impossible for those of us who are huge fans of the books to completely set aside what we already know about GRRM's incredible story and what we like about the adaptation, don't like, what is left out, etc. of the t.v. series. I love the books (I'm on my 6th reading) but I also love the series and understand why some changes had to be made (and don't quite understand others...oh well!) If there is something that has significantly changed, I'm giving B&W and HBO my trust that there is a good reason, even though I may not see it at the moment. For those who say that we should set aside the books and look at the series on its own merits...please understand that it is extremely difficult for us. So give us a little break, please. It is a world we have loved, lived with, and cherished for many years and this experience cannot be totally ignored. I do think HBO is doing a fantastic job bringing this series to life for all of us, readers and non-readers alike. And for those of you who haven't read the books...do! You won't regret it.
  6. I think he was just pissed off because he had just been defeated (by a woman, no less) and probably had to take it out on somebody.
  7. I can see your point, but from my perspective, I think they should be making her more likeable now instead of less likeable. This would increase the shock value when (1) she turns on Tyrion at his trial, and (2) Tyrion discovers her in his father's bed. Just those two things would be enough, I think, to redeem Tyrion's character in the eyes of many.
  8. It seems though, in this episode, that Shae is acting like an entitled brat and not appreciating what Tyrion is doing to keep her safe. I think there's more to TV Shae than meets the eye (which is NOT in the books). As of now she doesn't appear to really care for Tyrion and if she doesn't, soon, no one is going to feel very bad when she bites the dust.
  9. So long as Bronn doesn't go the way of Bywater, I'm ok with it. :)
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