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  1. I was there for this reading, it was so amazing. Getting to meet Mr. Martin and shake his hand was the coolest. I got his autograph, and watched the Battle of Blackwater with him. The man is cool, seriously cool.
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    Yay, another Babylon 5 fan!!! *waves*
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    Hi everyone, my name is Kathryn, you can call me Kat, Sakaea, or Kae. I'm 23, and a huge fantasy nut. My favorite series are Wheel of Time and A Song of Ice & Fire. I'm also a big gamer, especially Final Fantasy. I just finished watching season 1 for the third time, and am waiting impatiently for the season 2 premiere, and for The Winds of Winter to come out. ADWD comes out in paperback in July, and I'm looking forward to getting that also. I've poked around a bit, this seems like an interesting place, and I'm looking forward to talking with all of you!