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  1. the hound of sansa

    Formula One 2018

    The championship loss will be Ferrari's fault as much as Vettel's. The constatly make bad desicions this year. It's not that they have winning strategies and Vettel by being impatient or anxious is the one losing the games. Ferrari has been outplayed in the strategy sector for 10+ years.
  2. Did you watch more than just the first episode? Because I would agree with you then. The first ep seemed to me like it tried way hard to seem cool, but i thought that the rest of the series was excellent.
  3. the hound of sansa

    HBO’s Westworld VI- This Game Is Meant For You...[SPOILERS]

    Didn't Ed Harris drink from the whiskey the 3rd time he visited his father-in-law? So the poison theory seems to be wrong.
  4. the hound of sansa

    La casa de papel [Money heist]

    Finished season 2 yesterday, so some spoilers ahead.
  5. the hound of sansa

    American Gods on Starz

    Wow, what is going on? Is the whole show going to derail?
  6. the hound of sansa

    Amazon and WB discussing new LORD OF THE RINGS TV series

    oh, so it's fanfiction?...
  7. the hound of sansa

    Amazon and WB discussing new LORD OF THE RINGS TV series

    Yes i doubt they want to remake LotR because they thought the movies were not faithful enough. And maybe they can make a show that represents the tone of the books. I try to think of a another example. Take the Harry Potter movies. I absolutely love the books, i read them almost every year. Do i like the movies? God no. But even if someone said to me that they could make a series that captures the warmth, the heart, the spirit of the books, that doesn't chop storylines, that doesn't destroy Ron's character by giving every good characteristic to Hermione, i would still say no to that. For all their flaws, the movies gave us Alan Rickman as Snape, Maggie Smith as Mcgonagall, and many others. They gave us the music that when you hear it , it transports you to another world, they gave us the castle, with all its variations. And in the end, when i want a story faithful to the books, i just turn to the books. Do comic book fans like that they have 3 spidermen in 12 years? I am curious. And comic books are different of course, because the person under the mask changes.
  8. the hound of sansa

    Amazon and WB discussing new LORD OF THE RINGS TV series

    Oh no, that was my only hope when i read the news. Jesus christ, are they this stupid and greedy?? They want to remake LotR already?? Find new ideas hollywood, how hard can it be? And I'm sorry but i can't understand book purists who say that the films are terrible. Yes, Eowyn, my favourite in the books, is not the same stoic and vulnerable and brave character i love, yes Faramir has flaws, yes Denethor was denied his depth. But can you deny that the music written by Howard Shore is not goosebumping and iconic? When they remake it, how will anyone surpass it? And can you say that the designs of the cities, the armor, the costumes, the towers are not faithful to the books? They used Alan Lee and John Howe as the lead concept artists. Why even try to mimic them? I can't accept it. The books and the movies mean so much to me. It just takes a melody, or an image, or a passage to tear me up. That's how many emotional i am about them. And of course, the series won't be 100% accurate, so those who didn't like the movie won't be satisfied again. It is a lose-lose situation. Pick another fantasy series to mess with!! I'm sorry for the rambling.
  9. the hound of sansa

    Blade Runner 2049 - more human than human [Spoilers!]

    I saw the film yesterday for the first time, finally! And i have some questions. Like, why did Sapper and freysa give the child away to that awful orphanage? And what was the deal with the identical DNA? Who is that boy? Does he even exist? And i think Wallace has not thought it through very well. If replicants start procreate, he might be out of a job.
  10. the hound of sansa

    (Spoilers) Mr. Robot Season 3

    Have you guys seen Comet? It is written and directed by Sam Esmail and it has some werid parallel universe things. But i really don't want Mr Robot to become a sci-fi show out of nowhere.
  11. the hound of sansa

    Outlander II: Sing me a Song...

    Does anyone know, will the 3 season cover only Voyager?
  12. the hound of sansa

    Poke 'em and Go! Continue playing

    Entei is in Europe for this month. Raikou is in the Americas, and Suicune in Asia-Pacific. They will rotate.
  13. the hound of sansa

    Netflix's new drama: 'Narcos' (starring Oberyn Martell + Capitão Nascimento)

    Is it me or does Pacho (Alberto Ammann) really look like Lee Pace?
  14. the hound of sansa

    Twin Peaks - Double R Diner Now Open!

    Yeah I like his movies, but they are 2 hours. It's like you said, there are too many characters, that are not properly established yet, and we see one random scene after the other. Probably, down the line, I will start to care about them and be interested, just not yet.
  15. the hound of sansa

    Twin Peaks - Double R Diner Now Open!

    Am I the only one that findes the new episodes boring? I loved the original 2 season, and i didn't even mind the problematic eps in season 2, because i loved the characters. But now, I don;t care about anyone. Even Cooper..