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  1. Wow I thought he was doing an Australian accent! And when people said "the british guy" I took it for a joke This series is really enjoyable! From the trailer I though it would be mre trashy, but it was really good. Karl Urban and Antony Starr stole the scenes they were in.
  2. I'm guessing they will introduce the new Black Widow (Florence Pugh)
  3. Agree! This "season" had probably the best episodes of the whole series. I am tempted to start reading the manga, but I will not, since the anime is done very well.
  4. Something that perhaps I missed: why don't they arrest Villanelle? She IS a known assassin.
  5. Ooh, Ithink it has already won. At least last season wasn't the last ever season. The dissapointment from me and my friends (all of whom have read the books) has reached critical level. A lot of them have said that they honestly don't care how it will end. But I do care, because I like the books very much. I simply don't accept that what I am seeing is canon. As far as the episode, I found it be the best of season 8 so far. It had cheesy-happy moments like ep1, it was laughably stupid like ep2, and it had OMG moments like ep3. But it also seemed more like thrones. I liked the scenes between Tyrion and Varys. I liked Sansa with Sandor. It was an improvement.
  6. It really defies logic that they lost only half of their numbers. The shots inside Winterfell from the previous episode clearly showed only the known heros fighting. And there was no one left outside, no one alive at least. Were they hidding inside the castle?
  7. To be fair, they did see her by Dany's side last season, when they brought the zombie back from the North. Maybe Euron captured a number of Unsullied, including Missandei, and Euron/Cersei/Qyburn remembered tha t she is on e of Dany's close advisors.
  8. I can understand why they didn't use the dragons from the beggining, you had the threat of Viserion. But hwy not have a circle of fire already around everyone? And whoever passed could be dealt from the Dothraki. And non stop catapults with fire. And pour fire from the walls when they start climbing it. Especially this last one, it was a standard medieval tactic. I was very dissapointed with the lack of tactics, from both sides. At least the NK didn't have one because he was overpowered.
  9. I just watched Neon Genesis Evangelion, and the follow-up movie, and I must say I am underwhelmed. Sure, maybe the hype around is too high, but I went into it fully prepared to like it. Could someone tell me why is it revered by so many, or you could tell me your personal experience with this anime. I am not hating on it, for me it was just ok/underwhelming. It felt similar to Ergo Proxy.
  10. Well, that was dissapointing.. A continuation of last year. Kimi could have gotten a better starting position, I don't know if there was a problem with the car, because he only did one lap in Q3. Too bad for Renault and especially Ricciardo. I am rooting for him this year. It would be nice if he was a title contender.
  11. Finished season 2 yesterday, so some spoilers ahead.
  12. Wow, what is going on? Is the whole show going to derail?
  13. Have you guys seen Comet? It is written and directed by Sam Esmail and it has some werid parallel universe things. But i really don't want Mr Robot to become a sci-fi show out of nowhere.
  14. Does anyone know, will the 3 season cover only Voyager?
  15. Do we (the book readers) have any clue as to where this season will end?
  16. Does anyone else think that Sansa will task Brienne with finding Bran and Rickon now that she knows they are alive?
  17. for me it is a 9 Dany-Tyrion was just ok, nothing special, but Cersei, Sansa, Arya were very good And then Hardhome would be perfect if only there were less CGI sceletons and more corpses. Also i could do without the Nazgul screech, and with less Walking Dead-like zombies But a great episode overall
  18. am i the only one that didn't like so much the Sam the Slayer scene? i thought it was a bit anticlimatic. i didn't feel the horror the dread that they must have felt
  19. i couldn't agree more. is there any doubt in the books that Cersei wanted to have Tyrion killed? if not... and it's not just that. from season 2 they are having Tyrion and Cersei talk to each other like they like each other, like they can tell anything between them. they should show more how disgusting they found one another
  20. i don't know if it is already discussed but was anyone bothered by the fact that both Varys and the Tyrells know that LF is planning to take Sansa with him? i mean, when he actually takes her, her whereabouts won't be a mystery.
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