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  1. Oligarchs in Russia have less say and targeting them is less useful than many believe. They are not the Koch brothers in the US, they are just useful quite temporary custodians of bank accounts. If I were more focused, I would like your every comment, just for the scope.
  2. Well, yes. I miss the point of repeating (at lenght) that we need to look at all the "if"s, without looking at all the "if"s. What is the point? If you think somebody here rushed in their judgement of the situation, it is dishonest to hide behind platitudes, because honest argument would be to take a position, be ready to hear counterarguments and admit it in case you are wrong. If it is meant to be an insight in itself that there is always more than one storyline in the story, I am surprised how this can be presented as an insight and not understood as a given. Now it comes across as the rest of the faux-insightful lines really meant to misdirect the point, in line with "good people on both sides" and "won't you think about the children".
  3. The "if"s here are quite finite, aren't they? Let's say two, five or ten at most. Therefore insisting "we should consider "if"s" as if it was the answer, and then not considering them at all is just a self-comforting null position to take, no? It might be comfortable and feel deceptively insightful to say it, but it is just a convenient void of words.
  4. As not true as it can be. Russians do not admit fault, epecially an embarassing one. They are mostly persecuted by treacherous enemies, who most often attack them as they are generously showing their goodwill. For example, evacuating the remenants of their forces for repositioning benevolently withdrawing their troops from Kyiv.
  5. a blank, not phrased understandably outgoing
  6. Hopefully this at least does not imply that they are much more tied to Russia, historically and linguistically? No languages in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are even remotely related to the Russian language. One of my favorite facts about the Baltics is that when after the repeated rebellions the Russians made writing and reading in Lithuanian (and Polish) lettering a crime, for the next 40 years, the only thing it achieved was a wide contraband network of Lithuanian books and a higher literacy among people, because of the underground schools where each person learned Lithuanian in proper lettering as if in Farenheit 451.
  7. I think it might be mine. It is about how I understand the character, completely principal to it. But it is true that if you did not care for that moment, you should use the search.
  8. Remember, remember the 20th of not November, there will be gunpowder treason and plot HH's clue was very kind, too.
  9. what is wrong with my blood? I have bags and bags of new blood, often of various types
  10. I would like to sign up, as long the existance of the game does not depend on me playing
  11. I thought mimosas were the worst. Especially them having an effect
  12. Yes, it is I, rocksnffer! We must have such a good rapport between us that I knew to revisit here just as you were seeking my company! And this is just the fortunate moment, as only mere hours later I am off to endevour an evening of my favorite Greek operas. Pardon the unpolished language, I am slightly under the weather, having dared a second mimosa today (just so excitied about the Greek operas, I am!).
  13. stop sleeping and make up a selection of games for me, without any delay
  14. What are the really good Christmas and New Year's songs? I have only had two, but they are not about Christmas or New Year's at all
  15. If everybody moved out for the season, I will move in The game of the day is fortune telling, who knows what other games might come before the midnight of the year
  16. It was not a police inquiry If you can have Christmas, you can have mine, too!
  17. It is good to have goals! I do not know how to split the votes... 3 2 6 The second place is second place, but it was hard to decide which is first and which is third! The word "quirky" is not Euron's, otherwise it would have been otherwise.
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