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  1. 9 I liked some small details that added to the whole: - Tyrion picking up a heavy axe before opening the door to the queen in her golden clothes - Sansa choosing a game that is about being able to go away, to start over, to create a story - Margaery and Loras just being normal at the KL, which is rare for the city :lol: Independent, self-sufficient and not tense. Best line: - Any lies in particular? Disliked how Robb's story is told. Talisa marching by his side, while he turns Catelyn into isolation. If it were so in the books, I Stannis' story on the other hand, is better seen on TV. The essence of the man was shown straightforward. Delusion and pretention. Good job. It was a calm episode to watch, I was not looking for any particular moments from the books, so maybe that helped.
  2. No one is throwing their hands in the air and crying for gods. There are really reasonable suggestions. While sticking to the books to every development is not asked, changing good original stuff with some blant stuff out of nowhere is bad. It becomes "A Song of Ice and Fire" - Made in China. I did not think this episode was so bad, certainly not the worst of the season, but lets give this episode and every episode respect with not talking in generalisations and the beaten to death ones.
  3. Did anyone else think that it will be Nymeria and not Grey Wind to attak the Lannister men at the beggining? :)
  4. I'm not sure how regal he was, but the point that he knew about a hurting leg of some minor horsekeeper/smith was excellent.
  5. So far I really like Shae, do not know what people are complaining about. Pycelle could have been tortured some more though. Now it was just too easy for him. Also thought it would have been nice if the first "plan" to pass Tyrion's lips would have been Theon. The viewers, who did not read the books, would have been blown away :D The only more serious downside was Loras for me. When I've stopped worrying all is not going the same as books, all got better :blush: And the last line I save for Yoren. I ask for a minute of silence. What is dead might never die. That was real shame. He said "Yield" instead :angry: But, as I've said, I now just worry less :lol:
  6. She did not have to tell all. In the books their dynamics is quite different. And for those, like me, who really liked what was in the books, it is harder to watch. I understand that they have to hurry things up, but when the precious time is given to excessive brothel scenes instead... :dunno: I can not complain how they handled Hot Pie, even if none of it was in the books. It was perfectly done. Arya, on the other hand, seems not quite the same... So.
  7. Today I deliberately went on various entertainment sites and read comments there. It differs like day and night from people, who have read the books,and those, who didn't. Viewers who just watch the show are amazed how good the episode was...
  8. I'm getting a little better at separating books from the show too. It really helps. Still such a big difference compared to season one, when all was new to me. No regrets for reading the books though :fencing: They are amazing :)
  9. Tyrion and Bronn, Tyrion and Cersei, Tyrion and Janos, anything involving Tyrion was stopping time. Balon and Theon were locked in an amazingly intense scene too. And Gilly unknowingly touched the very heart of Sam by calling him "brave" :rofl: Yoren deserves all the "braves" I can find. His character is being threated properly. Hot Pie was amazing and excellent and flawless and (adjectives continue in the same manner). Dialog about battles was perfect and revealed each character on the spot. Salador/Davos/Davos' son were perfection too :rofl: Was dissapointed that they gave so much time to Ros and such, while rushing Arya's trust for Gendry and making her to admit being a Stark to him. Was not a fan of Joffrey ordering the killings. I almost expect for him to be dressed all in black soon, just to complete the cliche of a villain. Stannis seems a little petty. Asha/Yara came across as not so much intelligent or daring (as in the books), but simply spiteful and a brute.
  10. Gave it a 7. All Seven gods were present, but they did not do much :lol: Jack Gleeson is a genius, but at the very first scene for a second I thought he had overdone it. Cersei is a whole another person than in the books. We'll see where it goes, just don't want them to make Joffrey at fault for everything. Maybe they will soon start to dress him in black too, just to mark the villain in all possible ways. But Grey Wind was whole 10 and more! Gendry's heavy black eyliner gave me a smile when all seemed dark :D It kept getting better and better and then... it ended. Too soon!
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