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  1. Absolutely the right English way to support the English team
  2. The greatness of the Austrian team will echo through centuries, long after Strauss and Mozart are forgotten!
  3. *advertisment* It is unforgivable how underrated 7th is "Herbs" clearly-but-you-cannot-prove-it imply that it was the right medicine for Joffrey to take. And the singer is Oberyn. And it is elegant... *not an end of advertisment, it is an endless advertisment*
  4. I had to look him up down Damon Dance-for-Me Lousy part of a bigger party, and minor, and forgettable. Vincent van Gogh This will be the best of the thread
  5. I have the infinitely best timing of all the infinite times. 3 7 4 5
  6. Any care about it is too much @Fragile Bird, @honeyed chicken, @redriver, @The BlackBear
  7. Because almost the same theme was first invented by me, I have thought to claim my rights and forbid it But then I thought that it will only help you feel more alive, being driven underground with secret footshakes and secret sandwich recipes, and it would be too much fun to allow. As long as everyone is having very little fun, it is all going swimmingly!
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