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  1. 7/10 Though I admit that seems high.... Arya spotting Trent was just handled poorly. Instead of just trying to sell him a cockle with vinegar, she follows him (oysters in tow) to a whorehouse and then enters the whorehouse with a tray of said oysters? This was more ridiculous than the sand snake slap game. Can Ollie die already? I always believed Shireen would be burned in the books, so it didn't come out of nowhere for me and I don't see it as treasonous to the source material as some. not to say it wasn't disturbing. if a kind-hearted little girl being burnt alive doesn't disturb you a little, you probably suck. I think they did Dany's dramatic scene a disservice by having it follow Shireen's burning. I think the effects were marginal at best, but it's hard to complain on that score given how challenging a scene it must've been to try and choreograph. Bottom line, I think this episode suffers from what has ailed the show all season...awkward, almost stilted scene blocking combined with questionable decisions on key plot points and mediocre dialogue. Then again, Drogon.
  2. I think we can safely say that he might not have been in a position to do anything about it. Crossbow bolts will do that to a guy.
  3. PoorLollys

    How would you rate episode 308?

    that was awesome on so many levels. a nine.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if this change begets Cat coming up with the idea that Robb make Jon his heir and suggesting it.
  5. I think some people may be missing the point with Shae, imho....we're not supposed to like her. And we have to put the books, while certainly important, on the shelf for this discussion. She's a whore - greedy, self-interested and manipulative - who may have taken more away from Tyrion's confession about Tysha in season one than we did. We sympathize with Tyrion, she's sees weakness that can be exploited for gold. We know her future from the books, so I don't see her character being that far from the "essence" of what's printed on the page. They have less time to work with, character building must be economic, showing the audience who these people are because we may not see them again for three episodes. I admit, the accent is cumbersome, but you have season four to look forward to. Loved the epsiode. A solid 8. With what i know is coming, numbers 9 and 10 aren't going to be given away so early in the season.