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  1. If I follow you and you follow me does that mean I can use the lint roller? Since we're running in the same circle, it stands to reason, I'll be needing the lint roller too.


  2. If I'm following you, but you're also following me, doesn't that mean we're walking in a very small circle?

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      Eira Seren

      Solved!: another of life's great mysteries.

      Puzzling: What happens if someone wants to change direction?

  3. Hey Eira, what happens if I do this?

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      Eira Seren

      A balrog is sent into the world?

  4. Gave it a 10. It had a lot of surprises and the fight scenes were very satisfying. Nice moment where Grenn starts quoting the NW oath. Can't believe they killed him and Pip.
  5. One of my favorite episodes this season. Pedro Pascal and Peter Dinklage are terrific. The scene between Tyrion and Bronn was also great. The bit with Biter and Rorge was a bit abrupt, but otherwise I really enjoyed this week.
  6. To what purpose? I'm an avid book reader, and I've been ok with some of the changes and liked them. The Bran stuff I don't (just like I didn't like the 'Dany in front of the gates of Qarth Sumai' crap), because I didn't think it was well done. Someone that year defined Sumai as 'the cutting of one's hand for the sake of plot progression'. This felt the same, 'needlessly going out from undercover and getting caputured' for the sake of plot progression.
  7. Lol! The Witch King of Angmar is only allowed if he agrees to bring along his bff Smaug, so that Dany's dragons can have a playdate. They must also invite the Others and that Sith guy from Star Wars to tea after, so they can all compare horns.
  8. I did not like the changes to Bran. Merging him with Craster's Keep seemed very contrived, far more so than necessary. Ghost caught in a cage and locked up? Who did that, the Watch? Before the mutiny at Crasters, or the mutineers after? Nah, no reason to before (they don't direwolf-sit), and Karl may be a badass, but Ghost would've taken a chunk out of him. We have a 150lb Giant Alaskan Malamute and she'd have destroyed that cage in seconds, so Ghost wouldn't still be in it. I'm not buying it. Yeah, they have the body language down, but apparently have missed some of the more obvious parts of canine behavior. Wolves and malamutes both chew stuff to shreds, are quite powerful, are accomplished at digging and are far too intelligent to stay cooped up for long. Ours probably has her escape artist certificate buried somewhere out in her burrow. Glad they got the CGI budget, am just wishing we could see them do more than hang out looking pretty. Surely there were other, more interesting ways for Jon to find out Bran is still alive? As it stands, Meera, Hodor, the direwolves and Bran's warging abilities made a very poor showing. Also, it's too bad that GRRM hasn't felt the need to show us too many Others before now, and has somehow managed to maintain everyone's interest and the suspense. Leave it to tv to lose all subtlety.
  9. Yeah, I think some of us may have missed the consensual part, I definitely didn't see it.
  10. Gave it an 8. Enjoyed the scene with Danaerys. Was afraid the new Daario wouldn't be able to pull it off, but he acquitted himself rather well. Thought the scene with Sam and Gilly worrying about the NW men got a bit drawn out, enjoyed the wildling fight and the Tywin scene. Seems they thought Jamie was appearing too nice, so had to scuff him up a bit? In the book it's usually Cersei who's behaving atrociously. Littlefinger as icky as ever. I almost got a little teary when Tyrion ordered Pod to leave KL. ETA: They have got the Dornish right.
  11. Gave it a 9. I want to watch it again, feels like maybe I missed some details at the wedding feast and maybe wasn't paying close enough attention to the earlier part of the episode, was in so much anticipation of the outcome. Favorite Things: They didn't recast Ilyn Payne merely for the sake of Jamie's training. Nobody can replace Wilko Johnson. Joffrey's dead! He was superb at acting dreadful leading up to it, and was wildly successful at looking dreadful while dying :thumbsup: Nearly everyone who's a suspect managed to touch Joff's cup in the buildup. Stannis riding Melisandre and Renly riding Loras during the battle (and Loras getting offended), Plenty of fighting words. Liked the exchange between Loras and Jamie and Oberyn's cutting remarks regarding Elia I'm liking Brienne this season Oberyn and Loras checking each other out Melisandre looks happy and healthy while eating the 'spoiled meat,' while Stannis and Selyse look like they're wasting away. Creepy. Rebel Shireen Finally Tyrion doesn't look so nice when breaking up with Shae Interesting visions in the weirnet, and Bran getting a bit wolfish Reek, Alfie Allen is doing an excellent job Ramsay's expressions, as if Roose had really just said "Don't make me rue the day I raped your mother" Disliked Sometimes the episode seemed a bit cobbled together, as if they were trying to figure out what to do with the parts that weren't taken up by the PW I guess the necklace was easier to film than a hairnet? Bran saying "I know where we need to go" after the weirnet vision seemed a bit contrived No "I'll take two chickens"
  12. 9 for me. Nothing to disagree with here, you've all captured exactly what I'm missing between Faabio Naharis and New Daario, who as I said in another thread, reminds me too much of Jorah. If they added those douchy daggers and had him at least smirk once in a while, he might pull it off. I agree, Cersei is pulling off the abusive, growing unhinged well. And thanks for reminding me of the statue, that was a fantastic detail! Very humorous episode, there was also Jamie waving his gold hand and Marjaery's line about the dead sparrow necklace. As for the Thenns, I know they changed them, but did a good job of making them creepy and unlikeable. It's a good nuance, to see that the wildlings don't all get along. I have a feeling Sam and Jon are going to be delivering some great scenes this year. Those two and Jaime and Brienne play well together. Missed the "is there gold in the village" from Arya, she seemed to really hold back and let the Hound get most of the beating until the end, but as was pointed out earlier, the calculation was pretty chilling. And I really loved the Hound. Wonder what we'll get next week on 'How to start a fight 101'? The quietly delighted look on Arya's face when she sees what he's up to is about as great as the smile she has at the end, riding out with Needle on her belt. I'm really hooked on those dragons, am thrilled to get to see them all together, one of my favorite scenes.
  13. top marks this episode, lots of good plot arcs rising to the surface with Asha (will not call her Yara), Sam, Bran and Dany. favorite moments include: Ygritte shooting Jon --not one but three arrows Maester Aemon Dany and dragons Arya stabbing the Frey and Clegane saying, 'next time tell me when you're going to do something like that' The question of Theon's masculinity put to rest and Ramsay's 'i'm not a savage' comment The Rat Cook Sansa gets a bit of sass back, she's going to need it Maybe we'll someday get to the mystery of who Shae really is. . . my lady Davos. Always Davos. 'You'll be needing me' A rare moment where Cersei actually lets herself be a little vulnerable in front of Tyrion. To what end? And the moment where she eyes Jaimie's stump. . . . and it becomes clear just how vulnerable he is when it comes to his older twin. lots of foreshadowing here. was a little disappointed that I didn't see a weirwood door at NF. it turned my stomach when they paraded out the king in the north. i just couldn't handle it. That, to me, was true horror right there. All of the scenes with prostitute torture and even Theon torture don't even compare. straight from GRRM, too. i was actually hoping not to see it, this detail has always haunted me. it will certainly make the PW and LS more satisfying. ETA: i'd have to agree with you there. but then,her scenes have been sending out the Binks vibes since the gates of Quarth. up until we started having dragon snacks this season, i didn't really enjoy her stuff as much. and all i could think during the crowd-surfing was: cue orientalism/postcolonial debates
  14. Cat's scene was a bit underwhelming, I was afraid at first that they weren't going to do it. But then she picked up that sword and. . . bam. Well done. The energy was finally there. I was expecting things to move in the Red Wedding scene just a little faster, all in all, though, it did come off. Just because I expected it to be more chaotic doesn't mean they didn't do a good job. Really enjoyed the Dany scenes. She's seems to do 'warrior queen' so much better than 'powerless beggar queen.' Even though Daario doesn't have a blue beard, he clearly enjoys being as dramatic as possible. I can practically hear Jorah rolling his eyes in the background. Bran scenes are picking up, much better. I think they've slowed the pace a bit there having Osha and Rickon along, but I enjoy seeing them and will miss them if they disappear from the next season. And I have to credit Maisie Williams, she seems to be able to interact amazingly with almost any of her adult counterparts. I always love her scenes. Missed seeing the Queen of Thorns this week, but that was more than made up for by the crusty old Frey! Such a terrific look he gives Rob during Edmund's wedding - 'see what you could've had?' Heh.
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