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  1. You are evilllllllllllllllll

  2. It's statistically proven that I am 27% of all the love Dany gets on this board.Pg9 http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/topic/69828-our-top-30-a-book-characters-guessing-game/

  3. It's statistically proven that I am 27% of all the love Dany gets on this board. http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/topic/69828-our-top-30-a-book-characters-guessing-game/ Pg9

  4. It's statistically proven that I am 27% of all the love Dany gets on this board. http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/topic/69828-our-top-30-a-book-characters-guessing-game/page__st__160

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  5. KhaleesiDany

    Favorite POV Character

    Yes. And please don't post any information in this topic about anything that is not in the first book.
  6. KhaleesiDany

    Favorite POV Character

    In the first book I did not care for Ned or Catelyn at all. They both make too many decisions that frustrated me. Bran's chapter was the one that hooked me on the story. Before then I wasn't sure if I really cared at all what happened to anyone. I wouldn't say his chapters are the greatest but for I have a soft spot for him. Dany was definitely my favorite chapters. From reading the first book I felt like everything in the Seven Kingdoms was filler and Dany's was the only important story. That was weird because her story is definitely the least intertwined with the others. I think that's really unusual I never read a book like that. I think the first book is the one that stands by itself the best, and Dany's chapters in it could stand as their own story.
  7. KhaleesiDany

    How would you rate episode 201?

    lol mine is the only vote at <5. What do you guys even see in this show? Granted, I don't watch much television. I'm glad game of thrones is on TV and that it will bring more people to read the books. I think they do an OK job with the casting and I understand that there are limitations in the film medium that have to be worked around to bring this story from the page to the screen. But when I'm watching the show I feel like I am seeing some unimaginative person's impression of the books. Maybe unimaginiative is too harsh of a word but I feel like all the scenes are pale visions of what happened at that point in the story. I feel like I am watching a rewrite with all the scenes contrived to fit together instead of just flowing along, all the best parts like the battles are cut or edited out and the characters all come across as dull (except Tyrion)--how is this possible when I read these books and feel like I am ALIVE alongside them? In the books, I don't even like Tyrion! This episode in particular was kind of slow paced--really bad mistake for a premiere, IMO. They move things around all the time they could have put some exciting stuff in here! None of the characters looks like how I imagine them but I forgive it every time if the actor is even the littlest bit good. But Jon Snow is the worst not only does he not remind me of book-Snow at all, the actor who plays him just stands around gaping all day at nothing. And where was Gilly? If they introduced her it flew over my head. Jaime Lannister looked like he was SLEEPING when Grey Wind came up to attack him--I laughed. And why put fake-outs like that in the show in the first place? They could make Grey Wind actually intimidating by showing him ripping out people's throats in a battle--but they never seem to show any battle scenes. Cersei talking to Littlefinger was a good scene until she told her soliders to close their eyes--and they all turned to follow her when she left! I guess they have eyes in the back of their heads and x-ray vision so they can see through their helmets. That mistake could have been fixed by one line, "GUARDS!" I thought Melisandre was okay until she opened her mouth. I just can't take this show seriously and it does not give me anywhere near the rush I get from reading. To all y'all who watch the show and haven't read the books do yourself a favor and READ THEM I don't care if the only time you read is when you take a shit in the morning and it takes you a year, you will not regret it because this show is like a window to someone else's window of Westeros and you will not regret it if you just take a peek outside your own head.
  8. My picture is from http://www.winterfell.altervista.org/index.htm Go check out the great pictures!