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    Reading, RPG (Cthulhu, D&D, Serenity, Star Wars, Vampire), making costumes, music, SciFI & Fantasy
  1. Fylimar

    How would you rate episode 601?

    I gave it a five too. The scenes at Castle Black and with Sansa, Theon, Brienne and Pod were great. Aryas was not bad either. And I liked the scene between the HS and Margaery. But they really butchered Dorne (the plot in a literally way, one of my favorite book characters, Doran Martell, in a very direct way). Tyrions and Varys scenes were only enyoable because the actor are great, Dany and the Dothrakis were ok (I don't like the Dothraki in general, they seem like the Klingons of that world, so I'm quite biassed, but it was a good scene). Best scene for me was the confirmation, that Mel is really not, what she seems.
  2. Fylimar

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    Maybe, after Ramsay dies, we finally get the mad Greyjoy clan - I would count Euron and Victarion as pretty sociopathic :devil: About the critic-discussion: I saw a lot of forums in my time - and believe it or not, this is one of the more polite ones, despite it's size. I normally like the discussions here a lot, because in most cases, I have the feeling, that the people discussing here are respecting other opinions. And as a book reader, I'm not that happy with some show decisions either. I find the show as a whole still very entertaining, but some things, I really don't like. Like them scratching the Manderleys and the Fry killing, LS is still missing, cutting out Aegon and Arianne - I don't like that, that doesn't mean, that I can't like the rest. About this episode: It's my favorite so far. I liked the dialogue between Tyrion and Daenerys - and I'm glad, they made Dany go the sane road, that she acknowledged her fathers guilt. I always wondered, what a meeting between those two, Tyrion and Dany, would bring, and I like, how the show handeled it. Sansa finding out about her brotehrs was great too. I hope, she will be able to escape soon. And if she will meet Stannis at some point and tell him about her brothers, that could lead to Ser Davos searching for Bran and Rickon. If Brienne is present, she might even be able to delay her revenge a while, to help Stannis and Davos in the search. Hardhome was great, I really was very anticipated during teh fight. At one point, I was screaming at the screen, because I thought, they had killed off Dolorous Ed Tollett (he was with Wun Wun in the hall and later only Wun Wun came out and the hall was buring). The scene with those zombie children attacking that wildling woman was so creepy. And I'm glad, tehy finally brought Wun Wun in
  3. Fylimar

    [Book Spoilers] EP501 Discussion

    I liked the episode.There were some minor things, I didn't liek that much, but mostly, it was a good episode. here some topics, that stick out for me: Maggie I hope, that they will give us the second half of Maggies prophecy in a later episode, but I liked the scene - the two young girls were really well casted (the young Cersei looked, like she could be related to Lena - and she played her so well. Maggie was too young and too beautiful, but since she is a minor character (in screentime, not in importance), I'm ok with it. Daenerys I was really positively surprised by Daenarys. I read the fifth book again last year and although Dany will never be my favorite character, I guess, I can understand her better. I liked, that they bring in her insecure side, while trying to deal with her dragons. I don't know about you, but when reading the books, I tend to forget, that she is merely a child then and very inexperienced in dealing with all those things, she has to deal with (teenage dragons, wars, ruling a city, keeping the people satisfied...) - the books has some nice scenes to remember us and I'm glad, they do it in the show too. Her asking Daario for advice, her being terrified of her dragons, because she has no idea, how to control them. That was a great scene for Emilia Clarke too. She had to play the powerful queen for too long, it's time,s he get to show some of the other sides of her character. I hope, they keep it up. Tyrion and Varys While I find Varys being in Penthos with Tyrion still irritating, I really like the scenes with those two. After the brillant Charles Dance is gone (apart from Flashbacks, I guess), those two are my favorite actors in the show (and that says something, there are a lot of really great actors around) - they own every scene, they're in. But I, too, am a little worried about Aegon - is it really possible to leave him out? The Wall It was a shock to see, that they really would kill off Mance. Although I couldn't pictureTVMance as playing a joyful bard :lol: , he was played by a good actor... and btw: as much as I like Tormund, he is an even more unlikely joyful bard (and don't get me started by Rattleshirt). I guess, we wont get Abel at all. I loved the scene, where Jon killed Mance, so he don't has to suffer. The dialogue between those two before was well played by both actors, but it was a little odd. I still didn't really get, why TVMance would not give in - his arguments didn't make sense to me at all. Sansa/Littlefinger So they would really swap Sansa for f!Arya? I don't know, how I find that. It does make sense, if they don't want to cast new people for minor roles, but considering what Ramsay does to f!Arya, I am a bit worried about Sansa. And I really want Manderly and the Fry pies... Loras I have no problems with same sex love scenes, but it gets a little repetetive here. I guess, it will be important later on, since there is no more mention of the Kettlebacks or any other possible suitor for Maergary, Cersei will probably try to frame Loras instead of Maergary (someone mentioned in an earlier post, that there was a preview hinting in that direction too) and so they want make sure, every casual tv watcher remembers that detail and him being so open about it. LBut his show portrayal adds to Lady Starks remark about the careless summer knights imo, so it is kind of fitting. Edit: I forgot about Grey Worm and Missandei: Although I have no problem with those characters, I have to agree with other posters here, that their lovestory only take time from already existing (in book or/and tv) storylines. I'm waiting for Lady Stoneheart and even the Greyjoys
  4. One of my favorite quotes: 'They can keep their heaven, when I die I'd sooner go to Middle Earth' GRRM

  5. Fylimar


    Hello, I've lurked a while before deciding to sign in. I'm relative new to ASoIaF. A friend is a huge fan of the books and always tried to convince me to read them. I stumbled over the TV-show, not realising at the beginng that it was based upon those books. But after seeing the first season, I buyed the first four books and started reading - that was 3 weeks ago and I started A Feast for Crows today. My favorite characters so far are: Tyrion, Benjen, Jorah, Arya, Sandor, Brienne, Sam, Davos and - surprisingly - Tywin (but that would partly be because of Charles Dance' wonderful performance). I'm sure, I missed some favorites. Apart from being obvioulsy obsessed with Martins work, I like authors like Tad Williams, Neil Gaiman, H.P. Lovecraft, Terry Pratchett and many more (I'm worikng in a book store, so there is a lot of inspiration). I like series - mostly SciFi, Fantasy & Mystery like Babylon 5, FIrefly, Doctor Who or Lost, role playing games, Fantasy- & SciFI conventions, making costumes (I'm planning Catherines green travel gown at the moment) and listeing to music (alternative, gothic, medieval, classical ...) Oh... and I'm not native english speaker, so I apologize in advance for any errors. :wideeyed: