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  1. Oh my R'hllor, Everyone complaining about the Theon scenes must not have read ADWD because we got so much random babblings and memories of torture from a completely changed Theon. The writers have to include that now because it is happening now. They can't just get Alfie Allen in Season 5 to be like "Hey y'all, here are all my memories. They're all torture."
  2. I would first like to say that I wish all of the people who just pointlessly complain about every little thing in the show would start their own thread. "Oh my gosh, the writing is so bad, they have no idea what they're doing. Oh, wait GRRM wrote this one? He must know less than us." Yes, sorry, there's nudity.. just like the graphic sex in the books. You're lucky D&D don't make us look at everything everyone is eating in full detail. I think Talisa is lying about her pregnancy. I'm glad Osha is about to take Rickon on a Skagos vacation. She needs it. Sansa is the same Sansa to me. She would've been upset like this in the books if they had told her beforehand. She's just a dumb little girl. Ygritte is going to be so0o0oo0o0o pissed when Jon rides off. Also, are we getting Coldhands and Sam and Bran meeting this season? Where will they end that storyline?
  3. Varys, Ros, and Shae all think Littlefinger will be taking Sansa with him to the Vale when he leaves shortly. None of them will suspect that he would come back months later on the night of the PW just to pick her up. Olenna already knows what Littlefinger is doing obviously. Shae dies so who cares. Ros doesn't actually exist and will probably be killed off soon because what is she going to do without Littlefinger in King's Landing? Littlefinger's plans are safe with Varys, who doesn't know his real plans at all. Varys and Littlefinger run Westeros.
  4. pinkie10

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    This episode proved one thing for sure: Varys is definitely a eunuch. There have been theories that say he is not truly cut, but now we know he most certainly is (in the show, at least). Also, I didn't like how Luwin didn't tell Osha to split the boys up. That seemed important to me. I can picture them running into the Reeds in the first episode and they will recommend the split. Rickon must go to Skagos and become even more fierce! And the one thing that is crazy to me is the fact that Brienne is just straight up killing everyone. She's already killed 5 guys so far but in the books, when she is forced to actually kill her first men, it's a giant deal. And it happens way later. She doesn't willingly just kill a ton of people. Did like the episode on the whole, though. It's just easier to come on here and complain rather than name all of the things I liked. I like the final scene, even though I never really pictured... zombies. I guess I don't know what I pictured. But it wasn't that. I like it and I like that I'll have a nice visual on my re-read of the series in the next 10 months. I thought the HotU was fine. Granted, we didn't see anything us 'bookies'/'nerdies' wanted to see, but I liked the sacked throne room. A vision that maybe suggest Dany will be taking that shizz over? Possibly.
  5. Why is no one talking about how great a job Tom Wlaschiha is doing as Jaqen H'ghar? The scene when Arya says his name and they have that whole conversation is just brilliantly acted on both parts. They really seem to have chemistry, maybe it's just Maisie Williams because she was fantastic with Tywin too but I think the Jaqen portrayal is amazing. He has a touch of humor and seriousness much like the books. Also, Oona Chaplin is totally worth the kingdom. One more thing. I don't think Jaime thinks of the Cleganes with such respect. Yes, they're both gifted, brutal killers and fighters but I think Jaime would think himself much better than those two. I would think Jaime Lannister would know many other knights more skilled and famous than The Hound and The Mountain. Selmy possibly even though he is old and Jaime is cocky as hell. Oberyn Martell? He proved himself to be pretty good, beating the Mountain later in the books. There must be better knights than the dogs.
  6. pinkie10

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    I don't think the Joffrey whore scene was meant to solidify his sadistic nature (which it obviously did) but to seek revenge on Tyrion, send the whores back all bloody to sort of tell Tyrion "I don't want gifts from you, Imp." Jeyne Westerling is being replaced by Oona Chaplin, that nurse. I like her. Who really cares where Jeyne Westerling comes from? Even if she is lying to Robb about being from Volantis (which I assume she is), if she is from the South, who cares what her actual name is? The new Mountain is too skinny and not as scary as Conan (old Mountain). I'll deal. I liked the Tickler scenes because in the book he is described as plain-faced and difficult to remember when not torturing people and that is what he is in the show, just a normal-looking dude. Well casted. The Dany scene was awkward but sets up relationship between her and Xaro. I still can not get over the lack of peach at the Baratheon parley. It seemed rushed and I hated it even though it was well acted. Also, is it me or is Harrenhal in the wrong place on the opening map? I always thought it was almost just north of King's Landing. In the opening credits, it was on the west side of Westeros. I have a sneaking suspicion that the next episode will begin with Renly just being dead. Hope that's not the case.
  7. pinkie10

    [Book Spoilers] EP 204 Discussion

    I was really hoping Joffrey killed Ros. I wish it showed what the shadowbaby does for the cliffhanger instead of just the birth. No peach at the Baratheon parley? Stannis didn't reach for sword? I thought that scene was rushed.
  8. pinkie10

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    Correct me if I'm wrong but Gilly didn't have the child while the Night's Watch was there in ACOK. She had it in the next book and it wasn't sacrificed because Craster dies. Right? Right. This baby has a bit of importance later on.. I think. Craster just giving it away in the TV show could pose a problem. No? Butterfly Effect.