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  1. Yet another intelligence-insulting Ding-Dong retcon. Even if they intended for Dany to become evil all along (and I seriously doubt they were thinking that far ahead), they never developed it. Instead, being the prideful p****s that they are, they try to rewrite history to rationalize their latest contrivance. How many times have we been through this with them? Thank the gods it’s the last time...for now. Are we supposed to pretend that Dany’s conquests of Astapor and Meereen were preludes to wanton mass-murder in King’s Landing? That’s absurd, and not just because they portrayed those actions as unambiguously heroic. And Tyrion’s paraphrasing of Niemoller’s poem is just offensive. They contrived for Dany to become evil in the penultimate episode so that she had to be killed in the finale. Once you see how poorly planned their writing is you can’t unsee it. I’ve never even been a big Dany fan. I’ve always criticized her absolutist style of rule. But they murdered her character in more ways than one.
  2. Why would a history about the succession war after Robert’s death (its in-universe name is War of the Five Kings) be called that anyway? Another cringe/groan-inducing attempt at fan service.
  3. In all the time I’ve spent with friends and on this forum theorizing about different ending scenarios, I don’t think that I’ve ever come across this one or anything like it. If this is anywhere close to the ending that GRRM sketched out for the Ding-Dongs (even if they botched the execution as they ran down the checklist), then he can take as long as he likes to keep writing/rewriting. Because this was horrid. Absolutely horrid. The show overtaking the books might end up being a blessing in disguise if it gives GRRM a chance to “beta test” this ending. I have huge doubts that this is how the story will actually end, and even if it does, I know that the context will be completely different: characters will be driving the plot rather than the plot driving the characters, for one. That alone will make everything better. This show has left such a bitter taste in my mouth. I can’t believe how bad it became by the end. What worries me now is that I won’t ever be able to separate the show from the books in my head. Like that instead of reading WoW and DoS unsullied, I’ll be on the lookout for spoilers from the show, to say nothing of any rereading.
  4. Between the anticlimactic Battle of Ice to the James Bond-style poison lipstick, this episode was a disaster.
  5. You finally, really did it... YOU MANIACS! YOU BLEW IT UP! DAMN YOU! GODDAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!
  6. "Truth ever on the scaffold, wrong ever on the throne."

  7. I don't understand how anyone is ranking this above a 5. The books aside, the show is bad on its own. The characters make no sense, the writing is poor, and the plots are sluggish.
  8. My mistake, then. For some reason I thought it happened quickly and quietly in SoS. Never mind!
  9. Something I realized last night: Tommen and Margarey never married. Of course, in the book they marry quickly and quietly after Joffrey's death, but they did not do that on the show. So, what will happen in upcoming seasons? Tywin brokered the alliance, but we know that Cersei is adamantly against it. She sees the Tyrells as threats to her personal power, and schemes to ruin Margaery and alienate the Tyrells. Now that Cersei's in charge, it's possible that marriage will be canceled. Given her paranoia, it makes sense for Cersei to cancel the marriage. If she's going to plot against the Tyrells, then why allow her son to marry Margaery in the first place? Nip it in the bud. Now, they might have the marriage go through anyway (which would make no sense, but that's par for the course with D&D), but if they don't, how would that affect events in King's Landing?
  10. Well, whose fault is it that they did not address events in the Riverlands all season long? They had plenty of time to do so, but chose instead to embark on pointless tangents like Asha's abortive rescue, Bran's abortive capture, and Grey Worm and Missandei's romance, or even bizarre ramblings like the beetle soliloquy. So it's their own damn fault. Besides, how much in the way of "set up" was really needed? Not much. Part of its impact is that you don't see it coming.
  11. Don't jinx it. Hear hear. The fact that they submitted this episode for an Emmy shows how oblivious they are to their own shortcomings.
  12. Oh, I'm not saying he won't be. I'm sure they're quite capable of doing that. I'm just saying it would show how totally out of touch they are with the source material.
  13. GRRM was so resistant to adaptations, but they won him over. He trusted them. And now look at it. Poor guy. Also, at the same time, they started the show a year or two too soon. Let's be real. It's overtaking the books, and may well even conclude before the books. They got greedy and jumped the gun.
  14. Jaime in Dorne would be ridiculous. Again, it would betray their total lack of understanding/appreciation for the characters. First of all, Jaime would never go to Dorne because Myrcella is presumed safe there. Yes, Oberyn had it in for the Lannisters, but he was known for being out for blood ever since Robert's Rebellion. After the sacking of King's Landing and the murder of the royal family, Oberyn tried to raise Dorne in rebellion. Jon Arryn, newly appointed Hand of the King, had to travel to Dorne to settle him down. House Martell is considered loyal, and Prince Doran is considered senile. That's part of what makes the Martell plot to overthrow the Lannisters so perfect - no one suspects them! Doran himself said that he and Oberyn worked as a team: Oberyn drew attention to himself with his antics and distracted everyone else from the real mastermind, Doran. Second of all, Jaime in Dorne (and hopefully by this point, on the outs with Cersei) spells sex with Arianne (or a Sand Snake if they stupidly decide to merge her). That's not right for him, either. He may be disaffected with Cersei, but he's been faithful to her all his life. He's not going to go jump in the sack with some sexy stranger. Last, but not least, Jaime would NEVER GIVE UP. He would save his daughter or die trying. Having him slink away in defeat would be completely out of character. It goes without saying that putting Jaime in Dorne would jeopardize events in the Riverlands. We would gain nothing from adding him to Dorne, but potentially lose another part of the story. I want to see Jaime and Blackfish in smack-off outside of Riverrun. I want to hear reports about Nymeria's wolfpack terrorizing Freys. I want to see Jaime outwitting his enemies. At best, the Dorne sojourn would be another "Asha rescue" or "Bran capture," i.e. some pointless filler material that ultimately amounts to nothing and just leaves people wondering wtf was the point.
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