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    References and Homages

    Could Robert Strong be a wink at Arnold Strong, an early pseudonym of Arnold Schwarzenegger?
  2. Awesome except for the crappy CGI Shadow... i really wished they would have done it with a bit more style
  3. Did you read the same book as I did? For me Book-Shea was obviously just playing her part. I guess even Tyrion knew it in a way... but he _wanted_ to believe she felt for him. I think show-shea feels like a much more genuine real person...
  4. One mor thing, anyone else been dissapointed by Lora's armor? Didn't he have a quite amazing Loras-typical armor in the first season and now it was just something boringly generic? I didn't even recognize him at first (though i knew it must be him)
  5. Shea is great, i don't understand why everyone's hating her. I like it better and find it more believable then the book version. Yes. she is a bit of an annoying bitch but that's the character. All the Renly/Loras/Margery stuff was just perfect. I think its great how the show manages to show us stuff out in the open that we didn't get in the book because of missing POVs. For the novels that worked fine and it was cool to have to "discover" things, but i'm sure for a tv show it just has to be less subtle.
  6. Also George said at some point (to lazy to search out the quote) that he should have made the children older in the first place (after he realised the 4 years gap wouldn't work out)
  7. I didn't have a problem with Stannis banging Mel on screen, BUT how the scene was arranged was somewhat ridiculous and inflicted major damage to Stanni's cool. He should have been much more reluctant about it, in a non-passionate quickly-perform-his-duty kinda way (which would have been even more awesome because of how eyefriendly Mel actually is)
  8. hoelk

    References and Homages

    Theres a pretty minor Lovecraft reference in A Dance with Dragons. Wonder if anyone else cought it. At some point Arya walks through the streets and hears a priest of the "Starry Wisdom" chanting somewhere in the distance. Starry Wisdom is a cult worshipping the Crawling Chaos that is Nyarlathotep.