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  1. did you see what comes up on the ticker a few seconds into the video?
  2. It's not 20/20 hindsight about a particular situation, it applies to any situation: if there's no open carry, it's one less factor that goes into determining if a defendant provoked the situation the created the need for self-defense. Are you going to tell me with a straight face that getting rid of open carry wouldn't make a self defense case less transparent? It would make anything like this easier to untangle, for one, and two, would take down the tension and the stakes at any protest. When you're holding a hammer everything looks like a nail.
  3. It would have changed everything because you wouldn't have a bunch of people all worried one might shoot the other. Rossenbaum seemed to specifically be asking people to shoot him so he maybe just ignores Rittenhouse altogether. If you dont have a bunch of people with guns on their hands it takes the entire temperature down. The self-defense analysis changes because no one is attacking Rittenhouse, because he doesn't have a gun. People get edgy when the see guns out in the open.
  4. My local Barnes and Noble was really bad (good) about this with a bunch of releases. I think I got Nemesis Games, Persepolis Rising, and the last two Bakker books a week or two early. I've been checking every couple days since early last week though for LF to no avail.
  5. I think that type of specific targeted legislation would essentially be useless, largely for the reasons you mentioned. If you have a bunch of people carrying guns around openly, the Rittenhouse situation is going to happen at some point. Of course, we've been through this post Sandy Hook. There's no political will to make effective changes, and the ones that do go through (like the SAFE act in NYS) often are relatively toothless or target weird aesthetic aspects of guns and just further alienate and amp up the paranoia of the guns-rights crowd. Dunno [shit] about WI law but could a municipality ban open carry? Open carry when you aren't hunting makes sense in like, Alaska, maybe, but that's about it.
  6. Get rid of open carry would be a huge start
  7. I'm sure R candidates will use this as a wedge issue no matter what, it's either going to be that Dems are chasing the upper class to more tax-friendly locations or that they are giving a massive tax cut to the people already doing the best. I suppose the $400k phaseout would be a decent compromise if some states really think there would be some kind of mass exodus. It is kind of funny listening to the rhetoric around this (coming from DNC media types) though framing people making $400k a year as middle class when a year ago they were telling us that the stimulus checks need to phase out at $75k.
  8. Do we think the big SALT cap increase is going to survive and make it to Biden's desk in the BBB bill?
  9. Former Neo-nazi is now working in a high ranking counter terrorism position at the DOJ. Really have to wonder how many guys like this are spread through law enforcement in this country. The real Deep State. https://m.dailykos.com/stories/2021/11/19/2065233/-Ex-skinhead-with-ties-to-neo-Nazi-terrorists-now-holds-sensitive-DOJ-counterterrorism-position
  10. Rossenbaum seemed to be antagonizing people with guns and asking to be shot, so I'm skeptical that he would have paid ah attention to Rossenbaum sans rifle.
  11. 400 million US citizens presenting themselves to the UN, then silently removing razors from beneath their tongues, and opening their throats in unison tonshow the power of their Aspect- Emperor Anasurimbor Bentham.
  12. Posters need to hit that perfect window on the spectrum of riots from concern tempered against criticism to outright condemnation. The radio window. Anything else will be dismissed on extremist grounds. -,the Princess Irulan, In My Carpenters House
  13. I think part of the show and the characters is that losing the "PJs" just means they make like .00005% less a year each, which you know, is something. It's like if you or I had to start paying out of pocket for a $1.25 coffee at lunch each day. *I'm sure the math is wrong but you get the point. No one knows how much a gallon of milk is, dad.
  14. The one show where no one is gonna hammer you with spoiler tag requests. See you in another life brother.
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