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  1. Just trying to stay on track here, you first said that loosely speaking, a pizza is a pie. Then you said "generally speaking, the pizza meets the criteria of a pie", then when I asked what these criteria are you said "we can start with the general definition, which would include a pizza". Help us out here, dude! What makes a pie a pie?
  2. I need to try out some veggie savory pies. I made a porkpie from the River Cottage Meat Book a few years ago and while I'm not really eating meat anymore it was maybe the best thing I've ever made. Also does pizza count?
  3. Just read this interview with Lee MacIntyre, author of How to Talk to a Science Denier. Current Affairs interview here I generally have little appetite for books like this, and while most of what is covered in the interview isn't much new to anyone who has spent any amount of time online arguing with people, I think I may check this one out. Discusses all sorts of manifestations of misinformation and belief, initially here through the lens of flat earthers. Mentions Q-anon, climate skeptics, etc. This was kind of cool: Like I said, maybe not much fresh meat here, but enjoyed this nonetheless.
  4. I don't know if you'd need to know this (the specific locale in xyz space) there could just be default settings. Basically what Kal said earlier -- the Time Machine model would render this irrelevant as it would swing around a subject in a relative locality. Even if the planet or solar system had caterwauled light years through space the relative position (of the time traveller could remain the same (although typing it all out on not sure why we should assume that, actually) would be constant, bit yeah if the atmosphere became unbreathable, or there was so much radiation that your skin would become a melanoma garden, shit. Fuck, man .
  5. Scot, where is this happening? Who are these activists whose failure to meet Benthamiam standards irks you so?
  6. Those small businesses have enjoyed paying what are, relatively, incredibly low labor costs. No sympathy from me.
  7. Yes, it's a major problem on the left! I wish more people pointed out this problem! Just last week we had some antifa super soldiers protesting outside of a small mom and pop thrift store. They ended up breaking the windows, looting the register and burning it to the ground. Then they went down the street and gave the cash to Walmart. I think it was the same scabs who were crossing the Nabisco picket line last month. Seriously though, anyone who can't pay a living wage shouldn't be in business. That goes for small business and giant corporations alike.
  8. Eh, they've been cashing in on the low wages for years. There are worse fates than having to pay their workers a little more to maintain their passive income stream. To wit: I'd hate to be a retail worker who has been undervalued and underpaid for years
  9. how much does it cost to take the survey
  10. Worst case scenario a through-and-through to the D is going to heal just fine. All of the others have either a higher risk of permanent Bad Things happening (even if it's a very low chance) or are at places that are way more squeamish to me personally (armpits, grundle, between the fingers or toes). I'm sure this would vary a lot person to person. Eta: injection to the glans would admittedly probably be freakier than a bunch of the stuff I listed though
  11. Anywhere near the eyes, ears, soft palate, throat, inner thighs... anywhere near a major artery. The grundle, or really entire scrotal to anal area. Torso/back below the ribcage. I'd take a mid-penis injection over any of these, way less risk of fucking something important up. eta: also armpits, back of knees, spine, bottoms of my feet, in between fingers or toes
  12. been on a big ween kick lately, this has been getting lots of play on the headphones (loudly) at work
  13. Anecdotal and all, but I can think of a bunch of places on my body I'd be more nervous of getting a shot than the dick.
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