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  1. Congress Total Landscaping sounds like a spa that caters to a pre-orgy tune-up.
  2. Wondering what to make of Biden saying he thinks Putin "will move in" re Ukraine, beyond taking that statement at absolute face value.
  3. There are scary books and movies that start out like this.
  4. Hearing a kid earnestly call him Uncle Baby Billy was hilarious.
  5. Not that anyone needs another story about an insecure dude who is obsessed with how good a driver he is but ...: About 5 years ago I was working on this crew and the boss got his f550 dumptruck stuck in the mud almost to the axles on a job site. We got two other trucks strapped to it to pull it out but there wasn't much room to pull it very far. It was a manual shift and the guy kept alternately stalling it or smoking the clutch, just burying it more and more. My gf at the time was picking me up at work and I suggested she try to get it unstuck because she's always driven standard vehicles and he begrudgingly let her try. She got it unstuck immediately, before either of the towstraps even had tension on it. I thought he was going to cry, he made all sorts of excuses about why it didn't work when he tried it. He brought it up at least once a week for the next couple months always seguing into a rant about how women can't drive. Woof.
  6. I absolutely lose it laughing at any of the Malkovitch scenes, and specifically the way he pronounce "memoirs". Agree with Kal that the debriefing at the end was probably the actual funniest stuff in there. Definitely some lighter fare but the Clooney / Sybian cracked me up too, as well as the McDormand / Pitt scheming.
  7. Loving Station 11. I'd gotten the audiobook awhile ago but was never in the mood to listen to a pandemic book. Watched the first two episodes last night and been looking forward to more all day. Listened to a few hours of the audio book at work. Love love love it.
  8. And of course an insane amount of money is spent to convince, bribe, and propagandize against it.
  9. Mostly that bolded part, they erroneously think it's more expensive than what we have now, they think they'd be waiting for major surgery, or they are otherwise afraid that they will lose their 'good' insurance.
  10. Underwater Volcano near Tonga just errupted. The statellite pictures are dramatic and humbling. Hoping that casualties are to a minimum.
  11. Didn't Dumas cob the three musketeers and co from something else? Does Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead count? Or Gardner's' Grendel?
  12. Why is 1-2 doses the norm? There are series of 3+ boosters for other viruses, aren't there? The flu is taken yearly. When I asked why get a 2nd shot was being irreverent, trying to point out that there is no way of knowing yet whether the 3rd shot was pointless. Eta: I've had three Pfizer shots. I'm pretty sure as a child I had some vaccines that were given out over time as a series of three or more. I've had at least 4 tetanus shots.
  13. I dunno if trying to annex Scandinavia would be realistic, I think the Baltic states would be much more likely. But still unlikely.
  14. "No country for Old Cats" -Streets of Iothiah Starring Waathi Bardem / Stabby Lee Jones
  15. Over in the show thread was talking about great scenes from the books that are especially cinematic. One I would love to see on film would be Bobbie vs the Tempest. Didn't want to mention it there for spoilers but maybe my favorite end of arc for a character ever that i can think of right now.
  16. [Re: bolded] That's amazingly encouraging. We'll have them for the next wave or variant or whatever. The unvaccinated have a lot of culpability here. But Biden and the CDC are placing all the blame there instead of trying anything to either change minds or change behavior. They could have down vaccine mandates for air travel. Sure would probably get challenged in court. Would be cool to actually see them try instead of respond weeks or months too late on every single thing. If they were less concerned with favorable ratings Biden would probably be polling higher.
  17. Yeah absolutely nuts. Reading it was probably the most 'cinematic' experience in the series for me, seeing well executed in the show was hugely rewarding Eta: yes the sound was A+++
  18. Naomi's suitless vacuum jump was probably the thing I was most looking forward to in the show and it did not disappoint. Have watched that so many times
  19. I just read a post in Facebook that pissed me off and typed out a 200 word or so response. Was about to send it and then realized there was absolutely no point and instead did not post it at all. Would nuke the account if it wasn't for fb marketplace classifieds
  20. That's not an excuse to not have anticipated a winter wave, as far as masks, testing, recommended quarantine times, etc. Could have encouraged schools to go remote until say Jan 15 to slow spread after Xmas break. The actual response seems to vacillate between gaslighting and ostriching.
  21. Just watched Craig Melvin interview Kamala Harris. She was horrible on the covid stuff but it's not like she had any real options to defend their position. She got better as the interview went on, with the voting rights and 2024 ticket questions. Would be cool to see all our elected officials face non-softball questions like this. Have to [say] the one thing that has surprised me from the Biden administration is just how shitty they've been on the pandemic. That was the pretty much the only thing I expected them to actually do a decent job on.
  22. I bet I've drank somewhere around 15k miller lites and they were all shitty. Good riddance to shit-beer job-snob.
  23. Yeah honestly wouldn't mind never watching another Presidential debate ever again. At least if they get rid of this it will limit super-spreader events during any future pandemics where one candidate is shedding massive viral loads around the other unvaccinated geriatric candidate.
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