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  1. I'd like to be able to breathe underwater, but would settle for never misplacing my keys, wallet, phone, or brain.
  2. What COVID protocols actually lead to fewer COVID deaths? Masking High vax rates Ventilation / monitoring of enclosed spaces Encouraging early treatment instead of waiting till you can't breathe And a whole lot of excess hospital beds Eta: yes it's from January but thought it was relevant to current discussion
  3. With his use of "globalist" and his fascination with Nazis I'm not so sure it was a misspelling. I think he's using an air horn instead of a dog whistle.
  4. The economy is great and it's working for everyone.
  5. I think my favorite military sci-fi is Banks' Use of Weapons. I also really enjoyed Morgan's Broken Angels. eta:haven't read a ton of this genre or even sure if those entries qualify
  6. Was literally about to ask you what you thought of it while I was reading this:
  7. I have absolutely no idea what is normal for most humans but the idea of trying to see what your partner enjoys while communicating your needs is to me a very normal and healthy and positive behavior, whether you are having casual sex or something more serious (I agree "making love" is a cringey but appropriate descriptor). "Manipulate" has a negative, selfish, and hidden-agenda-oriented connotation that seems very different from your approach, which sounds like a very healthy instinct to create a mutually pleasurable situation for all.
  8. This shooter is clearly a terrible human being, as are the other three listed here, but I am very glad that my state does not have the death penalty.
  9. Have definitely noticed an increase in neo-nazi symbols and shit locally. A friend of mine found and removed a couple of Nazi black suns off a gas pump last week. Here's a Twitter thread from last year about neonazis pushing this symbol into right-wing schwag. And the always quality Talia Lavin in Rolling stone:
  10. I dunno, Kavanaugh in particular doesn't strike me as the type, after watching his performance during his Senate hearing, to get reflective or reconsider when challenged. He seems to become angry, start blaming and lashing out at others, and chug water when no beer is at hand. Probably an equal chance he assaults a protestor and gets impeached (not gonna happen).
  11. The reviews of this are a concentrated sample of pure madness.
  12. He also seems to think that abortions are going to be banned in Florida at 15 months.
  13. A brief perusal of popular pornography videos in the US confirms this thesis
  14. Neither Susan Sarandon nor Nancy Pelosi are remotely responsible for any of this. Pelosi is an actual politician with power, Sarandon is just a person with some name recognition. Susan Sarandon did not elect Donald Trump. "Don't talk about abortion! Don't say Trump's name!". This is borderline superstition. If the Dems as a party actually care about this it's insane not to campaign on it. Especially when their opponents sure as hell will be. At some point it's not a purity test, it's a principle. I don't think there is any point in supporting anti-abortion Dems. They can find other qualified candidates.
  15. Kind of surprised that none of the "originalism when it suits me" types are commenting on the obvious proliferation of Popery on the court.
  16. I agree. I just think it's absolutely bonkers to be blaming someone like Susan Sarandon (or even mention her in any context).
  17. Pelosi is endorsing at least one anti abortion Dem this year. Blaming Susan Sarandon for this situation is nonsense.
  18. It's not just Republicans who could get rid of the filibuster for this. There are 50 Dem Senators plus Murkowski and Collins.
  19. Did not realize that many had signed it. Last I saw it was like 30 people. Also thought Scot was possibly referring to a smaller group as several comments have made it sound like the letter was asking for Ukraine to surrender.
  20. Are we giving oxygen to an incredibly small and powerless group of people by entertaining this topic? Is this how extremism and polarization happens?
  21. Yeah they can get rid of the share button I guess but I don't think that's really going to slow down... What is it that needs to be slowed down, exactly? "Extreme" or "polarized" ideas? Deepfakes? To use an analogy from the article, I don't think that slowing down the printing press would have say, prevented the 30 years war 200 years later. I think the article is also attributing way more power and influence to social media. It acknowledges that new technology becomes a vector for bad behavior but then tries to say it's different and more concerning this time with social media.
  22. Exactly. I am very skeptical of any US government effort being able to effectively moderate social media content. Same goes for the companies moderating themselves.
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