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  1. I dont know why nobody mentioned Theon's confession scene..'My father lost his head in Kings Landing'..that was really a moving scene..LOved all the other scenes especially Margaery-Sansa -Queen of Thorns-Varys scene..and Dany's scene was great..just perfect..While i didnt like Bran's dream scene ,I appreciate we get to see Michelle Fairley..I hope there is a dream scenes of the Starks..maybe all of them together...or just a scene with Catelyn crying in the river
  2. Fred Stark

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    I agree with you..I think yes LF is sort of infatuated with Sansa but not to the point the readers think it is..he smugled her out of Kings Landing because he knew how valuable she is due to various claims she has mainly the North .Plus she is young,maiden and beautiful,Kind in nature, the perfect bride for any king or Prince.He's not gonna touch her or take her maidenhood.She's too valuable for that and I think LF clearly knows that
  3. Fred Stark

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Bran is the heir of Winterfell but he is assumed dead and lets face it,Bran will never leave the cave as Brandon Stark..he might warg into someone or something else..but the chances of him returning to winterfell as Bran Stark is very lowThat leaves us with Rickon who is in Skagos and assumed dead.So Sansa is the Heir of Winterfell right now,a fact known to all westerosi and thats why everyone(except for Jaime and Brienne) is searching for her..her claim..not to mention.Petyr intentions to reveal her identity and reclaim Winterfell..I'm sure Petyr has other bigger plans in his sleeve..Revealing Sansa's identity right now seems stupid..so i think Petyr has made some kind of alliance with someone with power(Aegon & Jon Connington? Tyrells?)..and dont forget that Sansa is also the heir of Riverrun if Edmure got it back..she is also the Lady of Vale right now(the lords of vale knows her and her cousin Robert loves her) ..plus through Tyrion she holds Casterly Rock and Tommen,Jaime is on her side....Tyrells seems to be fond of her too..she seems to be a glue that could stick all the kingdoms together again..she is definitely a valuable hostage..and Petyr is the one who strucked the gold
  4. Fred Stark

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Welcome to the Forum !! As for your question,I reckon that storyline will be moved to season 3...the sad thing is ,if true we will not see the Hound flirting miserably with Sansa when he finds her coming from the godswood as the Hound will be away from KL by the tenth episode of season 2
  5. Fred Stark

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    WHAT?!!!I Can someone pls tell me where I can find hints that Aeron was molested by Euron. And if the Tyrells are going to support Aegon like many suspects,then that would be the end of Tommen.I'm sure Olena and Margaery would dispose Tommen immediately after knowing Aegon is alive so that Margaery can marry Aegon.