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  1. The fight between Jaime and Brenie wasn't convincing at all. I mean, they spend so much money on effects, actors and accessories, but can't make a proper duel scene. Except this, even after I read all books, I liked everything including Bolton's domination over everything in the episode.
  2. Valar dohaeris is the answer for greeting Valar morghulis in high valyrian. It's used by specific people in specific places. In season 2 Jaqen instructs Arya to say Valar morghulis and gives her a small coin. I've read all books, and I know exactly when it's used. Thats why Im asking why did they name the episode 'Valar dohaeris'???
  3. first of all I am very excited about The Season premiere. Nothing really happened at the first episode except a nipple removing process and Khalesi assassination attempt. however the main questions for me remains why Is the episode titled 'Valar Dohaeris'? I mean, I know what it means and who its related to. But how, in seven hells, is it related to the episode?
  4. Caster looks more like Santa to me. I expected to observe some crooked nose long grizzy haired wilding actually. And again I had to explain my friends who didn't read the book who is who. And yeah, whats wrong with that fake magic sword of Stannis, he just left it on the beach and when Onion knight picked it , its wasn't flaming anymore...