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  1. I found a picture of Sean Bean sitting on the Iron Throne in my tv guide. Since I like the actor very much I started watching the series. I never ever had any interest in fantasy whatsoever. BUT after the first season I bought all four books and started reading, then finished and was supposed to wait for another two months until volume 5 came out on paperback. (at least here in Germany) Not possible. So I bought DwD as hardcover, which nearly broke off my wrists. But it was worth it. I read all 5 volumes within 7 weeks, bought the bluerays and could hardly wait for the second season. And now I enjoy the show and don't mind the changes. I consider it impossible to stick to the books too close, because it is far too complicated, too voluminous, involving too many characters etc. I am afraid that too many viewers would be hopelessly lost and drop out. Just compare the annex explaining the characters/houses involved. Grows bigger with every book ;)