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  1. Like what? That he and his publishers thought it might make his uber-geek-pendantic-fantasy books more assessable or intriguing, as written by a female? I guess we can be happy he didn't masquerade as a Black/Hispanic/lesbian with disabilities, then find out he was really an old white English guy.
  2. Yeah, I remember this 'tomboy" interview as well. Do you have a link to Holt admitting that the deception was (at least partly) motivated by cash? Honestly, he and his publisher should get a ton of shit for this--though they probably won't. It just stinks on so many levels.
  3. Why pretend to be a woman in the first place? It's like--'K.J Parker writes uber-pendantic-geeky fantasy, and get this... she's a girl!' Disingenuous and shitty... for the author and the publisher to pull this kind of stunt for nothing more than publicity, is just pathetic, as well as ill-advised. I've only read his first book, and found the characterization inconsistently unbelievable, but might have been willing to give 'him' another chance. Not now though.
  4. FYI--I tried to DL on my Nook color from Google Play--it's not supported. So it looks like Nook users might be out of luck. List of Google Play supported devices-- https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/1727131#N
  5. Ran, Will the Nook version update at some point? Or do Nook users have to buy the thing all over again--which would suck--to get the updated material? Thanks
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