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  1. Juba

    K.J. Parker (a.k.a.Tom Holt) - Part II

    Like what? That he and his publishers thought it might make his uber-geek-pendantic-fantasy books more assessable or intriguing, as written by a female? I guess we can be happy he didn't masquerade as a Black/Hispanic/lesbian with disabilities, then find out he was really an old white English guy.
  2. Juba

    K.J. Parker (a.k.a.Tom Holt) - Part II

    Yeah, I remember this 'tomboy" interview as well. Do you have a link to Holt admitting that the deception was (at least partly) motivated by cash? Honestly, he and his publisher should get a ton of shit for this--though they probably won't. It just stinks on so many levels.
  3. Juba

    K.J. Parker (a.k.a.Tom Holt) - Part II

    Why pretend to be a woman in the first place? It's like--'K.J Parker writes uber-pendantic-geeky fantasy, and get this... she's a girl!' Disingenuous and shitty... for the author and the publisher to pull this kind of stunt for nothing more than publicity, is just pathetic, as well as ill-advised. I've only read his first book, and found the characterization inconsistently unbelievable, but might have been willing to give 'him' another chance. Not now though.
  4. Juba

    World of Ice and Fire App Update

    FYI--I tried to DL on my Nook color from Google Play--it's not supported. So it looks like Nook users might be out of luck. List of Google Play supported devices-- https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/1727131#N
  5. Juba

    World of Ice and Fire App Update

    Ran, Will the Nook version update at some point? Or do Nook users have to buy the thing all over again--which would suck--to get the updated material? Thanks