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  1. WinterfellRose

    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    I loved the episode, even more than last weeks'. Some random thoughts: Beric vs. Hound - amazing. Straight from the books. I did not think this will be the first scene, always imagined ressurected Beric as a cliffhanger, but it worked. I think this was the first time we hear Hound's real name, Sandor, on the show. And Arya - I too teared up when she told Gendry they could be family. Best thing about this one was Shireen - adorable ,cute, seems cheerful even with grayscale. Second time I teared up was when Stannis told her Davos is a traitor rotting in a cell. Oh and that Patchface song was way better than that god-awful punk version of Bear and the Maiden Fair. Dead babies in the jars - well I've seen the pictures before, and I was dreading this bit ,but it turned out to be not so bad after all. I wonder how you people propose to replace the leeches with them - taking them out of the jars and burn..eww...too gross, would they show that on TV? So, they changed Robb's strategy a bit. Now he needs Freys because he needs more men. Someone upthread mentioned that he gained Freys in S1, so where are they? I guess they left when he married Talisa, I just wish it was mentioned on the show, same as with the Karstarks leaving his side. It looks like Lannisters are really winning at all fronts: Dorne allegiance via Myrcella; Reach allegiance via Margery and Loras, Vale via Petyr and Lisa.... Riverlands and North soon to fall cause Bolton..... then gaining North via Sansa and Riverlands via Freys... and Iron Islands are probably too insignificant for Tywin to bother with just now.. His scene with Tyrion and Cersei was brilliant. About Loras - I am on board with those who say that he just has needs and having sex with another man does not mean he did not love Renly. When he asked that squire (Olyvar -another book drop btw.) 'how did you know?'; I half expected the squire to say 'The whole realm knows...' - cause you know that's how they made it look on the show...... Jon's story still feels a bit rushed for me. I liked the cave scene and all, I just think he needs more time on screen. I wonder if this is because that issue with Kit's broken ankle during shooting, thus not having enough time to fit in more stuff. This season really gets better and better each week, looking forward to next one....
  2. WinterfellRose

    [Book Spoilers] EP 206 Discussion

    I'd like to say, while I liked the episode as a whole, I really enjoyed the subtleties, the little things that emphasize the story or characters, something you might not see on first watching but it's there. Such as.... I liked the parallel between Ned's and Sir Rodrick's beheading, namely how Maester Luwin shielded Rickon from seeing it, such as Yoren shielded Arya from seeing it last season... I liked how Tywin received LF.... did not bother calling him Lord, just... 'Baelish'... ;) I liked Joff's question about Bran being a prince.... Well, he kind of is actually, but good on Sansa to say no..... I liked how during the riot scene Tyrion picked up that shit is coming and ordered Tommen back to safety before it begun.... I loved Sandor rescuing Sansa....how he steadied himself for a second after killing the last guy before turning back to her to say she's all right... I loved how his voice quivered a bit when he brought her back to the keep and was telling them she is injured... I liked the way how Tywin was portrayed when talking about his father, suddenly he seemed like an old tired man, fighting a war, having to deal with incompetent soldiers and so on.....it was really getting to him at that moment I think... I don't really care about Dany anymore, I tend to skip her chapters when re-reading and I find myself skipping her scenes when re-watching.... But I have to say I loved the spice king putting her in her place.... ;))))
  3. WinterfellRose

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    From the various trailers we've seen, it seems that Theon will be seduced by Osha later in Winterfell. Maybe that is where it might get confusing when he calls her Osha. If he had been speaking of Asha previously as his sister..... Just what came to my mind...