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  1. I gave it a 10. I know it's a controversial rating but I really enjoyed it. I was expecting a bloodbath, my dad asked me what I expected to happen and I said Tyrion's going to die first and I'm so glad I was wrong. I'm glad Sansa wasn't chosen, she would've been Cersei 2.0 probably given that much power at least they made a reasonable compromise and gave her the North, which was appropriate. I liked seeing Arya go off on her own it reminded me of the adventures that were discussed on F&B about Corlys Velaryon. I'm glad Bran got it. I like Jon but that would've been....idk. I wouldn't have minded it but Bran has the most ability to do it well. OMG! I was so happy to see Jon and Ghost reunited. esp. after that last scene w/them. Hopefully he finds a nice wildling woman. Plus he would've hated being king and this was his dream...freedom. I felt for Drogon. That was so sad more for him than Dany honestly and who knew he was one of the most rational characters on the show. He realized this throne has caused nothing but problems. And as a HUGE Tyrion fan I'm glad to see him survive & really be chosen because he has humbled himself.
  2. Best episode of the season, 10/10 for me. I'm not sure where to start. I loved the action, that goes w/o saying, but I loved some of the emotion we got too, for instance with Tyrion & Jaime. I liked how Sandor told Arya to go unless she wanted to be like him, it was touching. I LOVED seeing the Iron Fleet burned. I was hoping Euron would get killed there but the fight w/Jaime was good enough. I have to say I had a little WTH moment when she started going nuts on the city but within a second thought, well that makes sense. I do worry for Tyrion due to his freeing Jaime. I think next week will be interesting. What'll Jon say? What'll happen with Cersei? Where's Arya going? Visually it was awesome & I liked seeing the fear of God put into Cersei,
  3. Oh yea if he goes back and just falls under Cersei's thrall AGAIN it'll be like well what a waste. I'm sooooo anticipating to have Euron taken by surprise and defeated. He's awful.
  4. I actually really liked it. 9/10. The beginning gave the characters room to breathe before the next big battle. Sure from the previous trailer it gave the impression of more but I liked what I saw. I liked the strategizing sessions. I'm worried about Dany now however. I have mixed feelings on Jon as king as well. I liked Brienne and Jaime. It was sad seeing him leave but....well it's Jaime's twisted idea of loyalty though. I want to see Sandor and Arya to kill Gregor & Cersei respectively. O think that was set up well. I am so wanting to see Euron killed! You just know Yara's gonna bring the cavalry in take him out. At this point I'm not shocked by deaths but still was saddened by Missandei's death. BTW now you know who not to tell a secret to.
  5. Yea, 9/10 for me. I liked all you liked and LOVED the scene where Brienne was knighted. It was the culmination in their relationship. Just great episode!
  6. 8/10 I give this for plot mostly. I was on the edge of my seat. The fight scenes got me though. Some you couldn't tell who was fighting, who was dying, too dark. As far as plot, as I said, I loved the suspense. I wasn't upset with Bran but kept thinking we'd get some answers. Maybe we will later? I really liked Mel's scenes and thought they added a lot. Okay, now I'm sorry I liked Arya killing the NK. When Dany attacked him and he was still there I thought OMG what's gonna kill him so thought the end was still cool. I'm anxiously awaiting next week.
  7. 8/10 for me. I think it's a good start to the season. We see all of the players & conflicts set up. There's not much to go on now but I'm sure it'll get better each week. I did like Sansa & Tyrion's scenes as well.
  8. I'm not really new here, but new to this thread. I'm a fan of comic books, mostly Marvel & DC, TV, and movies. I do like cable channels more honestly like HBO, Showtime, etc. More of the good shows are there now. I'm also a fan of Netflix. I read A LOT. I haven't reread ASOIAF but do read other related material when available. I read nonfiction bios and history. SW novels as well. That's about it for now.
  9. Great episode! So here are some of my thoughts: - I really liked seeing Sandor get in Gregor's face. I keep wanting to call him Robert Strong. - The Theon scene was awesome. I guess being a eunuch is helpful after all. - LF getting called out & killed was awesome. I knew they were playing him. It's nice to see Bran be used more too. - Sam! I like how when everyone meets Bran they're all "...Yeah okay." We all knew that was coming or suspected it that R+L=J. I was earlier today thinking if you were a casual viewer or only a show fan how important that'd be for you. I liked it. - Finally Jaime got some guts. He was starting to resemble an Unsullied. - That end!!!!!!! I don't want to wait a year! HBO you are cruel. 10/10
  10. I agree, I found it very good for other reasons. The scenes beyond the Wall were awesome and honestly I didn't know what'd happen. I didn't know it was a longer episode so I thought well this might be it for a lot of them. When Dany came I was psyched. I know it was reminiscent of the last time but it was cool nonetheless. I was heartbroken when Viserion got taken down as well ! I really liked the scenes with Dany and Jon and esp. at the end. I want to see how that plays out. I also liked the scenes at Winterfell. I think LF may go next episode. I don't have a clear opinion on what's happening with them but I have to watch that scene at the end again. I don't think he has as much sway as he think he does but those scenes were still suspenseful. 10/10
  11. I think this was a good episode, not as much action as last week, but a lot happened. From the get go we see house Tarly evaporated...literally & Sam will need to step up. I'm sure Jon will vouch for him. We saw Gendry again, how awesome was that? I also loved the scene w/Drogon and Jon. I think our show canon is showing us R+L=J and I'm cool with that. The Tyrion/Jamie scene didn't progress the story much IMO but at the same time it didn't detract enough to affect my rating. I liked the scenes at Winterfell and I can't help but wonder what is LF's plan. Arya's pretty smart too so there might be a battle of wits that'll happen. Can someone tell me what the not said too, I missed that? 9/10
  12. Easily a 10, BEST EPISODE YET! Oh man, where to start? Arya coming back to Winterfell and her reunion w/Bran & Sansa was heartwarming. On top of that her showing how much of a badass she's become while LF and Sansa watched...man. She can hold her own against Brienne! The scenes on Dragonstone w/Dany and Jon were awesome...can't wait for more. THAT BATTLE!!!!! Ah man, how cool was that??? I knew when the pounding started I thought oh no they don't know what they're in for! And then when the dragons came and started lighting whole lines of men up. As a Dany fan it was an awesome night. I also liked Tyrion's saying of Jamie you idiot.
  13. I'm going to be honest, at first I didn't think much of it. Jon and Dany seemed stilted. I did like when Missandei said Dany's whole title and Davos said this in Jon Snow, he's King of the North. It got better though. Afterwards ...WOW a lot happened!! The Unsullied, Cersei, Tycho. Sam, Sansa & Bran.....THE END! Pieces are moving, ones I don't like but still. So I say 9.
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