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  1. TyrionFan82

    Ghost Grass: The Dothraki prophesy of winter?

    I recently read this in my reread I'm doing and was caught by it automatically. I thought wow this is massive foreshadowing of the....well a lot, the Others, the winter that is coming, etc. It was a really cool thing to pick up on on a reread.
  2. TyrionFan82

    Is Mace Really an Oaf?

    I think Randyll Tarly is more of the strategic genius of the Reach. Mace isn't an idiot, he's an opportunist. He's maneuvered his way up the political ladder, no doubt with his mother's help....but to say he's COMPLETELY incompetent is a bit much.
  3. TyrionFan82

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    That's a good question. It's the same question I have with the minis.
  4. TyrionFan82

    Norwescon Presence?

    @Mathias Good question. I'm from the PNW too, Olympia.
  5. TyrionFan82

    Comics XIII

    I don't know if this has been mentioned but has anyone read Fables? It's a Vertigo title and is finished but it's REALLY cool!
  6. TyrionFan82

    Favorite POV Character

    Tyrion, Jon, Arya. I'm doing a reread now and am liking Bran. Some of Dany's are cool depending where she is and what she's doing. Oh I almost forgot Jaime.
  7. Well it was for dramatic effect and a work around to kill him. Plus, Viserys could have no way survived that. He would've been burnt past recognition and his eyes would have popped out, it would've gone down his throat, there was no way he'd survive.
  8. TyrionFan82

    Twenty-One Years... Wow

    When it came out I was in my first year in high school and knew nothing of it. It wasn't until the show that I did and it was a killer story when I started and, weirdly enough upon doing my 1st reread (right now) I'm liking it even better. It just keeps getting better and better.
  9. TyrionFan82

    Wouldn't it have been cool if...

    I'd have loved to see that. Ugh...Joffrey!
  10. TyrionFan82

    How do you picture all the characters?

    I'm rereading it now, and while on first read, I pictured them as in the show, now my view is different. I look to the wiki to help me picture them somewhat others I try to find someone I could relate them to.
  11. TyrionFan82

    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    I caught the 1st season of the show at the end of 2011 and then binged on the books and finished in 3 months. I wanted to make sure I read them all by the time the second season came out....and well they're so addictive.
  12. TyrionFan82


    I'm not really new here, but new to this thread. I'm a fan of comic books, mostly Marvel & DC, TV, and movies. I do like cable channels more honestly like HBO, Showtime, etc. More of the good shows are there now. I'm also a fan of Netflix. I read A LOT. I haven't reread ASOIAF but do read other related material when available. I read nonfiction bios and history. SW novels as well. That's about it for now.
  13. First, it was cool. Hearing the pounding and then them emerge...omg, awesome. As a Dany fan then watching them cut through Lannister/Tarly men was just great. Add in that you had the dragons in battle acting as admittedly a big part, it was still cool to see they could hold their own. And when they show up at the Red Keep and convince Jaime that they might be unable to deal with a fight, that was shown in the original battle.
  14. I agree, Sansa is by NO way an innocent for all those reasons and I think she could've easily ordered Arya killed and felt nothing. I do think she'll have Arya as her hand/enforcer though.
  15. TyrionFan82

    Why Varys Wears Perfume

    I'm going to assume it's part of his disguise. I don't want to think otherwise .