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  1. TyrionFan82

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    I gave it a 10. I know it's a controversial rating but I really enjoyed it. I was expecting a bloodbath, my dad asked me what I expected to happen and I said Tyrion's going to die first and I'm so glad I was wrong. I'm glad Sansa wasn't chosen, she would've been Cersei 2.0 probably given that much power at least they made a reasonable compromise and gave her the North, which was appropriate. I liked seeing Arya go off on her own it reminded me of the adventures that were discussed on F&B about Corlys Velaryon. I'm glad Bran got it. I like Jon but that would've been....idk. I wouldn't have minded it but Bran has the most ability to do it well. OMG! I was so happy to see Jon and Ghost reunited. esp. after that last scene w/them. Hopefully he finds a nice wildling woman. Plus he would've hated being king and this was his dream...freedom. I felt for Drogon. That was so sad more for him than Dany honestly and who knew he was one of the most rational characters on the show. He realized this throne has caused nothing but problems. And as a HUGE Tyrion fan I'm glad to see him survive & really be chosen because he has humbled himself.
  2. TyrionFan82

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    I agree, I don't think she'll be back, most likely Drogon took her to give her a proper Targ funeral.
  3. TyrionFan82

    Jon & Drogon

    I really felt for Drogon due to his mourning, it showed he was a lot more intuitive to people thought maybe. He probably knew Jon was torn and thought this throne has caused all this trouble, this isn't worth it. I assume he took Dany then to give her a proper death of a Targ.
  4. TyrionFan82

    Game of Thrones legacy

    I agree. I've enjoyed it, if you didn't we can all respect each other's opinions. I watched S1 when it was shown the last week of December 2011 I believe, after that I binged the books in preparation for season 2 & since have become a huge ASOIAF fan. I hope that's happened with others. Has it diverged from the books? Yes, but I can separate show canon from book canon. That being said, I can acknowledge it's had ups and downs like any show. Overall I think it'll be remembered well.
  5. TyrionFan82

    Why was Bran looking for Drogon?

    I just think so he could keep tabs on him. Most likely Drogon wanted to get as far as way as possible.
  6. ICAM! The rest are egomaniacs, Bran's the only true noble person. Tyrion proposed the right choice without a shadow of a doubt.
  7. TyrionFan82

    Who's hyped for Episode 6 for unintended reasons?

    I'm looking forward to it. Am I as psyched as other seasons? No, but I just want to see how it ends.
  8. TyrionFan82

    Welcome to war

    You're right. but I wouldn't use modern theorists as an example but rather I'd compare what Dany did more to a Genghis Khan campaign. I think that's a better example.
  9. TyrionFan82

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    I've enjoyed this season by and large, if not for all the action then for the quiet moments. However I didn't like what happened w/Jaime overall. I wish he hadn't rushed off to Cersei thus negating his redemption. I also wasn't happy w/Cersei's death really. It's odd people are asking did she die and the only reason it seems is because it wasn't explicit. I wanted Arya to do the deed.
  10. TyrionFan82

    Anyone else think Cersei is still alive?

    I'm going to watch it again to make sure but think she did. Honestly I can't feel too bad for her. She was an awful person & deserved everything she got. I've spent years waiting for it and can say I'm happy except that it was done in act of Jaime saving her and not Arya killing her, BUT I liked Arya's reason for not doing it.
  11. TyrionFan82

    Varys' Letters

    I thought there were more as well. Now where they were going I'm guessing....Riverrun, the Vale w/that idiot Sweet Robin, Dorne….who's left in The Reach?
  12. TyrionFan82

    Welcome to war

    What Dany did was what'd be labeled as total war as opposed to say counterinsurgency. She could've stopped everything once the bells started ringing but she went full bore and killed God knows how many. I did like seeing Cersei get her comeuppance but she could easily have JUST targeted the Red Keep.
  13. TyrionFan82

    Arya and the Horse

    Was the horse she went south on white? I thought she was for sure a goner, surprised she survived the episode in fact. I'm a big Arya fan though so I hope she survives the show but I'm not expecting it. In fact my expectations are very low for many surviving. I think the white horse is emblematic, how I don't know however.
  14. TyrionFan82

    Who liked sandor's ending.

    I wished he would've survived but liked his ending. I especially liked when he said why won't you die? I did like how he saved Arya as well.