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  1. TyrionFan82


    I'm not really new here, but new to this thread. I'm a fan of comic books, mostly Marvel & DC, TV, and movies. I do like cable channels more honestly like HBO, Showtime, etc. More of the good shows are there now. I'm also a fan of Netflix. I read A LOT. I haven't reread ASOIAF but do read other related material when available. I read nonfiction bios and history. SW novels as well. That's about it for now.
  2. First, it was cool. Hearing the pounding and then them emerge...omg, awesome. As a Dany fan then watching them cut through Lannister/Tarly men was just great. Add in that you had the dragons in battle acting as admittedly a big part, it was still cool to see they could hold their own. And when they show up at the Red Keep and convince Jaime that they might be unable to deal with a fight, that was shown in the original battle.
  3. I agree, Sansa is by NO way an innocent for all those reasons and I think she could've easily ordered Arya killed and felt nothing. I do think she'll have Arya as her hand/enforcer though.
  4. TyrionFan82

    Why Varys Wears Perfume

    I'm going to assume it's part of his disguise. I don't want to think otherwise .
  5. TyrionFan82

    sansa, arya, and dany

    I think Sansa will hate her, she's gotten a taste of power and won't want to let it go. Arya will probably trust her more and I think may be responsible for bringing Sansa around.
  6. TyrionFan82

    Movie vs Final Season

    Would it be cool? That's questionable because I don't think D&D would do a good job. I am looking forward to S8 however and considering it's going to be 6 longer episodes I think it'll be better as much as it can be.
  7. I agree, the North will bend the knee. Dany's going to help defeat the NK and Co. and who'd Stark bannermen go with? Cersei? C'mon! They'd be signing up like gangbusters. Now the sticking point is SANSA. Despite the fact she'd be Warden of the North the revelations about Jon and his bending the knee might or will disturb her.
  8. TyrionFan82

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    Sweet. I've been looking at them and they look awesome. I just bought Tyrion series 3 I believe and Oberyn. I can't wait to get them.
  9. TyrionFan82

    Dark Horse GOT figurines

    How many people are getting/have gotten the Funko mins? How's their quality?
  10. TyrionFan82

    That look on Tyrion's face

    I agree with you on the last point. Jon doesn't care to have the IT. He'd probably shrug and be all whatever.
  11. TyrionFan82

    That look on Tyrion's face

    I wondered this too. I can't really add much to what's been said but I think he knows Cersei well enough to know she'll stab Dany in the back. I don't know how the pregnancy would effect him. I think he does feel bad about all the kids but there's this gnawing feeling at me that he wouldn't betray Dany.
  12. Great episode! So here are some of my thoughts: - I really liked seeing Sandor get in Gregor's face. I keep wanting to call him Robert Strong. - The Theon scene was awesome. I guess being a eunuch is helpful after all. - LF getting called out & killed was awesome. I knew they were playing him. It's nice to see Bran be used more too. - Sam! I like how when everyone meets Bran they're all "...Yeah okay." We all knew that was coming or suspected it that R+L=J. I was earlier today thinking if you were a casual viewer or only a show fan how important that'd be for you. I liked it. - Finally Jaime got some guts. He was starting to resemble an Unsullied. - That end!!!!!!! I don't want to wait a year! HBO you are cruel. 10/10
  13. TyrionFan82

    Howland Reed and the Cranogmen

    Howland Reed must be a real badass if he's both a crannogman and was at the TOJ with Ned. That'll be cool.
  14. TyrionFan82

    Howland Reed and the Cranogmen

    I'd really like to actually meet Howland since his family's played such a pivotal role in the books and I'd like to see more stuff with the cranogmen or at least hear more. I think it'd be cool to see guerilla warfare in the books.
  15. TyrionFan82

    Ellaria, Yara, and Tyene

    I love how you said "Yara." I think Tyene's a good bet. We'll see Yara lead the IB and Ellaria will go to Dorne but that's it.