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  1. Well, I do think he knew they'd up dead, I agree. He knew Robert wanted them dead but didn't care how it was done. Thing is with him creating these monsters like the Bloody Mummers (well maybe not create) ultimately backfired because they were so rabid they took off Jaime's hand.
  2. Yeah, EXACTLY! Tywin's not a dumb man so this saying well I didn't know what I had is total bunk.
  3. He admits as much but he still brought both Amory Lorch and the Mountain with him. It's like how he unleashed them and the Brave Companions on the Riverlands you know what's going to happen, maybe not the details but you know it won't be good.
  4. TyrionFan82

    Bloodraven, Bittersteel, and Bastard Names

    I think Bloodraven also kept it so he'd keep a sense of mystery to him, so he was both a Targ and not.
  5. I think Tyrion being Tywin's son is more interesting due to their dynamic. As far as Joanna is concerned I agree with a lot here. While this theory makes some sense on the margins it doesn't add up. Also I don't think Tywin had anything to do with Lyanna's abduction, that's established fact.
  6. TyrionFan82

    Lack of ASOIAF figures

    Why do you think Funko has such a lack of figures, meaning on Amazon it seems the minis have such a low stock and aren't replenished?
  7. TyrionFan82

    Arya's three deaths

    Hmm...well depending on how long it took it could mean a number of things. I think it could've allowed Stannis room to consolidate his forces. I do want to see her whole list be fulfilled though.
  8. Yeah, some of that was crazy. I mean you want Theon to get cumupance but wow that's a bit much! And poor Jeyne, what'd she do to deserve that?
  9. TyrionFan82

    Would still be Reading This

    Oh you have to read these books! I could count the reasons why but they're too many to name. Just make sure you are ready for an epic journey through 5 books.
  10. I've seen this and do think it has merit. Ashara is mentioned multiple times, it has to be for a reason. I think she could very well be Jon's mother AND still be alive to boot. How it is figured out however is beyond me.
  11. TyrionFan82

    Do you think Robert's reasoning for keeping on Slynt?

    Robert was lazy. He didn't care to govern so keeping Slynt on was easier than trusting the small council to pick a new person.
  12. He was good but I'd say Barristan is a close second of THEIR time.
  13. And w/all the extra material to aid your understanding like YouTube channels to maybe help you pick up stuff you missed it makes it even better because there's SO much to it, so many layers.
  14. TyrionFan82

    Why does Ned and Catelyn’s marriage work?

    Well the bar is pretty low lol. I think their kids brought them together and I do think they genuinely loved each other. I think it worked because there was no outside interference. You didn't have KL like machinations and parents that hated the match.
  15. Exactly! I'm doing my 1st reread & my mind is blowing up over places/characters that are mentioned in passing who're important later. I literally said "Oh cool" when I saw Mirri Maz Duur mention Marwyn. The foreshadowing is beyond belief as well....some things seem so obvious but even on a reread I'm still enjoying it and feeling the same feelings I did back on my 1st reading 6 years ago. I'm almost done with AGOT and was just as annoyed w/Sansa as the first for instance. The characters jump off the page and just when you think you know everything about an event/character GRRM throws you for a loop and makes you like them, Jaime could be used as an example (I still hated Cersei after getting in her head lol). In addition to all this however is the vast history that precedes the main series to not only include the Targaryens but the First Men, Children of the Forrest, etc. We get novellas showing Egg who's Maester Aemon's brother, we're getting Fire and Blood that could produce untold numbers of novellas. I'm going on too much. It's such a good series, bar none.