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    What do you Collect?

    I have all the books in paperback except ADWD, I got it in hard back because I had no choice but I'm going to get it in paperback when it comes out. I have GOT on Blu-Ray & the last time I was at Barnes & Noble I saw a GOT graphic novel and liked the looks of it. I will probably get all of those as they come out.
  2. RebeccaSigyn


    Hello everybody my name is Becki, I am a huge JRRT & CSL fan but I had never heard of these books or GRRM until about a month ago. I don't have HBO so I have never seen the show but I plan to buy it when it comes out next week. I just finished ACOK and went out to get ASOS but they did have any UGH!!! I look forward to posting with everyone on this site..