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  1. We know that Doom of Valyria = volcanic eruptions from The Fourteen Flames (14 volcanoes) The valyrians used slaves to mine metals from the volcanoes The Faceless Men claim to have brought the Doom of Valyria The Doom of Valyria was caused "because the mages who controlled The Fourteen Flames died" I think that the Faceless Men killed the mages who controlled the 14 volcanoes. The mages needed to control the volcanoes, because they were de-stabilized cuz the slaves mined too deep. When the FM killed the mages, the 14 volcanoes erupted, causing the Doom. THAT is why the FM "brought about the Doom". I've always wondered how the hell assassins could cause volcanoes to erupt. now we know. CONSOLIDATION!!! (ps i had to read 4 threads on the Doom of valyria and no one made this connection. there were like 100 tabs of comments...)
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    im bob and i love this book series :D