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  1. Exactly. It's not our world's history: they actually have the luxury of being able to split the show into 2 eras, separated by centuries, and still be able to keep half their main cast, since Elves were still the dominant power in Middle-Earth by the time of the forging of the Rings (Sauron obviously was still hiding his forces and Numenor was only beginning to get seriously involved).
  2. Indeed, it's worth pointing out that pretty much nothing of what happens in the show comes from Tolkien, just some of the names and some vague ideas, and that's it. This is peak fan-fiction.
  3. Yes, like Isildur having a sister, or Ar-Pharazon actually having kids - specially before force-wedding Miriel.
  4. You can't be serious. That would be downright insulting. These buffoons are adapting works of a writer who actually fought at the Somme in WWI, and they can't even act and pretend fighting without breaking down?
  5. Considering how it's going, any chance that this insult to Tolkien's intelligence will be cancelled after 2nd season?
  6. That said, Ukraine's demographic decline has been even worse than Russia's and they have a way smaller starting population. I hope for Ukraine's sake that their losses are significantly lower and that they aren't exposing their men as much. Merely by considering the demographic situation of both countries, this whole war is a pointless criminal bloodbath.
  7. Kadyrov is the last person I'd tell my secret war plans, even if he was on my team and a top military officer. I'd actually tell him shit, so that he could accidentally leak them to the world in one of his usual blustering bumbling declarations. Though I'm glad I'm not Putin when he'll actually have to tell Kadyrov the cold hard truth. Granted, he actually might be right about the sorry state of Russian military right now - stopped clock and all that.
  8. Yeah, considering that Galadriel, Gil-Galad and Elrond saw right through Sauron's shtick as Annatar and told him to buzz off, and only Celebrimbor got taken in for a ride, that would be a glorious change. What was it? "subvert expectations" by making nonsense?
  9. There were plenty of parts, periods, places, only mentioned in the Appendices, or at least who aren't more fleshed out in other writings. They picked specifically the most important parts of Second Age, which are way more detailed in other works, and they're basically going to make a lot of things occur specifically NOT like in the books, because they don't have the rights? How stupid can you be? Well, of course, it looks like a sizable part of the Tolkien Estate has also been utterly stupid, or rather greedy braindead. About Numenoreans, they were basically meant to be what Men were meant to be, had they not all fallen under Morgoth's power and worship early on. Basically, they're very close to Elves on all other points, except lifespan ang ageing, and their lifes aren't tied to Arda, so they don't resurrect and recreate their bodies, but they go outside of Arda to maybe be reborn somewhere else, meanwhile Elves are tied to Arda, can't escape, and are supposed to disappear when Arda is over - unless Eru remakes Arda entirely at the end.
  10. Exactly. Euro leaders are incompetent idiots who had decades to prepare, yet never did, and take brash decisions without any consideration about the consequences - this goes as well first for Germany who shut down nuclear plants without any thought about replacement. Mind you, I'm not a rabid pro-nuclear, but if you shut them down all at once and then have to rely on coal plants, you're a complete moron who failed at leadership 101 and should end up working at the lowest job with the lowest responsibility possible. Plus this would ruin the whole narrative of "Kiev is ours, it's a core component of Russian history". Putin isn't going to nuke Novgorod or Moscow, he's not going to nuke Kiev. If it came to that, he'd nuke Washington or London first - because nuking a capital inhabited by mio of people isn't tactical anymore, it will lead to global nuclear exchange.
  11. Except most of political goons have openly supported the "operation" and many are even more hardcore than Putin (and probably more delusional). Will be tough to achieve such an outcome. As for nukes, that's imho the one thing that can push Putin's inner circle or military brass to make a coup and remove him, whatever the way. I also suspect he's aware of that or at least assumes it would be an option. I don't think he'd seriously consider this unless Crimea were overrun and Sevastopol threatened, or Russia proper faced a genuine invasion.
  12. Any good scriptwriter could pick Tolkien and make a 2 seasons out of the mid-Second Age stuff. As said numerous times, show Numenor, show Eregion, show the Elves, show Annatar, show the forging of the rings, and end season 1 with Sauron forging the One on his own, and the Elves freaking out. Season 2 will be the war. That's 2 seasons with the exact same cast without any time jump. The tricky part would be to show how Numenor evolves over the next 1500 years. If they're not even ending season 1 with the Rings, then they'll only be able to butcher it in the next 4 seasons, or will need more than that to come to the Last Alliance. You need at the very least 3 seasons to cover Ar-Pharazon and the War of the Last Alliance. Morgoth had millennia to develop his forces and breed bazillions of Orcs before the First Age even began. The bulk of Orcs were actually wiped out during the War of Wrath, and for centuries they were barely a threat anywhere in the Western half of the world - if not all of Arda. Basically no Orc in Mirkwood, no Orc in Misty Mountains. Only Orcs in the far East and a tiny few lost in the frozen North. It took many centuries to build back their numbers before they could become a threat once again - besides, Sauron was mostly acting undercover until he forged The One, so he had to be careful in building up Orc troops in the West of Middle-Earth. (when it comes to Orcs being nearly wiped out and ensuring peace for centuries, the same goes with the Third Age, the bulk of Sauron minions were killed during the War of the Last Alliance and the Siege)
  13. *glances at UK and nods approvingly* Come on, oligarchs are only found in shady countries we don't like, say Russia.
  14. Could be that they're retreating as fast as they can before they're cut off - and maybe are planning to regroup at the middle salient to try to stop Ukrainian advances? Of course, that or collapse, result on the ground and on maps is the same - where it differs is with further combat power and resistance of Russian troops.
  15. Sadly, no human with the Ring can genuinely beat a ringless Sauron. Though Denethor probably doesn't realize it and the Ring would convince him he can easily destroy Sauron.
  16. Yeah, and these stories are NOT about the Second Age. The published books with stuff on Second Age are first Silmarillion, then Unfinished Tales. What you have in LOTR is basically a short synopsis of the thing. By this logic, if you buy from GRRM the rights of a 3-pages version of GOT, you're good to make a show out of the whole thing. With other authors, you'd get sued for basically writing fan-fiction, not for actually using the rights.
  17. Which isn't the Tolkien Estate's fault, I'd say. If you don't have rights to the 2nd Age parts of the Silm, you just don't make a TV series about the 2nd Age, specially covering its main events. You simply cannot do that, you can only do mediocre fan-fiction. I mean, they basically have 5 pages from LOTR appendices. So you do something else. Where I'd blame the Estate is that they should've flat out refused the entire project and tried their best to stop it - it's not because you bought rights over LOTR that you bought rights over the whole of Middle-Earth, you just can't make out entire stories out of a handful of sentences in a book. If they actually felt ok with the project despite Amazon only relying on the Appendices, then the Estate is trully a bunch of greedy idiots. Oh, of course. Because dragon fire doesn't emit any heat and doesn't burn and kill. It is known. Dagor Bragollach was just the Elves having a bbq gone wrong.
  18. I don't think Tolkien was explicit about it. Still, he said that Cirdan was one of the first who saw/greeted Gandalf, and he gave him his ring because he knew where he was coming from, more or less who he was, and why he was sent to Middle-Earth. Meaning either he came as a spirit Maia and took physical form again in the Havens, or he came by boat. I assumed the latter for a very long time, but reading the Nature of Middle-Earth and parts of HOME, the former might be a possibility. 2nd coming was more obvious, his spirit was sent back to his old discarded body on Zirakzigil, inhabited it once again, more or less healed during the process. This. Forever this.
  19. Ah yes, that famous "I don't want to conquer the planet out of personal greed or megalomania, I just want to save the world." It was so convincing and honest the first 15838 times it's been used
  20. But maybe it could actually work if the Reapers are still around, still as powerful as ever, and on the side of the synth-meatbags alliance?
  21. Season 1 should lead up to the forging of the rings. Heck, the entire last season should be about the realms in exile and the Last Alliance, and the Fall of Numenor would be the finale episode of the penultimate season. Season 2 would be the war for the rings until Sauron is repelled. Season 3 would be the growing of Numenor until Pharazon takes over more or less - and the 7 and 9 corrupted by Sauron's rings. Season 4 would be Pharazon defying Sauron and taking him back to Numenor, and the corruption of Numenor. Of course, that would be if you actually want to do a good job and therefore have genuinely the rights for Second Age, Numenor and the Rings. This basically means having full access to Akallabeth and Rings of Power chapters. Otherwise, you can only butcher the story and only a maniac or a greedy fool who doesn't care about Tolkien and source material would actually make such an endeavour.
  22. That comparison would stand if Charlie cartoonists went to Egypt or UAE and displayed their stuff there. Thing is, they did it in France. Not to mention first that their cartoons were made in reaction to a very long series of ridiculous islamists' complaints, protests and violences, and second, that their Muhammed/Islam cartoons were actually ridiculously mild compared to their French politics or Catholic Church / Pope cartoons. I mean, they didn't draw Muhammed sodomizing young kids, which was quite a common occurrence when they dealt with the Church.
  23. Maybe there'll be no Celebrimbor and his role will be taken over by Elrond? Can't wait to see Elrond's dead body paraded in front of Sauron's armies :p
  24. "True creation requires sacrifice". Works well for Sauron actually - title-wise, musically it really doesn't fit and must relate with something else. The forging of the Three maybe? Numenor theme sounds midway between Rome Total War and Kingdom of Heaven. Maybe not what I would've thought of at first, but interesting and reasonably grand music.
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