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  1. I was in the middle of writing a huge theory based on Loras giving up Storm's End to Aegon... you saved me some embarrassment.
  2. Has it ever been theorized that Loras yields Storm's End to Aegon? Or has GRRM promised we'd see some fightin'?
  3. Appearance aside, this guy doesn't give good vibes.
  4. The rumor about Jon raping Red Ronnet's sister and killed his brother is a lie, right? The rape most certainly didn't happen and I dont recall Jon saying he lost a relative in the fighting
  5. Her flaw is that she acts on misinformation. She thinks she knows what's going on but she never knows the full story. This is one of her thoughts from the sample chapter: She seems to believe Dany had Viserys killed which is wrong. She may believe Dany is also responsible for Quentyn's death which would also be wrong. If all of her misconceptions about Daenerys encourages her to marry Aegon and join his rebellion then no, she hasn't learned anything. When she hears Quentyn was killed by a dragon, she should wait for more information. It's what Doran would do. I don't see her being patient, however.
  6. It wouldn't be the first time she decided to hate someone over misinformation. Oberyn really messed things up for Doran by getting himself killed. Arianne and the Sand Snakes have no business playing this game. Let's hope Trystane amounts to something because this generation of Martells aren't worth much.
  7. From what I know of screenwriting: conflict creates character. She can't have an easy time because that would be boring to watch. It's likely she will be captured and Drogon will be too busy licking his wounds to help her. She has to answer for her part in Drogo's death. She certainly doesn't look happy to see this khalasar. Remember: Rakharo was killed by a rival band of Dothraki.
  8. Thoros resurrected Beric by taking flames into his mouth and giving Beric a kiss. It's something the red priest do for the dead but in this case Beric came back to life.
  9. Yeah! I wonder what they'll plagiarize this time. :dunno:
  10. Obviously Jon was going to get stabbed but I expected it to happen next season, episode 2. Renly and Joffrey died during episode 2. Figured they toss in some more foreshadowing by having another king die during episode 2. It will be hard to keep his eventual return a secret during filming.
  11. The show - in its own way - has brought us right to where we are in the books. Cliffhangers galore. There were spoilers, sure, but they were only confirmations of theories with enough evidence behind them that they felt like canon. The deaths of minor characters can be easily dismissed. We can rejoice because this can only mean the Winds of Winter will be published before season 6 airs.
  12. Hmm. I finally read that interview. The quote makes more sense in context:
  13. Definitely the pacing. The pacing is terrible, hands down. We're supposed to believe Stannis and his men are starving and they have no options. That is why we get that tiny tidbit of a scene where his men are lining up to get meager portions of soup for their meals. I agree that Mel should have done it behind his back but I think the writers are trying to show us something by having Stannis be the one to order her death. Still, we needed to see him in more dire straits for it to be more understanding. Even though I get his reasons why he did it, I think the show should have had him suffer longer than he did. Even though it has been set up for several seasons, when it comes down to it, it felt rushed.
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