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  1. I don't agree with the theory myself, but too many people seem to be missing what the theory is saying. The way I read it is not that Dagmer literally is Ramsay, but that he will fill some of Ramsay's role (pushing Theon into flaying the miller's boys and claiming they are Bran and Rickon).
  2. I think some people are forgetting the fact that it is entirely possible that the Iron Islanders would also CAPTURE ships. And when you capture a ship it only makes sense to use it. Especially since the Iron Islands have so few ship building resources (ie: timber). I might hate the Ironborn with a passion, but they ain't stupid; they would capture as many ships as possible to use in further reaving and naval battles. So yeah, they might generally build and use longships more than anything else, but to assume that those are the only ships they have is, well, intellectually retarded.
  3. Actually, the original pilot (the one that HBO got to see but we didn't) was not directed by Alan Taylor. It was directed by Thomas McCarthy.
  4. Yeah, you are sooo right: the CGI on such shows as Battlestar Galactica, Stargate Universe, Eureka and Warehouse 13 all look like crap. :devil: Other great directors from HBO that have worked on GoT: Timothy Van Patten (directed 2 eps of GoT so far, and directed such HBO greats as Rome, Deadwood, The Sopranos and The Wire, just to name a few), and Daniel Minahan (3 eps of GoT, as well as True Blood, Six Feet Under and Deadwood).
  5. Perhaps reading through the entire thread before you comment could help prevent you from looking like a fool as many others on this thread (and last weeks thread comments about the preview for this weeks episode) have already done. ((ETA: of course, I just went against my own statement here, since I have not finished the other pages on this thread, so for all I know, someone has already corrected you LOL, call me a hypocrite all ya want; but my point remains the same, this was brought up MANY times in the first couple of pages, and the posters were corrected each time)) Many times on the previous 6 pages of comments in this thread the issue you mention has been debunked. Jaqen does mention the Red God in this scene in the books. IT IS KNOWN.
  6. Speaking of that door, what in the Seven Hells is "Valyrian STONE?" Valyrian STEEL I know, but since when is there such a thing as Valyrian stone?????
  7. [quote name='Faceless Man of Braavos' post='1594062' date='Nov 19 2008, 13.04']I'm sure its not lost on you guys, but if you get the casting of Tyrion right, it will really garner the attention this series needs to thrive. A tour de force performance by a "small person", given the meaty role of Tyrion Lannister - I don't think TV has seen anything like it.[/quote] My suggestion for Tyrion is Peter Dinklage (from the 2003 movie "The Station Agent"). The guy is a brilliant actor.
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