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  1. Knez Snow

    How would you rate episode 310?

    i gave it 5, for the effort. Bunch of corny lines, melodramatic, just not good.
  2. I don't know how Ramsy went to the iron islands and became first mate. And how is he the one insisting on iron price and stuff. I think that would be hard to explain if Dagmer is Ramsy. Also, Dagmer looks somewhat way too rational to be Ramsy. Considering episode, this one was great. I liked Ygritte scenes best. Last one in particular. She totally rocks. Already my favorite. Jamie, I could have used more dialog with Cat. It was great, I just think that more of the same would be even better. They do have a long chat in the book. Tyrion told Cersei that she has beaten 50/50 odds with her children. But out of 3 children it cannot be established. Perhaps 4th one would be crazy. How could 50/50 come from Joff, M and Tommen? Joff crazy, M half-crazy, Tommen normal?
  3. Knez Snow

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    Well it probably won't happen, but Jayne wasn't casted. Untill they actully say characters name in episode, or character gets some defining action (like Tommen, being blond and at the same table with Lannisters) they don't count. Because they can (and will) recast them. They also need someone who can do nude scenes (if they chose that direction, we still don't even have Ramsy so we cannot know, and what will Theon do for like 2 seasons.). There is a question how will they introduce character of Jayne (probably Littlefinger just randomly finding someone who we are told is Sansa's friend Jayne?). Maybe they will send Jayne Westerling (Lannister?) but i don't know would I like that. Most likely, because of how D&D reacted to question -is that girl in season1 episode1 Jayne Poole-, they will just "recast" her and go that way. They changed Asha to Yara because its close to Osha. And they will have 2 Jaynes, unless they change something again. Sansa mentioned "Jayne Poole's mother" in season 1. Interesting question, is Ros going to have a full, new story arc now? Whose roles will she take over? What part in Littlefinger's plots will she take? I can't imagine her just earning him money.
  4. Knez Snow

    [Book Spoilers] Ep 202 Discussion

    Great episode. Arya, Gendry, Grayjoys, Cersei all were great. I am ok with Littlefinger's added scenes. Seems Ros will be filling rolls of bunch of side-characters so that makes her good addition to the show (Alayaya, Chataya, i even have this wierd feeling she might be Jayne although that is a very long shot considering her and Arya's age) I can't tell, are Lommy and Hot Pie recast or not?