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  1. No more than 8 from me. Sack of Winterfell was just lame - what, no Ramsey? Or was he all of the second season secretly posing as Dagmer? Anyway, a very poor adaptation of the book event. If you haven't read the books, how would you possibly comprehend Jon killing Qhorin? It's looks in the episode, as if he killed him for calling him a SOB and attacking him... Dany burning Pyat Pree and entombing Xaro and Dorea (!) in a treasure vault? Ahhm, someone here misread the books - Xaro is as gay as Renly - why would he slip with Dorea at all? And was the horse shit part being really necessary for the visualization of the story? Maybe to incline that whole of this season was FULL OT DUNG? Now for a bit of positive observations (just a bit) - the dragons were really cute. I appreciate the Others design - now THAT was well done indeed! Arya/Jaquen part was good. Overall - a very disappointing season. After the very high expectations I'd got from the first season - I expected the following one to be much more interesting, and not just a disappointing brutality contest.
  2. Absolutely loved this episode! Gave it my first 10 ever! Till now I was really disappointed with the second season - but it just came and saved the day. No unnecessary BS, no filler characters and scenes - just good ol' Blackwater massacre. Flawless!
  3. Absolutely loved this episode! Gave it my first 10 ever! Till now I was really disappointed with the second season - but it just came and saved the day. No unnecessary BS, no filler characters and scenes - just good ol' Blackwater massacre. Flawless!
  4. I'd gave it 8 - a plausible episode, not a great one, but not something outraging either. My 20 cents summary: Rorge and Biter are just LAME! They should be the scariest monsters of the ACOK, but they are just average bully and his moronic sidekick. No Weasel Soup for you, also. Jaime escapes before ASOS... OK fine, I can live with this - at least his conversations with Brienne are laughable. Rattleshirt was styled according to the book, no complains here. I think Hot Pie is the best actor out of the Harrenhall trio (Arya/Gendry/HP)... And once again - the guy who's playing Ser Gregor is SO wrong for his character. Tyrion and Bronn are continuing their Stoogies show - always there to save the day! All this Talysa stuff is just so unnecessary - even a viewer with an IQ of Hodor will understand by now that she is Jaine Westerling, so why giving her SOOOOOO much screentime? And last one bit - Theon considering giving money to the man whose children he just butchered... :ack:
  5. This time - only 5. It wasn't a good episode at all. It's starting to look as if Dagmer is going to turn being Ramsey in the last episode. A lot of unnecessary stuffing just to add shock value. The warlocks in Qarth are going all ninja and Xaro is in liege with them - WTF?! Shae is helping Sansa (Shae never cared for anyone but herself!)? Lord Tywin is getting all sensible and nostalgic and Jaime is killing some filler Lannister character just to add the episode a bit gore... And let's not forget the idiotic bones and rocks Yiggrit conversation with Jon. Are we still watching here an ASOIAF adaptation based on GRRM's book ACOK? It looks more like some second hand semi-medieval fiction for horny teenage nerds.
  6. I gave it 7. Not a bad episode, but nothing outstanding. Too much dubious material added by the directors/scriptwriters - Roose sending a letter to Ramsay to march on Winterfell (now we can assume, that we're gonna see a glimpse of the bastard in season's last episode); Jayne Westerling posing as some Volantein wench; ser Rodrik executed by Theon; Yigreet flirting with Jon on their first encounter... and of cause the abduction of Dany's dragons by the warlocks. They could avoid all of this stuffing and just leave more screen time to actual book narrative. A shame.
  7. I gave it 8. A good episode, but not an extraordinary one. Brienne's distress after Renlie's murder was very authentic. I like Pyat Pree's adaptation, but I imagined Quaithe's mask completely different. Tyrion/Bronn conversations are hilarious, but they're becoming a standalone comic relief sequences - you can just take them out of each episode and create a mini-series for them alone. The only part that disappointed me was Dagmer - what, no Cleftjaw?
  8. They blended together two scenes from the book - Renly's assassination by the Shadow and Davos smuggling Melisandre to Storm's End to kill it's castellan to obtain Edric Storm, by giving birth to another Shadow. AFAIR there was a cave with bars.
  9. This time I'd given it 8 - less than episode 3, but still better than the first two. Overall a good episode. And now, to my 20 cents: Harrenhall was terrifyc! The look of the towers, the missery of the prisoners, the torture scene (not outright in your face, but still very disturbing). The Tickler was great - very alike the original character. The new Mountain is a bit dissapointing - he is tall but kind of skinny, and not menacing as the actor, that was casted in the first seasone. I don't realy dig Lord Tywin's appearence at Harrenhall - it sounds as he is going to replace Roose in using Aria as his cupbearer. :dunno: Stannis/Renly/Melisandre part was reliable (no peach, but it's still fine). I still cannot relate to Davos. Shadowbaby was well "produced". Quarth part was really intertaining, but Xaro is a bit too galant and less flameboyant than he ought to be. Tyrion and Lancel part was very funny. But Peter Dinklage is a kind of win-win situation, as we all know. And now, to my only BIG problem with this episode - Joffrey and the whores. While it was definetely well acted and written, I think that scene was too brutal - even while being totally bloodless, it was hard to watch. We allready know that Joffrey is a twisted monster (it's a shame, he haven't a chance to meet Ramsey Bolton - they have SO much in common), but I'm not sure, that the audience needed another reminder of his cruelty - I think his scene with Sansa being brutalysed by Ser Merin Trant was more than enough.
  10. A huge improvement since last two episodes - I've gave it a solid 9. Alfie Allen done a great job portraying Theon - I think, he'll be a Hell of a Reek, if they'll ever make ADWD season of the series. I loved all of the Tyrion's appearances in this episode - the Myrsella exchange plot and the assault on Pycelle. Raff the Sweatling looks a bit different from how I have imagined him, but he's done his part of killing of Lommy Greenhands proper. The only character that was a bit disappointing for me in this episode, was Renly - his acting at a tourney was kind of anemic. But Brienne was priceless and it made up for this minor flow.
  11. Now THAT was a serious answer :dunno: To end the futile disscusion - can you provide a solid quote from the books about Renlies LGBT prefrences? The same goes also about Mel/Stannis team actions - is it stated somewhere particularly that they SLEPT together? No? Sharing a tent is not an ancient way to say "consumating" it is only what it sounds to be - just sharing a tent. And maybe Mel's bed was cold lately, because she stoped sleeping herself, being to worried and busy? A serious quote about the subject would be nice. Rakharo is not an essential character, on this I can agree with you - but do you suggest, that the film directors will also kill Reacon (he is deffenetly not an important character also)?
  12. Let's see... The First Greyjoy rebellion took place 9 years before the starting of GOT and Theon was already 10 years old (with him being Balon youngest son). Theons elder brothers both took part in the rebellion, so the oldest of them should be at least 15 (at this age Balon himself killed his first man) then he was killed. So inclining that he fathered his first son at the age of what... 16? We'll have this sum - 16+15+9= The Iron King should be at least 40 years old - and you should keep in mind, that in the middle ages people didn't just lived happily till the age of 88 like in our times, and they looked older - especially a seasoned reaver like Balon, who's whole life was dedicated to warfare and permanent stress. He shouldn't look as old as Maester Aemon of cause, but still - in the series he looks a bit too young.
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