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  1. I've added your wants to the list.
  2. I added you to the list.
  3. You might try waiting a few days until the show starts up again. Might bring more money. I would sell the MM Clash separately, yes.
  4. The set of books you have are US not UK. And to know what editions you have, it would help to know the price on the dustjackets and the numberlines on the copyright pages. It's hard to tell if your AGOT has a metallic cover? I'm going to take a guess on the MM Clash that it's either a sort of publisher's copy or a final binder's prototype that was used to create the slipcase. Does this book have a limitation page?
  5. becca69

    What do you Collect?

    Found a very nice double signed copy of Meathouse Man.
  6. I added you to the list.
  7. The_Antiquarian, I've added you to the Wanted list. As for condition, that is something you will have to work out with the seller. There are a few lettered copies on the Available list, so I would suggest you get in touch with those members and see if they are still available. Good luck!
  8. becca69

    Fire and Blood - SubPress

    If Knight belongs in the set I would think this one does too. They are matching to Dance, so I say yes.
  9. becca69

    Fan art by a 12 year old

    Nice work for your 12 year old self.
  10. becca69

    Is It Sewn

    AKOTSK UK is glued (it has head/tail bands so it tricked me at first). I can't get to World of Ice & Fire right now.
  11. becca69

    What do you Collect?

    Recently added: Ommegang beer: Mother of Dragons Wine: AGOT White & Red Funko Pops: Beric Dondarrion (Fall Con Exc.), The Creators 3-pack (Fall Con Exc.) Books: Nightflyers Illustrated HC - signed, Nightflyers - Signed Autograph: Jason Momoa (NYCC 2018)