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  1. becca69

    Fan art by a 12 year old

    Nice work for your 12 year old self.
  2. becca69

    Is It Sewn

    AKOTSK UK is glued (it has head/tail bands so it tricked me at first). I can't get to World of Ice & Fire right now.
  3. becca69

    What do you Collect?

    Recently added: Ommegang beer: Mother of Dragons Wine: AGOT White & Red Funko Pops: Beric Dondarrion (Fall Con Exc.), The Creators 3-pack (Fall Con Exc.) Books: Nightflyers Illustrated HC - signed, Nightflyers - Signed Autograph: Jason Momoa (NYCC 2018)
  4. Bruisemoon, I added you to the list.
  5. Good luck Ran. I'm still searching for my matching ASoS, although I do have a copy that matches my Meisha Merlin books but they are not #9.
  6. Since this appear to be the only lettered set that has sold recently, you've set the market price
  7. I've updated the list. If I've missed anyone, let me know.
  8. There are a few listed on the first page of this thread. You might try there.
  9. I got a NOTW from Anderida Books. Had to wake up at 3am. Haven't gotten it yet though.
  10. Sorry, thought you meant another one!
  11. Did you want to post your number for the list?
  12. becca69

    Fundraiser-Signed 1/st1st AGOT for Sale

    I posted this link over at TDT in the GRRM thread.