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  1. People who don`t like Obama are racists, people who dont think the wars were a good idea are crazy leftists, people who dont support gay marriage are homofobes and people who dont like this episode are book purists. Works everytime dosent it?
  2. I do not agree with this. GRRM did not write the ultimate fantasy story, as good as it is, you can make a TV show based or inspired by it and either make it better, exactly the same or worse. In this case I belive, as many others do, that it was made worse. You can enjoy an adaptation, any adaptation if it`s done well, as an improvement or an addition to the original story, a way to say "Thank you for writting this, here`s a little movie we did in it`s honor". If it changes for the worse, which many people belive it does, it`s not so much a "Thank you" but a "F you, here`s how we`re gonna change your carefully thought out story for money". And belive it or not, people take issue with that. I didn`t find this episode good, the early aspects of Winterfell though very well done, felt so rushed, they just show up inside winterfell in broad daylight dragging wounded Ser Rodrick around like it`s no thing. What happened to the deception from Cleftjaw? How did theon`s one boat crew defeated the 200+ winterfell force? Arya and Tyrion scenes, much like their chapters in the books, always save the day, being the highlights of the whole thing. Lorch, Littlefinger Teleporting, and Dany`s scenes were the low points.