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  1. The Unborn

    Netflix's The OA: Part II

    I understand, but for such a niche show, they could tell the showrunners ''Listen we love the idea, we want to back you but we will probably not give you more than 3 seasons, so make plans for 3.'' And maybe try to push the show a little bit ? Honestly I am more upset about this than if Stranger Things had been the one cancelled lol
  2. The Unborn

    Netflix's The OA: Part II

    So was I... I honestly wasn't expecting that news. I thought at worse they would renew for one last season.
  3. The Unborn

    Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (spoilers)

    I can't say his funniest, but I had a pretty good time throughout. The last 15 minutes ? Holy shit! And I laughed so hard at '' can we do something about the heat? '' Nevertheless, I gotta say I was a bit underwhelmed (and I was trying not to hype the movie beforehand) and I'd rank it near the bottom of the Tarantino movies. Still not a bad thing when it's better than 95% of movies out there.
  4. The Unborn

    The Witcher on Netflix 2: Man of steel and silver

    I'm not familiar with the books, but it looks pretty decent IMO.
  5. The Unborn

    Spiderman: Far From Home, Near to Spoilers

    Personally I never liked Toby in Spiderman, but I thought Garfield was a great Spiderman. Like Kalbear said, he had the comic delivery and taunting down very well. The first ASM was pretty good IMO, but Sony dropped the ball with ASM2, mostly because they wanted to set up their own universe way too much with that movie so they crammed everything they could in it, never stopping once to think if they should. Holland is great as Peter, and also as Spiderman. He has that charisma that I think Garfield kinda lacked ? Also Garfield's Peter was way too confident, or maybe that's just me... My problem with Holland's Spiderman is that he doesn't really feel like Spiderman (not him personally, but the way the story makes it feel). The first time we saw him in Civil War he was great. In Homecoming, it felt like anybody (in universe) could be in the suit and nothing would change. After all, Tony Stark gave him the suit and it was basically Iron Man with webs, and I feel it cheaped him a little bit. It felt like all the things that makes Spiderman well, spidey, weren't there.
  6. The Unborn

    Purpose of the wall now ?

    The show hasn't alluded to it and I thought it would, and it's clear the books will be different, but it seems pretty stupid the COTF would only create one WW and let him try to destroy the First Men on his own. If they created the NK to fight the First Men, they must have created a lot more. I thought okay maybe the NK was a rogue one trying to fulfill his purpose, and others are still roaming in the land of always winter, or hibernating or whatever and Bran will tell Jon we need to be ready for when they're back...
  7. The Unborn

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    He's not shitting on them. He's actually praising them, didn't you hear him ? He said they are great writers, what else do you want ?
  8. The Unborn

    Jon's biggest error?

    That was not my point. At all...
  9. The Unborn

    Jon's biggest error?

    This. People can't use that ''logic'', because then you have to apply it to basically everything. So Jorah saved Dany's life how many times ? And she couldn't bother sleeping with him ? That's the least she could do, she owed him her life ! See ?
  10. The Unborn

    Where are the sweets?

    Bittersweet ? What I think might happen: Seeing Jon reunited with Ghost and Tormund north of the Wall, or at the Wall. Arya settling down with Gendry. I never thought that'd be possible with Arya, but last week during the destruction of King's Landing I think something changed inside her. A lot of people brought up that Arya will want to kill Dany, I think she'll listen to what Sandor said, and she'll just want to have peace. Could Samwell become the Lord of Highgarden ? No idea. I don't know what else we could get.
  11. The Unborn

    What is left to be told?

    Timing was important because by telling Jon, it creates a rift between him and Dany. I'm guessing Bran saw the ''endgame'' and it needed to happen.
  12. The Unborn

    Cache's of Wildfire

    Or maybe show Cersei put all of her faith in those scorpions and the Iron Fleet and didn't see the need for wildfire (in any case it wouldn't change anything since Dany burned everything herself anyway)
  13. The Unborn

    Cache's of Wildfire

    I honestly thought those were wildfire cache that Aerys had back then and had been lost/forgotten, not Cersei expecting to blow the city.
  14. The Unborn

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    I had a thought, not sure where the story goes with Bran but I think could've been good if developed well, is if in The Long Night we saw him try to warg a dragon like Reaghal and fail or whatever, only to try again this time and he's the reason Drogon burns down the whole city. We then find out it was Bran's masterplan to have Dany destroy the city and be hated.
  15. The Unborn

    So, Arya and Sansa are evil, right?

    Well, they did lose a lot of mouths to feed, so food ration is less of a problem, I guess.