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  1. I certainly agree that's in sync with who the character is, but the reason why I felt that way exactly with him is because a couple of pages before, Vick caught Brint and Heugen together so I was ''surprised'' to see Isher show up with his force. Then I thought to my myself ''Heugen talked to Vick, so maybe they got to Isher and threatened his family so he could set a trap on Leo or something'' .
  2. The whole ''Oh well my daughter is a traitor so I must resign. I will retire to the country and write a book. I name Pike as my replacement until you see fit to name a better replacement'' was shady of Glokta. My first thought at the end of the book was that Pike and him had arranged the rebellion to try and bring down Bayaz. We haven't heard the last from him IMO. When Isher joined Leo with his forces at the end, anyone thought the way he was described was weird ? It felt like he didn't want to be there but had no other choice, and knew he was in trouble. He didn't look like the guy who started the rebellion in the first place and things would go their way. And the fact he managed to get away is also way too convenient don't you guys think ?
  3. I can't say his funniest, but I had a pretty good time throughout. The last 15 minutes ? Holy shit! And I laughed so hard at '' can we do something about the heat? '' Nevertheless, I gotta say I was a bit underwhelmed (and I was trying not to hype the movie beforehand) and I'd rank it near the bottom of the Tarantino movies. Still not a bad thing when it's better than 95% of movies out there.
  4. I'm not familiar with the books, but it looks pretty decent IMO.
  5. I had a thought, not sure where the story goes with Bran but I think could've been good if developed well, is if in The Long Night we saw him try to warg a dragon like Reaghal and fail or whatever, only to try again this time and he's the reason Drogon burns down the whole city. We then find out it was Bran's masterplan to have Dany destroy the city and be hated.
  6. So far the cast is surprisingly huge, and I think it has everything to succeed at least IMO. I think Villeneuve will deliver.
  7. I had Fury winning 115-111. And surprisingly it was a good fight. I honestly never saw recovery like that. It's like an alarm rung in his head saying wake up you're late and boom he got up on his feet and actually won the rest of that round in my opinion. Wilder's attitude after the fight says it all, he knew he lost but they gifted him a draw, then "shamefully" said he believes he won the fight because of his 2 knockdown? Wow.. Really happy for Gvozdyk. He too was about to get robbed on the card but thankfully KOed Stevenson. No matter how I feel about certain fighters sometimes I never want to see them end up in the hospital and badly hurt, except for one exception and it's Stevenson. He left the arena on a stretcher and has been induced in an artificial coma to help reduce the swelling on his brain. Some people might say "karma is a bitch". I would be one of them.
  8. It could very well happen in the series instead of starting the show already full of scars.
  9. Most of the press and lots of fighters/promoters and whatnot thought Golovkin won either with 116-112, 115-113 or a draw 114-114. I personally had Golovkin 116-112 but there were 1-2 rounds that could've gone to Canelo also. Not the worst decision, but whatever. Tired of f*cking Vegas. For me it's been 2 great fights between 2 great fighters that the champion edged both times. Cudos to Canelo for the way he fought. He stood his ground and fought his fight. Overall pretty disappointed GGG had to walk away with a lost and without his belts, but I expected nothing else. Fight wise, I was also disappointed GGG didn't go to the body more often. I think it was the key element missing from his first fight (because Canelo would counter him) but this time around, every time Canelo would use his upper body movement GGG would go head hunting but Canelo was open to the body during those times. Also, GGG's uppercut was pretty effective, wish he wouldl've used it more. A lot of people say they should do a trilogy. We wont see anything different if there is a next time. Canelo will keep getting better and GGG will be older and be lest effective and accurate. The Golovkin of 4 years ago would've toyed with Canelo, but now they are evenly matched, and that gap will only grow. Also, what a KO from Lemieux ! When I heard that shot land on O'Sullivan I knew it was over.
  10. He doesn't suspect her, he knows. She did come clean at the end when she said she never had anything to herself and then they showed when she delivered her baby. I think shw was genuine in that exchange. Quayle always has been a cheater, and Prime Clare came at the perfect time to make the switch. So if anything ever sounded off with her, it could be attributed to that moment. For the immigration part, that has been answered, I guess. Look at Pope, the corruption, the diplomate on Alpha world. They have guys placed on both sides and they are probably forging documents. I guess Emily stumble on it(still don't know how) and that's why she was run over by a truck, and then Baldwin tried to finish the job. I have been thinking about the flu. "The School" is using the flu pandemic to control those kids, to create sleeper agents that will do as they are told because they hate Alpha world for what they did to them. Maybe Alpha world has nothing to do with it, or MAYBE they did and Prime knows because... they were planning very same thing ? Also, banning bacon ? Gtfoh !
  11. Yup it was a really good episode. I know it had been theorized a lot that , but I liked the reveal, it was nicely done. Can't wait for next sunday !
  12. I liked the season, and would absolutely watched another season, but if it gets canceled I won't mind either. I haven't read the books, but I read a summary of book 2 and 3 and I can't say I'd be very interested if the show adapted that material.
  13. i didn't know there was an Inside the Episode for the show. I'm gonna check that out.
  14. I wanted to wait till the season was over or near over so I could binge watch it, but monday I said f*ck it. It really is a great show! I always loved JK Simmons but I was afraid him playing two characters would end up a bit like Ewan McGregor in Fargo season 3, but I was proven wrong. It really feels like he his playing 2 different characters, so kudos to you Mr Simmons! I finished episode 4 yesterday. The scene with Alpha Howard in Anna's room was so heartbreaking for me. Looking at her room, and seeing what his stillborn daughter could've grown up to be, what she could've achieved, etc. It's easy to see how both Howard came to be so different after all. Also, the poker scene with both Howards... the scene could've lasted 10 minutes longer, that's how much I liked it. @ Jez Bell, the ''Prime'' people are the one from the medically advanced world, and ''Alpha'' are the ones the the smartphones (?!), I guess. Yes, they both mean the same thing, as I guess both world believes they are the real world or whatever.
  15. Kovacs is seen in 3 sleeves in the season 1. his original sleeve, as seen in flashback 2. another sleeve used at the start of the season, when Jeager kills him in the apartment 3. The third one being Elias Ryker. the clone we see is the second one, and Dimi is transported into that sleeve in the Fightdrome scene.
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