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  1. The Unborn

    Nikolaj on working with D&D

    He's not shitting on them. He's actually praising them, didn't you hear him ? He said they are great writers, what else do you want ?
  2. The Unborn

    Jon's biggest error?

    That was not my point. At all...
  3. The Unborn

    Jon's biggest error?

    This. People can't use that ''logic'', because then you have to apply it to basically everything. So Jorah saved Dany's life how many times ? And she couldn't bother sleeping with him ? That's the least she could do, she owed him her life ! See ?
  4. The Unborn

    Where are the sweets?

    Bittersweet ? What I think might happen: Seeing Jon reunited with Ghost and Tormund north of the Wall, or at the Wall. Arya settling down with Gendry. I never thought that'd be possible with Arya, but last week during the destruction of King's Landing I think something changed inside her. A lot of people brought up that Arya will want to kill Dany, I think she'll listen to what Sandor said, and she'll just want to have peace. Could Samwell become the Lord of Highgarden ? No idea. I don't know what else we could get.
  5. The Unborn

    What is left to be told?

    Timing was important because by telling Jon, it creates a rift between him and Dany. I'm guessing Bran saw the ''endgame'' and it needed to happen.
  6. The Unborn

    Cache's of Wildfire

    Or maybe show Cersei put all of her faith in those scorpions and the Iron Fleet and didn't see the need for wildfire (in any case it wouldn't change anything since Dany burned everything herself anyway)
  7. The Unborn

    Cache's of Wildfire

    I honestly thought those were wildfire cache that Aerys had back then and had been lost/forgotten, not Cersei expecting to blow the city.
  8. The Unborn

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    I had a thought, not sure where the story goes with Bran but I think could've been good if developed well, is if in The Long Night we saw him try to warg a dragon like Reaghal and fail or whatever, only to try again this time and he's the reason Drogon burns down the whole city. We then find out it was Bran's masterplan to have Dany destroy the city and be hated.
  9. The Unborn

    So, Arya and Sansa are evil, right?

    Well, they did lose a lot of mouths to feed, so food ration is less of a problem, I guess.
  10. The Unborn

    Treason Is Treason

    Since they scrapped fAegon from the show, show Varys doesn't make sense anymore, because if you believe he really is ''for the realm'' you have to take into consideration that he truly wanted Viserys on the throne, he wanted the Dothraki in Westeros to pillage and rape, etc. Robert was not a good King, but he had a good, peaceful reign. Cersei and Joffrey were future dangers, but they could've been dealt with rather easily. If Cersei and Joffrey had been taken by a ''fever'', Robert could've married a Tyrell like Renly wanted, and Tommen would've ascended the throne. He may not have been well suited, but he was still young and gentle, and could've been properly groomed for it.
  11. The Unborn

    The books are not going to end like this

    Nice, where'd you get the last book ?! Geez, we all know things won't go the way they went in the show, that's a given, but just because you did not like something does not mean it won't happen in some shape or form in the books. For all we know, the show could end exactly like the book for the broad strokes, but if GRRM decides to change the ending because of the fans reaction no one will be the wiser and you will all claim GRRM had a better ending and D & D were hacks. Which is a moot point considering we'll never get A Dream of Spring.
  12. The Unborn

    Death scene: Melisandre

    My take was that knowing she fulfilled her role in ending the threat, she was finally able to rest. She's a couple of hundred years old, she was fueled by R'hllor and was probably pretty tired.
  13. Hodor and Summer. The Night King would be dumb not to resurrect a giant wolf. I don't really expect to see him in the show, but it's a possibility. Summer vs Ghost
  14. The Unborn

    True Detective Season 3 (SPOILERS)

    I guess my opinion will echo everyone else. Very strong performance by everybody, but the story was just not all that engaging. The interviewer bit this season felt completely unnecessary. I laughed my ass off though when Roland asked Wayne if he felt closure because he didn't. I think he was talking about the audience as well !
  15. The Unborn

    Denis Villenueve to direct Dune

    So far the cast is surprisingly huge, and I think it has everything to succeed at least IMO. I think Villeneuve will deliver.