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  1. Octocon was in 2010, btw. My very first convention. Where lady narcissa convinced me to go to Worldcon in Chicago. ❤️ Never regretted it.
  2. Will there be some kind of group meeting/ meal together/ whatever this year? As we're all spread out accomodation wise I'm not sure how to meet up with most of you. You could come and look for me at the info desk, though, as I'm volunteering there again. Looking forward to seeing you all and hopefully managing to attend some panels.
  3. I just ordered two shirts. Still have to ask someone to collect them for me.
  4. Adz of CCAA

    New Forum Census

    Oh, nice!
  5. Adz of CCAA

    New Forum Census

    Make that "Germany: 1%" please.
  6. Adz of CCAA


    Claudia! CCAA -> Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium.
  7. Adz of CCAA


    Viele Grüße zurück aus Köln. My real life first name was also very popular at the time of my birth. But I guess that I'm a few decades older than you. Hint: my first name is part of Cologne's Latin name.
  8. You can be, if you want. Looking forward to seeing you again.
  9. Will there be t-shirts this year? Asking for a friend.
  10. Looking forward to seeing you too and maybe sharing some wine. I've booked a bed at a hostel not too far away from the convention center. Haven't stayed at a hostel in ages but it should be ok. It's in a room with 4 beds, females only. Guess my psychotherapist will be happy with me for taking chances.
  11. I can't make Belfast, though.
  12. Hi everyone. I decided that I need to go to Dublin. It's important for my mental health that I see you again or meet for the first time. No idea where to stay yet, but I hope that some opportunity opens up. Can't wait. ❤️
  13. If I'd seen this before now, I'd have reminded you. Although I had no way to tell you where you are supporting wise. Could have asked Colin, though. Oh well, as Pebble said you can always upgrade later at the current rate.
  14. I have memberships to both events and fully intend to be there! Well, I hope the Dublin folks bring my friends thing for the bid and my site selection vote together (I voted early in Dortmund and I hope my ballot made it to Helsinki to be counted). Then I have my membership.