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  1. Mmh... Send me something, so I can practise/practice/ whatever.
  2. Return of the whatever... Here I am. Almost no idea how to play, but joining anyway.
  3. Claudia! CCAA -> Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium.
  4. Viele Grüße zurück aus Köln. My real life first name was also very popular at the time of my birth. But I guess that I'm a few decades older than you. Hint: my first name is part of Cologne's Latin name.
  5. is waiting for London...

  6. is trying not to smoke. ;P

  7. CCAA or Schäbbisch Gläbbisch? :P

  8. ohooooo! I completely forgot to say Happy Birthday. :leaving:

  9. Hi Kendall, welcome to the board. :)
  10. Hi. :)

    Just wanted to say: the person in your avatar - the actor, not the character he played - shared my birthday. Not the year, of course, but the day and month. ;)

  11. Hähähähähä. :P
  12. Hi Seri. Welcome to the board. :) I was called Seri (short for my then-nickname) in a chat some years ago, and it was somehow funny to read the name here, so I just had to welcome you. ;) I like smileys, too. And use them a lot. :D Be prepared, though, that there is a limit to the number of smileys that can be used in one post! :tantrum: If you use too many you will be warned about that and you have to reduce the number of smileys in your post. Happens to me all the time. :bawl: No warning ths time. :D
  13. Hi,

    I like your personal statement. :-)

    Reminds me of the time in my youth when I loved to eat ketchup with meatballs. :-)

    Actually I still like it that way. ;-)

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