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  1. To be quite honest, I was rather disappointed by this episode. First and foremost, every single scene with Talisa is just painful to me. The scene in the tent with Cat, Edmure etc, was just so annoying. The Blackfish is just being rude in a really childish way and constanly interrupting Cat... why? He was always rather coarse in the books, but not without a certain sophistication and a great deal of maturity which he seems to lack on the show. But it doesn't matter because, of course, Talisa is cool and doesn't mind his foul language. By the way, how come Cat has basically faded to the background in the show? Also, could Robb wait until his mother has left the tent before he starts making out with his wife? Honestly, Robb in the show just seems like a rude and spoiled brat to me (whereas I found him rather sympathetic in the books). The scene with Sansa and Magaery started well, but towards the end it just felt like an attempt at making Tyrion look good. It's almost like they're playing the whole wedding between Tyrion and Sansa as if he is the real victim and she's just a silly girl because she can't realise how great he is. Poor Tyrion, why must Sansa and Shae refuse to give him a break!? Tywin and Joffrey... Gods! I wanted so much more out of this scene! It was good, but I felt like it never took it far enough. I don't know, the shot from above to show Tywin towerin gover Joffrey also felt a bit too... obvious? Dany and her ham-fisted 200 000 reasons... Overall I don't think Dany was particularly bad in this episode, it was ok, but that line... it felt so over the top I almost started laughing. Shae and Tyrion just seemed to recycle the same two lines over and over again with slightly different wording ("you're my lady", "I'm your whore"...). To be quite honest that almost sounded to me like the typical cheap conflict in some 13-year-old's fanfiction. The scene started out well enough but then it just seems to go into an infinite loop or something. Arya running out of the cave just seemed weird to me. It's almost like they decided to give her a head start and then start chasing her. It just looked strange. More Theon torture! With naked ladies this time... for no good reason whatsoever. Honestly, I don't mind nudity and sex in the show. But sometimes it's just sooooo pointless. Osha suddenly decided to go into story-telling mode... ok, whatever. But the episode did have some good things as well :) For instance, I really liked the stuff with Jon Snow and the Wildlings. At first I thought the whole Orell going after Ygritte was a bit forced, but I think it worked out nicely. I particularly liked the whole "that's a windmill" bit, hehe. I also, to my own astonishment, liked the scene between Melisandre and Gendry, though I cannot for the life of me understand why they are sailing so close to King's Landing. I felt they made Gendry handle the information in a really good way. It seems like he almost can't believe it, yet he might have suspected something similar... I don't know, I just really liked it. And of course I loved Jaime and Brienne, although the scene in the bear pit lacked perhaps a little bit of intensity. But when she called him "Ser Jaime" I almost wanted to cry because it was just so perfect! So, all in all, 6/10. I believe that's the lowest rating I've given an episode so far...
  2. There are some parts of this episode that I really love (like all things Winterfell, Jaquen, Jaime and Brienne...), but some parts were just a bit disappointing... Qhorin vs Jon Snow: I don't think it was quite as intense as in the books. I hope people who don't read the books understood what was happening, but frankly, I was a bit confused for a second myself... House of the Undying: while I really liked the visions that they showed, I would have killed for a blue rose on the wall. I know it would make no sense in the show, but wouldn't that also be sort of great? I mean, it is the House of the Undying, things are supposed to be weird. Also, they could always add a reference to Lyanna and blue roses later on in the series if it is necessary. But what really irks me is... where are the Undying? To me they needn't even show them, but Dany could have heard their whispers as she's running around looking for her dragons (that way we would have gotten some prophecies as well). I think that would have been quite a bit creepier than just Mr. I-love-to-show-off-by-cloning-myself... Varys and Ros: I just don't get it...? And, finally, there was the one moment when I just wanted to throw stuff at the screen. Big and heavy stuff, like maybe a brick...or a dinosaur... Robb, the Brat King of the North: I really like Robb in the books. In fact I'm constantly making excuses for him, which is easy in the books (he's very young, his best friend betrayed him, he's alone, he's wounded, the Westerlings totally manipulated him, he thinks his brothers are dead...). In the show he's older, he's not alone, nor is he wounded, and he has absolutely no idea about his brothers being supposedly dead. He just promptly walks up to his mother and says: "But moooom, i don't want a boring marriage like you and dad! It's probably even because of your boring marriage that he's dead now. I don't care about the Freys, they are smelly and I don't like them anyway...Also, you freed Jaime Lannister, so now you don't get to tell me what to do!" :shocked:
  3. Loved it! 10/10! The wildfire was amazing, Sansa and Cersei talking was just incredible, and the final scene with Cersei and Tommen had me crying! Oh, and of course the Hound was awesome: "fuck the Kingsguard, fuck the city, fuck the king"... I think it's the first time I have absolutely no complaints whatsoever (only I would have wanted this episode to go on forever, because now we only have one episode left this season).
  4. Great episode! Gave it a 10 just because I couldn't find a scene that I thought was really bad and most scenes were just plain amazing imo. They even managed to make me like Shae! I love all the King's Landing stuff, and Arya and Tywin just blow my mind every time they have a scene together. The only things that bugged me this episode were: 1) Pyat Pree being quite overpowered. Really, if he can teleport and be at several different places at the same time... why would he even need the help of XXD?? But still, to me it's not that much of a big deal... 2) Still can't get completely on board with this new Jeyne/Talisa/whatever, probably because I already had my idea of Jeyne from the books and I don't manage to fully separate the characters... 3) A little too much Jon and Ygritte for one episode, but I'll let it slide because I think I'm falling in love with the actress playing Ygritte. I found Ygritte to be quite annoying in the books at times, but on the show she's just great :)
  5. Loved this episode, gave it a 10 :) I just loved everything... the only thing that bothered me was Myrcella crying when she left. I thought it was an unnecessary change, but in the end it's no big deal... They even managed to maybe make me start liking Talisa. The first time I saw her I thought "why is pretty and silly little Jeyne suddenly becoming a strong and opinionated woman?", but I've almost managed to separate the two characters in my brain now :) But...after Robb's talk with Cat about not being able to follow his heart, but having to do his duty... how the hell can he end up marrying Talisa? Maybe they'll go for something else instead, like the Frey's are insulted simply because he's sleeping with her or something? Because it was stupid to marry her in the books but, you know, a mixture of youth, guilt, the loss of his brothers and not having his sensible mother there to stop him sort of explains it. In the show, however, he's just stated he knows he has to marry a Frey. I wonder how they'll make this work now...?
  6. I gave it an 8... There are some really good things in this episode. I liked Robb's, Sansa's and Tyrion's scenes... loved Harrenhal and the shadow baby. However, the scene with Joffrey and the whores seemed a bit too long (and, as others have pointed out, is Ros the only prostitute in King's Landing?) and I think the show is overplaying Littlefinger's love for Catelyn to a ridiculous extent (I always thought he felt more resentment than love towards Cat at this point in the story...). Why does LF have to appear so stupid sometimes in this season? I thought he was basically perfect in the first season... why change him like this now? Overall I really liked the episode but, as always, it seems to be too short and sometimes I think the jumping between scenes lacks cohesion.
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