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  1. The Bastard of Walton

    What is your theory on The Others?

    Thanks for taking the time.
  2. The Bastard of Walton

    Who is the 3EC?

    Bran Will turn out he has been the catalyst for everything, Even though he was yet to be born. From the Long Night to Roberts Rebellion it's all Bran. He influences the Major players in History like pieces on a chess board, including Bloodraven.
  3. The Bastard of Walton

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    Be a hell of a curve ball if he is, so it's a No for me. Still think the Daynes may prove to be important though. Something as nuts as Longclaw is actually Dawn or Ashara is Meera's mother.
  4. The Bastard of Walton

    Which minor houses do you want to see more of?

    Good list! Basically these Houses. More Blackfyre stories as well.
  5. Two possibilities 1. The marriage was annulled & the People of Westeros are unaware. 2. Rhaegar wanted two wives like Aegon the conqueror & found a Septon to make it happen. Would explain the cover up after his death. The Faith would have been against such a union.
  6. The Bastard of Walton

    Is Euron working with the Tourmaline Brotherhood?

    I'm sticking to my crackpot that Euron has (like Hodor, Aerys,Rhaegar & many hundreds before them) been put on his path of Destruction by Greenseers/Bran trying to influence him. He has misinterpreted what he ever heard or saw into thinking the Others are Gods & he is trying to bring Down the Wall & deliver "The Promise" (in his eyes, Dany) to them.
  7. The Bastard of Walton

    Lords and Kings of Westeros after A Song of Ice and Fire

    The Wall- Jon Snow (I see them maybe pushing the White walkers back, rather than a complete victory) King/queen on the Iron Throne- Child of Dany & Jon. Stormlands- Edric Baratheon legitimatised by Jon before he takes the black. The Reach- Willas Tyrell or Samwell Tarly Dorne- Arianne Westerlands- Tyrion Iron Islands- Asha Riverlands- Edmures child The Vale- Robin Arryn (Sansa if he turns out to be Littlefingers Bastard) The North- Rickon or Sansa
  8. Once she knew she was Dying, probably thought of Rhaegar & the Baby more than anything else. She loved her family & I'm sure she often questioned her decisions as we all do, but I do think hers was a deep love for Rhaegar.
  9. The Bastard of Walton

    A middle lane view of Rhaegar and Elia

    Rhaegar I think is just another piece on the chess board carefully manipulated by Bran & other Greenseers to fulfil the prophecy. If anything he did his duty in a sense, making sure he had an Heir & a sister to Wed him to. Jon & Lyanna where a means to a end to his plan (Really I believe Brans plan) He may have loved Lyannas, makes for a nice tale. He may have loved Elia as well. Hopefully all will be explained when the books arrive
  10. The Bastard of Walton

    What is your theory on The Others?

    I think Bran Wargs into the Past & makes a pact with them. He promises the Night King a "Prince/Princess of Ice & Fire" in exchange for a prolonged period of peace. Since then, he has to carefully manipulate the next 8000 years or so so that Jon or/& Danys child are born.... A Prince/Princess of Ice & Fire. Bittersweet.... The baby is given to the Night King to save the realm of men or Jon Kills Dany forging Lightbringer. Bran finally realises he is pulling the strings all the way. He is playing the ultimate game of thrones
  11. The Bastard of Walton

    The Child of Jon Snow & Daenerys

    Chances are it's been discussed (been a while since I've been on) Anyhow, the chances of Jon & Danys child being the "Prince/Princess that was promised"......... To the Night King. We know the prophecy says that they will deliver the world from darkness. What if instead of a warrior it's more a sacrifice? Maybe Rhaegar even theorized this even? He realised he needed a child of Ice & Fire (A legitimate child of Targaryern & Stark blood-kings blood). Would be bittersweet if Dany finally conceived only to have to Sacrifice the child for the good of the realm.
  12. The Bastard of Walton

    How would you rate episode 404?

    The whole Bran part ruined the episode for me. Until that point I thought it was good, but I really don't understand why they made such a massive change. Seemed pointless. I understand that some parts have to be slightly altered but this was completely pointless & senseless. These deserters would simply kill Bran,Jojen &Hodor, & Then brutally treat Meera. Pointless, worst change since the whole Dagmar acts as Reek moment. As for the whole Darth Maul of the Others moment, that reveal has made the series & books very cliché for me. The "Great" Other vs Dany on a Dragon has always made for dull reading & watching. Seems that's the way its going to happen now though. What a Shame. On a plus side Jaime, Bronn, Tyrion, Podrick & Brienne all shined.
  13. "A Flayed Man Has No Secrets".

  14. The Bastard of Walton

    The future of Jaime and Brienne?

    The future is Grim & cold for these two warriors. Both will die in the final battle, Jaime defending the true king(Jon) or Queen(Daenerys) Brienne saving Stannis.