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    Guy Gavriel Kay

    SPOILER: LionsUhm. In what fashion is he responsible for deaths that could be avoided? And why is Rodrigo's death worse than Ammar's? Ammar's death would have left Jehane without a husband and their children unborn. As Miranda herself was able to understand, there's really no great difference between losing the possibility of something very early and losing the actuality of something that you've had for some time. Deaths could be avoided because without Ammar, the barbarians or whatever you call them from desert would be routed in no time. They had no idea where to go, what to do. No idea about people they were fighting against, no idea about country, weather, customs. They needed a powerful and smart leader - Ammar. Because of him, they got a very long war during which many people died on both sides. Without him it would be a lot quicker and most of deaths would be on desert people. That's how it had to be because they were the attackers. Ammar, prolonged the war. Jehane would find another man to screw with. She didn't impress me as a lady who loves only once. she would have kids from someone else. In a worst case scenario she would be the only one who would suffer. When Rodrigo died, three people were deprived. His wife was older and a lot more difficult to find another "dear half" For that matter, why do you assume that Kay choose to kill Rodrigo because of "political correctness"? That is, frankly, absurd. And on top of that, one of the most famous things about his historical antecendent, Rodrigo de Vivar, El Cid ... is that he's said to have died quite dramatically. His death was a natural progression, in a way. What fantasy has to do with history?
  2. Astra

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    So far, I have read: Tigana A Song for Arbonne The Last Light of the Sun The Lions of Al-Rassan I really liked Tigana and The Last Light of the Sun. I believe the best stand alone fantasy I have read. A Song for Arbonne - I found to be mediocre. A whole story was good but the ending was really..meh.. The Lions of Al-Rassan - I liked and didn't like it. There were a few drawbacks that force me to say I didn't like it more than I liked it. 1. The beginning was very good. However, sometime starting from 1/3 or maybe 1/2? of the book there are huge time gaps when we have no idea what was happing to characters. We just have a very brief summary or hints on what happened. It is like a story should be 3 volumes series, instead it was made 1 volume book with a few concise summaries in the middle of the book. It was very annoying. 2. Politics. SPOILER: I hated this part. I hated that one moron (Ammar, Asharite)who is responsible for thousands of deaths that could be avoided stayed alive and enjoyed a happy married life while another brave man (Jaddite commander Rodrigo Belmonte) died leaving his family without a husband and father. I wonder how much of it was just foolish Political Correctness, so the book would not make a certain group of people belonging to a certain religion angry. I believe the last 50 pages spoiled overall impression of the book for me completely. For the life of me, I cannot fathom how Kay won the 2005 award from the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy, for The Lions of Al-Rassan.