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  1. Red Raven

    [Spoilers] EP607

    Lyanna Mormont for Queen in the North!
  2. Red Raven

    [TWoW Spoilers] Aeron I (Balticon)

    I don't think Euron is in service to anyone other than Euron. His overlarge ego and unruly self-grandiosity would prevent him from being an agent of anyone other than himself. As for going to Valyria, if anyone was crazy enough to try and actually pull it off, Euron is that person. I think he's sailed to places that are beyond the known boundaries of the world. That said, it doesn't mean that I necessarily believe his claim that he actually did go to Valyria.
  3. Red Raven

    PhD research: Doran Martell and you

    1) Overweight, middle-aged but looks old and weary beyond his years, probably has bags and shadows under his eyes, feet so swollen with fluid that they look like they're about to pop. Pained and moves like a rusty hinge. 2) Siddig is now Doran in my mind, even for book!Doran. I started watching the show before reading the books so if the TV character exists, the looks of the actor in the role becomes how I picture the character in the book. 3) I've seen him in Da Vinci's Demons and remember him from Star Trek. Love him. I was thrilled when he was cast. 4) The only GOT-related interview I've seen him do is the brief "New Characters" one for HBO.
  4. Red Raven

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Sean Bean has something like a 90% death rate for his characters. Casting him is virtually a spoiler for a character's fate. Pedro Pascal was on the Mentalist this season for several episodes. He played an agent tangled up in a love triangle.
  5. Science geek. Language nerd.

  6. Red Raven

    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    She was yelling at him to stop. He didn't. That's rape.
  7. Red Raven

    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    Not another role but a cameo. I got around to watching Brian Cox's lecture "The Science of Doctor Who" and Charles Dance was in the audience. It took me a minute to recognize him because he was smiling and I'm not used to seeing Tywin do anything except scowl.
  8. Red Raven

    References and Homages

    Just because they're not exact it doesn't mean that there wasn't some influence. It's not all or nothing. GRRM said that his influences aren't a 1 to 1 relation. The Dothraki aren't exact copies of the Mongols, nor is the Red Wedding an exact copy of the Black Dinner. It's possible that GRRM gave a few of Hughes's characteristics to Aerys while drawing on other things for other parts of Aerys's background, physical appearance, and psychological profile.
  9. Red Raven

    References and Homages

    And being fearful of leaving his home. Aerys may not be exactly like Hughes but the few things they have in common are things that are distinctly remembered about Hughes. Hughes is probably a more likely influence than some random Indian Yogi. Just for fun: Hughes had a phobia of germs, Aerys had a phobia of blades. Hughes collected jars of urine, Aerys collected pots of wildfire.
  10. Red Raven

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    I disagree. If Dany had been killed by the locusts, Barristan would not have stayed in Meereen, also the Freedmen remain together because they think Dany is alive. Without that belief, they disband and the Shavepate's power base crumbles. The Shavepate needs Dany being alive as a rallying point; poisoning her would have destroyed that. Blaming it on the Yunkai'i when there are multiple factions inside of Meereen that want her dead (and everyone knows it) would have been empty and impotent, and how would the Yunkai'l have gotten access to the kitchens to poison the locusts in the first place? It was obviously an inside job. ETA: If the Shavepate did poison the locusts then I think his target wasn't Dany but Hizdar.
  11. Red Raven

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    I don't think the Shavepate poisoned her. He needed Dany alive (or thought to be still alive) to make the moves he did. Killing her would not have served his cause. I also wouldn't be surprised if he were genuinely loyal to her.
  12. Red Raven

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    I think he'd dare. The Brazen Beasts and others used by the Shavepate are better suited for cloak 'n' dagger attacks that an urban setting would virtually demand. The Unsullied are great in the field with their phalanxes, but haven't fared well in sneak attacks against them by the SotH. As for freedmen, I mean anyone who was a slave in Meereen and is now free.
  13. Red Raven

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    I wouldn't be entirely surprised if Barristan won his battle, turned around and found the city gates locked to him. OOPS. Since the Shavepate ostensibly supported Dany's free-the-slaves campaign, his power base would be the new freedman, and there are a lot of former slaves in the city. He could dispatch his brazen beasts to kill the rival families (I doubt many of the freedmen would object to that) and solidify his power base from there.
  14. Red Raven

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    Nope. Barristan is out trying to motivate his troops, no mention of anyone stuffed in jail.
  15. Red Raven

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    I think Jorah will muster up the strength to deliver the kill shot without external distractions to help. I don't expect everything to be resolved but I'd like to think the "I did it for love" thing would have a good payoff.