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  1. I'm bothered that no actual Tungrutas were considered for the role.
  2. I remember an episode of Doctor Who (in the Peter Davidson days, so probably from the early 80s) where The Doctor found himself on the wrong side of an airlock. Now it just so happened that the TARDIS was also out in space, but further away (I can't remember the details as to why it was there). Realising he was in between the ship and the TARDIS, the Doctor, who always carries a cricket ball, throws it at the side of the ship, which sets him in an opposite trajectory, but then manages to catch the ball on the rebound - which propels him enough to get to the TARDIS. Of course The Doctor is not human and by all accounts is an admirable fielder of cricket balls.
  3. Agree about no mirrors needed for working out. The only time I miss it is when I don't have a coach or trainer around to advise me on range of movement - particularly depth in the squat. I can never 'feel' when my knee-to-hip angle is at horizontal. My pleasing reflections from the last post was off with respect to fitness. Although I am fitter now than I was at the corresponding time last year, I am noticeably less fit than I was pre-Christmas - which was less than 2 weeks ago, wtf! Gawdammit, should've remembered that fitness level falls faster when inactivity meets rich food and alcohol. On top of that, this week we've been revisiting the baseline workouts we did back in September. 3mins of burpees are scheduled for Friday. Oh dear.
  4. This season has been fire. Love the time being spent with Amos and Clarissa at 1G. And I like the nod to Bobby's Polynesian heritage when she gave out the Chehooo!
  5. Nice debut from this kid Pucovski, already matching his first class average. The earlier rain delay was bothersome - reminding me that I didn't bring my umbrella for the walk home from work.
  6. Seems the previous thread, which hadn't hit 400 posts, is still running (no pun intended). -------- So far in 2021 I've watched 4 workouts on YouTube - all from the comfort of my bed or couch. I only got to the end of 3 of them and, coupled with the fact that these have been 5 minute workouts, it gives me some pause. A quick reflection on the past year (exercise, fitness & well-being wise): Pleasing; - Fitness is higher from the same time last year - Strength is increased from the same time last year - Knee mobility is the best its been in years! - So far, no alcohol since New Year's Eve. Displeasing; - Body weight was trending down to where I was this time last year, (after creeping up at the start of Covid), but the Christmas/New Year dash of excess has reversed that in short time - Quality sleep, due to Christmas/New Year period of indulgence, has been shot to pieces - So far, no alcohol since New Year's Eve. Anyway, back at work this week so in-person workouts beckon.
  7. Before we continue Season 3 speculation we should reflect back on Season 2. And what better way than to hold nominations & awards for the season. Categories are now open, I've added my initial nominations - feel free to add. Best Stormtrooper Death - Boba Fett victim #3 (The Tragedy) Best non-Stormtrooper Death - The Razor Crest (The Tragedy) - The last Dark Trooper (The Rescue) - Frog Lady's eggs (The Passenger) - The Tuskan who got ate by the Krayt Dragon (The Marshall) - The Krayt Dragon (The Marshall) Best New Character - Imperial Officer in the Cantina on Morac (The Believer) - Frog Lady (The Passenger) - Bo Katan Kryze (The Heiress) - Ahsoka Tano (The Jedi) Best Reveal of the Season - Bo Katan Kryze (the Heiress) - Cobb Vanth (The Marshall) - Boba Fett (The Marshall) - Luke Skywalker (The Rescue) Best Quote of the Season - 'I'm a simple man making his way through the galaxy' (The Tragedy) Best Grogu Moment - Force tossing 2 stromtroopers around like a little wizard (The Tragedy) - Saying goodby to his dad before heading off to college (The Rescue)
  8. Yep, I satisfied there's plenty direction for the new shows to go. Lets hope we get new characters added to the gallery. ---------- Criteria for new ship. Depends on what Din gets up to next in terms of employment. If he continues as a bounty hunter then he needs a particular type of vessel. Preferably one with cargo space for half a dozen carbonite slates, good speed and range, stealth abilities, a balance of firepower & defenses. If he gets out of the bounty game then the transport type expands. Actually he may well have a home base or dwelling that we see him visit - that would be interesting. Still, he needs his own transport. Aesthetically, I don't know if the show could come up with anything that flies/lands as gracefully as Slave I. Someone mentioned they could watch Slave I flying over terrain all day. I have to agree, those shots on Typhon, Morak and that planet they found Bo-Katan on look great with Slave I flying about.
  9. Yes, one of the things I look forward to seeing. If season 3 is slated for the end of 2021 I suspect we may not see it until 2022, but hopefully by then we would've gotten the starts of Ahsoka and The Book of Boba Fett, filling in parts of the shared time frame. Guest characters from this season I'd like to see more of; Frog Lady, Cobb Vanth, Migs Mayfield. In Frog Lady (with her partner and offspring) we have a galactic civilian going about the business of existence. It's nice to have this reminder amongst bounty hunters, scum & villainy. Plus, she's awesome. Timothy Oliphant's Cobb Vanth is just too cool not to have back. For Migs, I have the suspicion he'll appear reluctantly with Cara Dune somewhere, whether its The Mandalorian or Rangers of the New Republic. The fact that both were goaded into killing the Imperial Officer/Pilot they were talking to is hint they could gel together like nitro and glycerol.
  10. I wonder what Boba meant when he said Mandalore was all glass. Did the empire churn the surface molten or something? Regardless, a galactic level civilisation should have the means to rejuvenate a planet. The more I re-watch the last half of the finale the more I bask in the wonderful stench of Moff Gideon's gloating - before it turned to soup. So glad he failed to off himself (which reminds me, why didn't he have a suicide tooth like Titus Welliver's character had?)...need more gloating Moff Gideon next season. Also, why didn't Din try to shoot Gideon in the face during their duel - I would have. Since we're comparing corridor scenes, I rate Luke's ahead of Vader's. Luke was up against Dark Troopers decked with resilient armour and who appeared to sense the presence of a force user (a moment after Grogu did). Vader was up against Rebel soldiers wearing bicycling helmets who were on the retreat. Clone Wars Spoiler...
  11. I think Kennedy had confidence in Favreau, given Iron Man and all that. And Favreau utilising Filoni's knowledge and expertise from the animated series was a no-brainer. If I'm not mistaken, The Mandalorian Chapters 1, 5 and 13 represent Filoni's first foray into live-action directing. And it was also wise to bring in MCU directors, who have the familiarity of filming to a greater narrative, to direct key episodes (Taika Waititi, Peyton Reed and Favreau himself). The payoff for the Disney+ streaming service has been immense. I read recently they had garnered ~70 million subscribers in a period where Netflix had predicted Disney would only amass 20 million (sorry I don't have the link to the source atm). --------- By the way what's the deal with R2s memory? Has it been wiped before? I know C-3PO has gone through 2 Western Digitals, a Seagate, and is probably using Samsung now for his non-volatile storage - but I can't seem to recall if R2D2 has had his memory or part thereof wiped. Basically, I want to know if he & Grogu have history.
  12. Lemme see. 20 units of EthOH/day right? I think from memory 1 IU of EthOH is 10g by weight (not volume). Option 1: I can get scrumpy cider (8% by vol) in 1.25l bottles, so 2 of these bottles (2.5l) of scrumpy will deliver 200ml of EthOH which is about equal to 20 units (slight difference with by vol vs by weight). Option 2: Trade up to a faster delivery system. Landlady has a stash of Bombay Sapphire Gin, the 1140ml bottles batch @47% ABV (which somehow they don't sell outside of Airport Duty Free stores). At 47% ABV one would only need to imbibe around 426ml of this to get 20 units worth. Of course one should titrate this over ice with quality tonic water steeped with a slice of lime. TL:DR yeah I'm in. But maybe only for the first day or two. I reserve the right to pass out on the Sunday after Christmas. ****consume safely people
  13. OK I much prefer the force theme used here than what was in the actual episode. Looks like they're in no rush to explain things, if ever. Another unanswered question is how Grogu was being tracked at the start of all this - unless it has and I missed it. I'd like to think he had been tagged with some element or compound. Would be amusing if such a compound had a half-life of 400yrs or so - meaning, unless purged, Grogu will keep traces on him for the rest of his natural life. If it turns out its a tag on his small clothes, which Luke finds after insisting on a nappy change - I'd be pretty pissed.
  14. Nice choice, would definitely dig that for a What If...? episode. I'm sure he'll be forgiven. They can shape a story around it and the Darksaber to suit their needs. A few ways they could go with this... tensions abound. My theory on The Book of Boba Fett. I think Fennec showed their hand when she freed the Twi'lek slave - which i enjoyed seeing. A benevolent crime syndicate making their way in the galaxy... perhaps even molded on the Hondo Ohnaka school of pirate morality. It may not last long but it could be a whole lotta fun for a season It occurred to me that the writers definitely had to find a way to keep Fett out of the picture before introducing Luke. Imagine if Boba's on that bridge when Luke walks in.
  15. The Mandalorian Season 3 could be interesting when Din catches up with the Children of the Watch and the Armorer. What will they do when they find out one of their own now 'righty' weilds the Darksaber, and how will Din deal with that. Have we had official confirmation that The Book of Boba Fett will be a separate series? Seems unusual for it to have been left out of the Investor Day news. I wonder if the Chapters of this book will appear in future episodes of The Mandalorian, Ahsoka and Rangers of the New Republic, since they're all happening around the same time. I hope we get some Star Wars bleed over into the new What If? series. I can imagine an episode where a Krayt Dragon doesn't eat a Sarlacc and we don't get Boba Fett back and all that entails. And what's all this hoopla with Mace Windu returning? Maybe in another What If? episode where there are snakes on this m%therf#ckin' cruiser.
  16. Moff Gideon sure played Bo Katan with regards to the Darksaber, loved it. Giancarlo Espisoto can't seem to do wrong these days. Of course those of us who've followed The Clone Wars and Rebels might cry inconsistencies, but the proportion of the new fan base the show is drawing in doesn't know of all that, and what was played out works fine for me, sets up a nice divide between Bo Katan and Din. Gotta agree, I was hoping Boba would quietly find solace in a less destructive life, but that would be boring and Di$ney has rent owing. It almost seems the disdain he got from Bo Katan and Koska Reeves might have swayed his direction. And I have to hand it to Ming-Na Wen. Who hasn't had a crush on Wen since she first appeared in films back in the early 90s? Not only can she act but at 57 (57!) still smoking hot, and her Fennec Shand comes off deadly and badass - glad she didn't die the true death in Season one.
  17. Loved it. Through two seasons we see X-Wings in threes or twos, and they are feared. But the lone X-Wing brings the Force. Have to admit, tears were shed. And from my pre-ep predictions - By sheer numerical advantage, some stormtroopers will hit their target. Muthafuckers not a single one? ffs
  18. A Jedi will turn up looking for Grogu, see the ancient enemies of the Jedi hanging about the kid (a bunch of Mandos in freshly painted & polished kit), and decide to withdraw to his hidey hole. But seriously, I hope someone does turn up. The idea of Grogu putting the call out and no-one responding is kinda depressing. And my other guesses for the finale; - By sheer numerical advantage, some stormtroopers will hit their target. - Grogu gets a force hold on his favourite toy and goes Magneto/Yondu all over the place. - The Darksaber in the hands of a novice proves no match for a beskar spear in the hands of a Mandalorian. - Din Djarin will inherit Moff Gideon's Imperial Cruiser as his new home & transport, and will spend the start of next season looking to swap it for something more discrete, with smaller turning circle and fewer overheads.
  19. Still tagging spoilers? Just in case...
  20. Any predictions for the last two episodes? My guess is the rescue team numbers will top out at Seven, a nice number for such endeavours. But if they recruit Bo Katan then she changes the deal, brings in all her resources, and makes it a heist of the Darksaber with secondary rescue of Grogu. If Bo Katan stays out of it then the small team rescue goes ahead and Boba Fett ends up getting the Darksaber. After rescuing Grogu, a Jedi Master turns up. I'm guessing the title for the season finale could be The Master.
  21. Get ready for the future, with colonies on Luna and Mars, Europa off limits, and a science station on Titan... The uploader has not made this video available on your planet or moon.
  22. I like the notion, but do you have any idea how expensive that would be? Let alone how many Mandalorians would have to give up ancestral armour for it to happen. Wild theory
  23. Another fun episode. On the enjoyment scale they're killing it this season. From the lens of the new and wider fan base they're keeping the formula fairly simple, whilst managing to introduce characters and set canon to sate older fans.
  24. Very simple. Very effective. I like it.
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