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  1. There was a moment in the second half where, if Canada had pressed on to score, they could've led, which would have been interesting to see England chasing the game for once - alas a brilliant length of the field try put an end to that. Agreed professionalism needs to be nurtured across the top tier as much as possible. Absolute cracker in the second semi between France and New Zealand. Right down to the wire.
  2. Wow, what a game developing between Canada and England.
  3. A retired frog samurai wants nothing more than to be left alone and spend his remaining years in peace on the golf course. But when he unwillingly becomes the protector of a baby turtle he must draw his club for one more round. An animated amphibious adventure for golfers of all ages.
  4. The grinding forward dominant style of France and England and their discipline in implementing that style, rightly has them rated ahead of NZ and Canada. NZ in particular has had to rebuild their forward play after the disastrous end of year tour last year. They need that parity up front to then launch their devastating back play/open play style. It has improved but is still a weakness. Still, if one semi final turns out to be NZ v France, I think on the back of home advantage, NZ can edge out an injury hit France.
  5. Great game between Australia and Scotland. Thoroughly enjoyable contest. I gotta feel for Scotland though, some superb defence in the first half of the second spell, but Aus finally made use of the wind advantage and spread the ball a bit. The officiating in this game was top notch I thought.
  6. Dusting the cobwebs off of this thread. Found it languishing on page 3. Last time I viewed a page 3 I was almost blinded by the headlights. I hope everyone who uses this thread, as a regular prompt, has been diligently attending to their physical well-being. I think I mentioned it some months ago but my gym reopened after lock-down in early October 2021. That anniversary is only a week or so away and the countdown is marked in my browser home page calendar as "The Fourier Year" (for the personal transform). The weight I had allowed to creep up on me over 3yrs was lost in the first 7 months of the Fourier year, and the last few months have been spent trying to work out ways to keep muscle whilst losing fat. I took a DEXA scan for the first time in March of this year (I wish I had taken one at the onset last October) and had a second DEXA five months later in August. The results indicated I had maintained lean muscle mass (yay) and dropped only fat, which lowered my overall fat%. Interestingly, my bone mineral content/bone density had increased during that period, which was a pleasant surprise (we went through a 3month hypertrophy cycle at the gym which everyone was getting bored of towards the end but it seems to have paid off - deadlifts ftw). With the DEXAs providing valuable reference I booked myself a VO2 Max Test, scheduled in a couple weeks. Never done a VO2 Max test before and am kinda not looking forward to the process. These tests, DEXA, VO2 Max test, are not cheap but I seek the insights they can provide and that has greater value.
  7. Wow, they're actually making this. Been shopped around for almost two decades. First Johnny Depp had the rights but couldn't get the project under way, then Russel Crowe got a hold of it. Had to share this with a friend and she was giddy with excitement, plus it helped she loooves Charlie as the lead. I hope his Aussie accent is good.
  8. Bill Nighy stars, with a screenplay written by Kazuo Ishiguro, based on the 1952 film Ikiru. I thought I had seen most of Akira Kurusawa's works, but I haven't seen Ikiri - will have check that out first, before this remake comes along.
  9. "Amidst Guinea-Bissau’s coup d’état of 2003, Bangui’s Hyenas, an elite trio of mercenaries, skillfully extract a drug dealer and his bricks — both gold and narcotic — from the chaos and make tracks for Dakar, Senegal. But when their escape plan is unexpectedly waylaid, the Hyenas find themselves and their bounty stranded in the Sine-Saloum Delta, a coastal river realm speckled with insulated island communities and steeped in myth and mystery. Believing they can keep a low profile at a nearby holiday encampment, they attempt to blend in with all of the tourists but are soon at risk of exposure with the arrival of both a suspicious police captain and an enigmatic Signing deaf woman who harbours secrets of her own." Coming to Shudder in September.
  10. Not surprised ScoMo thinks and behaves this way. Not sure what the GG's constitutional duties include but there seems to be a failure to apply checks and balances here - that's more concerning.
  11. What a season, so emotional. Almost couldn't believe the 3rd race finish. Pick a team, lay some bets and enjoy the ride, or roll, as it were.
  12. The video version of The Nabataeans was released a couple days ago. These Nabataens were pretty cool, loved this episode. Cooper mentions the frustrating lack of detail about the Nabataeans but he's presented as comprehensive an account as we can get. The details from Hebra were especially interesting. With how water was so valued and conserved and how they dealt with conflicts, one can't help but imagine the Fremin in this setting. Of course it helped that Villeneuve filmed a lot of his Dune in the area.
  13. Well done Ireland, outplaying and out-couching the ABs in our own backyard. These loses are like climate change. That hundred year event is now bi-annual! I don't think you've peaked, but you have to be at your best by that semi-final because if results go by the current WR rankings, it'll be France versus Ireland at Stade de France. The other option, if we're considering tournament tactics, is to win your pool (beating South Africa and Scotland) and then likely meeting a New Zealand side you know you've had the measure of recently.
  14. Unprecedented weekend of rugby, with 4 series on the line. If we look at what it takes to go deep in the RWC, you can afford to drop a game in the pool stages and then string together an unbeaten run of 4-5 games, like South Africa showed in 2019. With that in mind, even though the Southern Hemisphere teams have home advantage, I'd give a lot of weight to the momentum the Northern Hemisphere teams are carrying into these deciders. Still, I can't see any clear favourites in any of these games.
  15. Like Ran, I too only recently binged ST:SNW after reading the positive discussion in these threads. It's both novel and nostalgic at the same time. Just enough nostalgia too - Spock's trial by combat dream with a rendition of TOS combat music put a smile on my face (though I kept hearing the Jim Carrey version in my head). The Gorn introduction was curious - though we all know the best way to defeat an adult Gorn is to deploy the double-fisted punch, maybe Kirk can demonstrate next season. I'd seen Peck's Spock in Discovery, but it wasn't until I'd seen his Spock in SNW, sans beard with voice and mannerism, that I though to myself - he reminds me of Gregory Peck. Turns out he's Ethan Gregory Peck and his grandfather was Eldred Gregory Peck (the Gregory Peck). Also, in another bit of trivia, its pretty cool that married couple Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell (Lower Decks) both play as starship commanders on concurrent Star Trek series.
  16. Probably my favourite series of the past year, the integration of young talent with the old is finely done. I didn't see Zarn McClarnnon in the trailer though - but looking up his IMDB profile he's been busy and is currently filming the Echo series.
  17. Saw the new trailer this morning ahead of Thor: Love and Thunder. Much better than that first teaser. It's piqued my interest. I would probably just go watch this on a giant screen just for the technical aspects and immersion in the world as it is. If there's anything of a compelling story overlaid on that it would be a bonus.
  18. Benchley's book was a good read from what I remember.
  19. God damn that first episode of the new season had some insane scenes. Imagine being the parent of a child actor in this episode. Child Actor: "Can I watch the whole episode I was in?". Parent: "Ah, hellll no!".
  20. A legit Forrest Gump remake, securing the remake rights in 2018 and shooting in more than 100 locations across India. Looks like a worthy remake. My local cinemas show Bollywood movies as soon as they're available, this might be worth an opening week viewing.
  21. Its difficult to describe it without possibly making it seem too weird for someone who's undecided about watching it or not. So better to just let Michelle Yeoh sell it and how she approached the role (Timestamp: 14:10) - emotional at the very end. And then go back and watch the rest of this video from the start to appreciate how awesome Yeoh has been all this time, I've seen all these films but had forgotten she did all her stunts!
  22. I saw the teaser trailer, when it played before DSitMoM, and like others if seemed inert. If anything, when I read the title, I got an itching to check out Waterworld again. I would still line up to watch it on opening week, heck yeah. Watched the original in 3D and that technical experience has not been surpassed, so I can't wait to see what Cameron has in store for this series. I remember, when Avatar came out, I was talking with my cousin and he said he couldn't get into it after the Na'vi started putting their junk into other creatures' junk and going about their business. I didn't have a reply to that.
  23. I thought it was hilarious too. As I walked out of the theatre I heard one kid bemoan waiting 8 minutes for that. Got to say, a week after seeing this, as much as I enjoy where 616 Strange is right now, What If? Strange is still my favourite. I can understand that Supreme Strange should be used sparingly, being so overpowered.
  24. Was going to post in the main MCU thread about the film then read calls for a separate thread. Saw it last night and have had a night's sleep to let it soak in. My thought's this morning are all positive, it was a good movie with Raimi bringing something different to the tried and true MCU formula. It also occurs to me, with respect to the villain, hero and love interest arcs, that the film is basically a copy of Spider Man 2. Not a bad thing as I still rate SM2 as my favourite SM film in large part because of Dr Octopus' story throughout, along with several other things. Here, Olsen excels as Scarlet Witch and the various Wandas. This is pretty much the conclusion to WandaVision. I do like Strange 616 more now, as the flawed version and not Sorcerer Supreme. The crowd I watched it with were all fairly young and though they were up with the lore with all things MCU no one seemed to bat an eyelid when Bruce f8%king Ash/Army of Darkness Campbell appeared. Some cool things happened. Scarlet Witch taking out the Illuminati was good, but probably my favourite thing, completely unexpected, was how bassass possessed Zombie Strange was at the end.
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