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  1. Davos II takes place before Cersei IV in AFFC since at the small council session, Cersei receives word that Manderly has thrown Davos in a cell.
  2. I guess Wyman will have to execute Stannis's Hand to show he's in good faith first. Then Cersei will have to get someone, like her brother, to free Wyman's heir from Harrenhal and put him on a boat from Maidenpool to White Harbor. :)
  3. In Davos I, it's said that the Freys were bringing the bones back on Lionstar.
  4. Thank you for the great detailed report, Mastiff! I love how Davos continues to use his smuggling skills to his advantage in his new position. A great choice for Hand by Stannis. If AFFC is to be believed, this would probably be Davos' last chapter. But Davos will survive! The most pertinent information Davos learns in this chapter is that Manderly is bed-ridden with grief, and that his other son is still a prisoner. Hmm... That fleet of 23 will not go to waste, I'm thinking. Perhaps they should go on a little trip up the Weeping Water to the Dreadfort? I wonder where Glover is now? I can see him being very happy with Stannis once DM is retaken. The balance should begin to tip in Stannis's favour over the course of ADWD. King Robb's kingdom would have been great with this fleet, plus the defenses at WH. I hope we see some just revenge on Bolton and Frey in ADWD.
  5. I like both endings for different reasons. 1) The hanging: I like that Jon shows authority and his men carry out the execution for him. This shows that the men of Night's Watch are willing to follow his orders no matter what. It is also more contemptuous of Slynt than a beheading. In ASOS, Slynt even tells Jon that they killed Eddard Stark by the sword because he was noble-born, but for Jon they will simply hang him. According to this reasoning, Jon seems to be according Slynt some respect, which I don't think Jon has for Slynt. By Jon hanging Slynt, he is showing Slynt that his 'lordship' is meaningless. I don't know how the chapter read, but I love the line: "Take him to the Wall...(dramatic pause) and hang him." 2) The beheading: I like that Jon shows his men he is their leader by committing the job himself. He is willing to do the most difficult work himself and not push it off on his men, which I'm sure is respected by the Night's Watch. He is also still able to show his authority by having his men grab Slynt and hold him down, so that aspect isn't necessarily lost. Secondly, this scene is a perfect retribution for Eddard Stark's execution; it's funny how Jon wanted to leave the Wall in AGOT to fight those who killed Eddard; he didn't realize that 'fate' would eventually bring those same individuals to him on the Wall. Thirdly, it shows Jon following in Eddard and Robb's footsteps by carrying out executions himself; he is 'of the North.' I recall GRRM saying that Jon would be portrayed more as gray character in ADWD; I wonder how this will continue to be developed.
  6. Sooth, After the initial chapter posting, other listeners added some details for the chapter (The details are scattered through the first couple of pages of this topic). A summation: "Jon promises Gilly that if she won't leave with Mance's baby then on the day that Mance's baby is killed, hers will die the same day. He makes her stick her hand in the candle flame to feel how much worse it would be to die by fire. She has no choice about it so she runs from the room." Hope that helps.
  7. The Davos 2 summary is on page 3 of the Davos 1 summary topic. It's not much. I recorded it when GRRM read it on Second Life. On Word it's about a page long, and simply the set up for the good stuff that should happen in the chapter. (I printed off the sample chapters from GRRM's website using Word as well, and Jon Snow's first chapter was 9 and 1/2 pages long, so if that's any benchmark, the sample read from Davos 2 should be about 1/9 of the actual Davos 2 chapter). (For those of you who may want the chapter, it can't be given out for legal reasons. GRRM has said that you can record his readings for personal use, but not to publish online like at YouTube or here. He's fine with summaries. Apologies. ) Go Davos!
  8. It is. There have only been two I believe, where I he read (or released) a portion: Davos 2, and the chapter titled 'Reek.' Davos was just the beginning, while Reek seems to have been skimmed down in different parts, while keeping the overall structure of the chapter. There is, of course, The Mystery Knight, but that's a short story, so I'm glad he only read a bit.
  9. Ran, I don't recall a description of his voice. Somebody else may have jotted that down... From the way GRRM read it, Coldhands was stern, logical and to-the-point. It's possible that Coldhands could just be controlled by the 3-eyed crow... While he is obviously acting under the 3-eyed crows orders; he remains fairly aloof and robotic. Perhaps that just comes with the territory of being dead... Lady Stoneheart is not the warmest of personalities... I'm personally glad that GRRM didn't reveal Coldhands' identity in this chapter. It adds more suspense to keep these questions up in the air. The 3-eyed crow is now given a slightly sinister aspect. Before it was as though Bran was heading to Yoda, now it could be that he's going to Darth Yoda... Like Arya's first chapter in AFFC, I had expected Bran to arrive at his destination and begin training in his first chapter. I'm not disappointed however. I'm glad the time was spent showing how far they do have to travel, and the forbidding atmosphere... This makes a wonderful companion chapter to the Prologue... perhaps they'll be back to back?
  10. This chapter was abridged, right? Was there any feeling while you were reading it that parts were skipped or glossed over? Or did it run pretty smoothly?
  11. [quote]Sometimes Ramsay would make japes about balancing him out.[/quote] Good lord, it looks like Theon joins the prestigious list of the Blue Bard and Marillion of individuals tortured to the point of sanity, with their sense of reality warped by the torturers. I have a feeling Theon may be called upon to 'verify' the fake Arya in front of the other northern lords at Moat Cailin, and will most likely fail at this once he realizes who the fake Arya is.
  12. [quote]Lord Bolton his bastard son and two other lords are present.[/quote] Lord Bolton? It's strange that Bolton is at the Dreadfort, but fake Arya is not. Didn't Walton Steelshanks take Fake Arya to bring to Bolton at the Twins? And didn't it say in AFFC that Ramsay was closing in on Moat Cailin from the North, while Bolton came up from the south? So does this take place after that? It's also odd that the one lord is Karstark, since they have joined with Stannis. Did Lord Bolton say anything in the chapter, or was it just Ramsay? Was there any mention of Stannis or his whereabouts in this chapter? Or the Greatjon?
  13. Thanks for the extra details. :) Is there any mention of the wildlings, other than Mance's baby? This chapter seems to focus primarily on Jon's hatred of the Lannisters (as well as their pawns) and his plans for the Watch.
  14. I am without speech at the greatness of this chapter. LugaJetBoyGirl: Any word on which fort Giant went to? Any mention of Dolorous Edd in this chapter? Or Melisandre? Pyp, Grenn? Ghost?
  15. Few things: -Samwell being called Ser Piggy. Piggy was a character from Lord of the Flies. The most intelligent kid on the island, and overweight. He was loyal to Ralph (Jon Snow) the leader of the children. -Arya being close to the name Arha in the Tombs of Atuan. Arha means 'nameless one' which refers to Arya more and more. (Arya also may be going down the path in La Femme Nikita, about a female assassin) -Patchface: an equivalent to the Fool in King Lear or the boy Pyp (who is left floating in the sea and goes mad) in Moby Dick. Both offer a wisdom in their madness. -Stannis, Davos, Melisandre. This triangular relationship is reflected in Moby Dick as well between Ahab, Starbuck and Fedallah. Starbuck (Davos) is Ahab's loyal man who tries to save him from self-destruction, while Fedallah (Melisandre) is a fire-worshipper, symbolized as a demon, pushing Ahab towards his fate and self-destruction. -Aegon the Conqueror and William the Conqueror of England. Both established lasting monarchies. -Norse Mythology. I believe the Long Night/Other's Invasion has similarities to Ragnarok the Long Winter/Apocalypse found in Norse Mythology. -Bran/Hodor: MasterBlaster in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Little guy sits in basket on big guy's back. Master (Bran through warging) is the brains and Blaster (Hodor) is the muscle.
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