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  1. I think they'll end up working the prophecies into Quaithe's storyline very early next season. I don't see Dany being able to go forward with much direction without them, and since the House of the Undying was such a blow, they might use her ... except she's never really interacted with Dany, so who knows.
  2. Tywin has nothing to gain by killing a working pair of legs. He said as much last episode, and Arya wasn't being insubordinate -- only cautious. Tywin's not an idiot, and he was proving a point to his lords. Arya herself was relatively insignificant to him until he turned sour at "anyone can be killed." As to the Tywin's death, I think they're just building tension, making us believe that Arya would want to kill Tywin. I doubt they would actually change such an important dynamic.
  3. I just remembered the one thing that annoyed me because it was at the beginning of the episode. Renly ought to have been in full armour when the shadow killed him. It helped to lay doubt on Brienne's part in his death. ETA -- but that is a relatively minor complaint. Not nitpicking.
  4. He does. This is the second reference, too, so it looks like they're dumbing the show down on that point as well. Not so terrible, but I feel like it was a needless cut. ETA -- he references the red god in the books too, perhaps? /noob
  5. We'll call it a preference thing then. I think he looks so much better this season than last. Definitely agree with you about Shae though. Nice one. :P
  6. Yeah, that would have been fun, but I think it might not have worked with the show since she had time to escape to the woods and get captured later in the book.
  7. Perhaps I misunderstood what you said? Let me look again: So you're not that bright. I can understand that. Ah, and men aren't your type. Now it makes more sense. So maybe you missed my point. I'm not complaining about all the straight/lesbian sex in the show. You obviously aren't. So why are you complaining about the hardly existent gay sex? Maybe not homophobic, but definitely unintelligent.
  8. Simply put, this is homophobia. Whatever you believe about gay people, you ought to keep it to yourself. Straight sex is not hot to me, but you don't see me complaining about it. It's a part of the show and it's a fact of life. Sheesh.
  9. I think it helped to show how far families go to show their loyalty to each other and to their friends, Tyrells and all. We don't get to see much of Margaery's machinations in the books, but it's clear she has an active hand in things later on. She would rather have influenced Renly through Loras than to sit by meekly. All that was important to her was being a queen to glorify her house and to give the true king a child, and who better to help her accomplish this than her blood?
  10. Wow, not even sure where to begin. I admit I am curious why the use of "homoism." Either you mean deference to gay people, which is certainly ridiculous because we've seen more breeding and inbreeding than is really "important" without seeing so much as a bare backside from Loras or Renly. Or you mean homosexuality generally, though you feel some need to demean gay people in the process. As others have already pointed out, it's important to show how different Renly's relationship with Loras and Margaery were and how it affected his decisions. If anything is unattractive here, it's your base opinion.
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