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    How would you rate episode 201?

    I gave it an 8. I really liked it overall, the transitions between the comet scenes and the introductions of the new characters. 1. I really like how they are fleshing out Robb's character more in the show. I missed that big time in the books and I'm not even a Robb fangirl. I just thought he deserved better. He had a smart rebuttal for everything Jamie said. I like how he didn't let Jamie get the upper hand in the conversation. 2. I feel like I'm the only one that is really disappointed with Stannis's voice! The actor looks fine to me but his voice is just too high pitched. I imagined a more gruff, bitter sounding man. 3. I really liked Davos, thought his look was perfect but was he wearing his finger necklace? I couldn't tell 4. Last season I really thought the casting was SPOT ON (Ned, Walder Frey, Greatjon, Drogo, etc) but this year it just seems a little .. off. Maybe it's just the lull between seasons.. and the fact that I read the book before this season (had not read GoT when the show aired). Hopefully they will develop more and grow on me 5. Craster's acting was good but he just wasn't scraggly looking enough. He should've had a huge beard with bits of food in it. 6. Jon was actually annoying to me and I like him! I hope his future scenes in the North really show him losing the naivety. 7. I know it's nitpicky but WTF was up with Ser Dontos??! He was not right at all. Isn't Dontos supposed to be someone who *thinks* he's smart but is just drunk all the time? He just looked like an oaf to me. I suppose he'll look good in motley. 8. Cersei +1000. Lena's doing it for me this season. I'm looking forward to her relishing the power. 9. If the Reed's arent showing up, I'm really wondering how Bran will find out about the Knight of the Laughing Tree (or was that in SoS?) b/c there's no way Osha would know that 10. I really really really hope we are introduced to Podrick. oh and last but not least: Where was Tyrion's line to Sansa "you're as loyal as a deer surrounded by wolves" and then her "lions" slip up. That does SO MUCH for her character and redemption showing that she still hates the Lannisters.