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  1. I'm not gonna complain about Stannis, though I could. I will say though that Alliser Thorne is a bonified badass. If I was in the Night's Watch right now, I would totally vote for him for LC.
  2. Whoops! Didn't realize I put 2 for each eye. :P So a -2 for Grey Worms missing stones then.
  3. 8/10 2 points for each of Oberyns eyes 6 points for his crushed skull
  4. That WW stuff was crazy. I loved it though. It didn't really spoil anything, just kind of confirmed what was implied in the books. I thought it was wicked.
  5. I think it's clear the creators want to show Stannis having a moral dilemma. Problem is, I don't think they're doing a good job of it at all.
  6. That was gruesome. Like his death in the books, I'm not sure I can applaud it. The looks on several characters faces before the death were important. Tywin's, Olenna's, Margaery's, Oberyn's..... I can see that the creators are trying to keep the Unsullied guessing as to who poisoned the King.
  7. This was a great episode. I have absolutely no complaints about what they did. The dead babies were spooky and unexpected, but interesting nevertheless. I'm going to have to say that my favorite scenes were Jaime's story and Stannis seeing his family. The show fans finally get to see Stannis acting like a human being.
  8. Overall an awesome episode. I liked pretty much all the scenes. Cool how they included Dagmer too.
  9. 7 or 8 for me. Not too mad about the Stannis sex scene. Like Renly and Loras, the show is just emphasizing something that was already eluded to. The Craster scene was a bit blah but it was a good way to show what he was doing with his sons. I didn't mind the Ros/Littlefinger scene since I love every scene with Littlefinger, minus the one with Cersei :( Really positive notes were -Tyrion sending Janos to the wall (one of my favorite scenes in the entire series) -The Sam/Dolorous Edd dialogue -Arya and Gendry scenes -Theon/Asha/Balon scene was really well done in my opinion -Got to see grown up Ghost -Varys/Tyrion scene
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