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  1. Here and there. But I just cant quit this place. Essentially accurate. Having some rum ham by the shore.
  2. I've been enjoying this season so far. I'd have to say the water park episode was my favorite in terms of laughs, and feels the most "classic Sunny." The other episodes are going in the direction of "themed" episodes so to speak, like the Gang turns Black or Making Dennis Reynolds a Murderer, and while funny, it's not why I think Sunny is so great.
  3. Amazing episode. Dennis in Philly traffic was fucking hysterical.
  4. Fat Mac

    Another thread about hiphop...

    Yeezy season approaching. From what I've heard So Help Me God, Swish, WAVES is going to be awesome, and I hold Kanye to a really high standard.
  5. One of the reasons this feels like a classic Sunny episode (which I say these past couple seasons have been a little light on), was how it pretty much followed the Sunny formula. The beginning sets up a concept for them all to get obsessed with (art or what art is) then they each split off to do their own thing and how to make money on it. Mac, Charlie and Frank with the gallery, and Dennis and Dee with the erotic memoirs. Eventually their little groups tear themselves apart because none of them agree on anything. Have one that goes completely off the rails and basically drop the whole thing (Charlie with Richard Greico). Throw in some unsuspecting Philadelphia citizens who have no idea what these people are like, throw in a notable side character, and you've got a funny ass episode.
  6. Good episode, felt like classic Sunny. Franks art persona was definitely the highlight.
  7. Fat Mac


    I love Jeopardy. Before I moved to college my mom and I would watch it together. We'd write our Final Jeopardy answers down and compete for whoever got it correct. I think this is one of the best moments in Jeopardy. From the 2011 Tournament of Champions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRwK8SyVeJE
  8. Best episode of the three so far. I was getting a bit bored with all the callbacks this season. I am very much unaware of any movies they might have been parodying. Obviously before my time. That said, this episode was pretty good, and I got some laughs. Mac wore the duster, which is always awesome and totally badass. One of my favorite things in the show are the last minute reveals that Frank has just screwed a bunch of people over. Him buying the mountain solely to frack it, but staging all those events in the meantime to distract people, hilarious.
  9. Fat Mac

    Another thread about hiphop...

    Mac Miller continues to impress me.   Video for his new song 100 Grandkids
  10. Fat Mac

    Another thread about hiphop...

      :D I'm the same. Never listened to Meek Mill, don't really care for Drake. But holy shit, that was brutal. I do respect Drake a lot more now.
  11. Fat Mac

    Another thread about hiphop...

    Never gave A$AP Rocky any attention. Decided to listen to At Long Last A$AP on a whim, and I'm impressed.
  12. Fat Mac

    Orange is the New Black

    Watched the entire season
  13. Fat Mac

    Another thread about hiphop...

    Anyone see this study that claims Hip Hop to be the most important music since 1960? http://www.cnn.com/2015/05/06/tech/pop-music-study-hip-hop-the-beatles/ While it'd be fun to use in an argument with the people that still say hip hop isn't music or is an inferior type (there are still many people like this), I'm not sure how easy something like "influence" or "importance" is to quantify on a scientific basis. Nevertheless, definitely interesting.
  14. Fat Mac

    Another thread about hiphop...

    Double Post
  15. Fat Mac

    Another thread about hiphop...

    I liked Hopsin for a few weeks, but then I started noticing all the stuff you mentioned. It turned me off him. That, and his fans are second to Eminem fans in terms of annoying.