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  1. litechick

    Feminism -- A continuing discussion

    What To Do? I've been working at a prestigious concert hall with the lighting. Last week there was a guest artist (a vocalist) who was playing with the house band. I don't know the details of the financial transaction--was the artist hired to front the band or was the band hired to back up the singer? etc. A couple days before the performance, I fell into conversation with an usher who declared that she had a fantastic voice but he didn't care for the way she was selling her sexuality. The sexuality was pretty minimal. The promotional materials showed her in an extravagant ball gown with spaghetti straps and referred to the event as 'an intimate evening. ' My objections to the usher's objections are threefold. Why not ask why, with a fantastic voice, she stills feels the need to 'sex it up'? Are there promoters/managers pushing her in this direction or is she including her sexuality in her artistic expression? Whether she has agency over the presentation or not, I can't help but backtrack to the usher--Who the hell are you to judge her? I can feel compassion for her as a woman whose talent is somehow not enough, with people pushing her to 'show some skin.' I can feel compassion for her if she wants to make her concert a sensual experience. I can't feel compassion for the usher who feels entitled to be the arbiter of what is in good taste and what is not. It would be nice to assume that this guy isn't sexist. Maybe he has objections to cello players who he thinks are unworthy of fronting the house band, I don't know. Maybe his disapproval would be better directed at the machinery rather than the artist. Maybe the artist is an opportunistic gold digger, looking to cash in on a little cleavage. Who knows? From my experience, my response is along the lines of "Really? Spaghetti straps are all it takes to turn her into a harlot? Fuck you." So what does that make me? Am I prejudiced against the older white male usher? If he is wronging her, am I wronging him? There's no way to know. I wish I had a ready sound bite quip to make him ask himself these questions but I didn't. I did the typical, 'mmm, ahh, yeah I see what you are saying' nonsense and missed a teachable moment. Oh well, maybe I will have better wisdom by the time I am his age.
  2. litechick

    Small things that have left you SPEECHLESS

    Rant time: I light stages for a living and I really like it. It requires a mix of technical, creative, and practical skills which satisfies me. However, in the past 25 years I have heard every argument against every color. Red looks hellish, green looks nuclear, yellow looks like piss, orange is for Popsicles, pink is too girly, rainbows are too gay, blue is for democrats. In any given group of 1000 people someone will have a problem with every color in the spectrum. So we use beige. We have a meeting to choose exactly the right shade of beige. This precise thing happened recently on a convention for a major corporation and then the speakers on the stage all told stories about the danger of group think and the horrible shame that all of our subdivisions and cubicles were beige...from a beige stage. My irony circuits went into overdrive. I will admit that I really dislike the combination of red and green. I avoid it as much as possible but I acknowledge that in times of Christmas it may be necessary. All I want is for other people to acknowledge that just because they dislike a particular color scheme does not mean that the color scheme is inherently evil or wrong.
  3. litechick

    Small things that have left you SPEECHLESS

    Re: speechless--we should have a thread for things that need their own word. Like when you think something will be handy, so you save it and you hold on to it for 10 years and finally decide to get rid of it and then need it a week later. There should be a word for that. Don't get me started on crowds. Luckily I spend most of my time behind the velvet rope, or the bike rack fence, etc but at the end of a long day you eventually have to leave that sanctuary and venture out among the masses to make your way home. You know what everybody does? They stand in long lines to get into a venue and complain about the line and then the instant they get through the door they stop and have a conversation about where their seats are or whether they need to use the bathroom or visit a concession stand. Hello??!! that's why it took so long to get in--everybody stops dead in their tracks once they get through the line. Since it is the Christmas season, I would like to give a shout out to Dr Seuss. I wish I had the gift of hurling completely non-profane, yet devastating insults. "You're a rotten banana with a.....greasy black PEEL!"
  4. litechick

    The TRUTH about the Vietnam war

    What a crappy thread starter. I'm interested in discussion of the topic but I'm not clicking that without some more to go on.
  5. litechick

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    I have had it with sandwich inflation. Back in my day, a sandwich was something that you might realistically put in your mouth. Nowadays sandwiches are at least 4" tall, more likely 6". Dagnabbit! I'm no gluten-phobe but recently I find myself discarding the bun so I can just eat the filling with knife and fork. Maybe I look odd doing this but it's also pretty odd to smash the living shit out of one's burger before attempting to eat it.
  6. I have a particular friend who won't stop taking pictures/sharing them on social media. Asking her not to take your picture is like asking a cat not to knock over your water glass. She really likes doing it and can't understand what is wrong with it. It would be nice if simply saying "I don't like that, please don't do it" was sufficient but it's not. She's not a horrible person.
  7. Please don't do that. He's not a weirdo. Perfectly ordinary non-inhumane people do it every day. The point is to make it clear that it is not OK. Framing someone as fringe allows people to not see themselves in the behavior. Other than that, I agree with you completely.
  8. litechick

    Small things you hate

    A dependable fact of life: Being generous with salary just promotes greed. Now because I was generous, I have to argue with people who apparently think I'm a pushover. This would not have happened if I had been a hardass. I wish I could learn my lesson but I keep making the same mistake. Now I'm a softass, full of anger.
  9. litechick

    Is David Eddings any good?

    Depends on what you consider 'deliberate'. My theory is that every man has a tale to tell about the first time he saw his own erect penis. I believe that Eddings wrote it organically, saw what it was, and then said 'eh, wtf' and published it anyway. So I would consider it deliberate and not-deliberate at the same time.
  10. litechick

    Is David Eddings any good?

    This thread prompted a re-read. At my present state of maturity (or immaturity) I found this section hilarious: "The sword was so huge that he should not have been able to hold it, much less lift it; but as he braced himself with his feet widespread and his shoulders pressed back against the wall, the point of the sword rose easily until the great blade stood upright before him. He stared at it in amazement, feeling a strange throbbing between the hands he had clasped about the hilt." :rofl
  11. paraphrasing this as the thread for 'unexpressed thoughts which are of no value to anyone' I do declare that I love to whine in an over-the-top, dramatic fashion. For instance, right now I have successfully reached my home through an unseasonable blizzard with hopes that in 5 hours I will be constitutionally capable of returning to work--in this case, to hear more ear worms. Part of me would love to extol fulsomely on the horrors of sitting in a chair listening to pop music for upwards of 15 hours a day but I can't do that because some people have real problems. However, I will say that one of the joys of living alone is that I may come home and moan audibly when I take off my boots and run my toes through the shag carpet. If my back/feet/knees hurt me I can cry out with no regard for others who may roll their eyes in disgust. As a non-sequitur, I will only add--Please, stop with the dancing! Oh dear Jesus, it's only April. There will be more dancing to more pop tunes. I've got two more months of it to endure. My ebooks cannot save me. Thoughtful reflection on the state of the world cannot save me. In five hours I have to get up and do it all again.
  12. litechick

    So, Toys R Us Closing...

    Here's my nostalgia kicking in... In elementary school I remember the first efforts at marketing to public school students where they would send home flyers of all the great books you could order to enhance your reading skills. I would circle all the books I wanted and present it to my parents with a 'I think we are supposed to do this' vibe like it was a permission slip they needed to sign or something. The answer was "No, we're not doing that." Nothing wrong with the library, though.
  13. litechick

    So, Toys R Us Closing...

    The only affection I have for TRU is that they had a truly spectacular jingle. I'm not sure that I ever entered a store but I can still get "I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys 'R' Us kid' stuck in my head. Analytically, I can see the appeal of an immersive fantasy environment, filling kids with wonder and desire of acquisition. I see the romance of the happy and prosperous family. However, kids today do not lack for immersive fantasy environments so what's the loss? For me, this is one of those privilege threads. I was not underprivileged but the idea that people went out on a random non-holiday for the express purpose of buying a non-essential item sort of drops my jaw. Go ahead and love on the toy store but don't be blind to the fact that a trip to TRU wherein a child gets to choose a toy is a story of remarkable riches for most people.
  14. litechick

    What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Do not underestimate my ignorance. Having never melted Jello, I did not know if that was a thing you could do (much less something you could do with a meat jello.) For all I knew, this was some kind of Super Jelly and you only needed 2 tablespoons to a cup of water to create normal broth or something. (Perhaps I imagined a jiggly bouillon cube.)
  15. litechick

    What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Wonderful! Thank you. So if a recipe calls for 1 cup of broth, how much jelly is that? Do I need to liquefy it somehow?