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  1. Because when you love someone you can never know enough about them. Poetically, every footprint is precious. Pragmatically, every parking ticket is precious. It brings out the sleuth in us--in that moment she was at least 80% of the way through Clash of Kings. Was she reading about Arya's escape from Harrenhall? Is Davos swimming for his life under Tyrion's chain? How does she juxtapose what she is reading in a fantasy with the reality of a newborn in her arms and someone pointing a camera at her? You always want to know more when it is someone you love.
  2. I'm an enormously fat single lady so I am always trying to be healthy and always cooking a big batch of something I can eat for 2-3 days to cut down on the cooking. This is one of my favorites: Chorizo Sweet Potato Skillet I have tinkered with it and at some point switched from chorizo to turkey sausage. You will want to skip the cheese to eliminate the lactose, I regretfully omit it to eliminate the calories. Don't believe that bit about cooking the sweet potato for 5 minutes at the beginning, it will still be hard. I've been adding a little water to the pan, put on the lid and steam it a bit to soften it up before adding the rest of the ingredients according to the recipe.
  3. Yesterday I came home to find that the snowbanks around my building had graffiti. It had never occurred to me to do that. Outside of the inevitable badness of paint going into the Mississippi River after the thaw, I had to think 'nice job': you get self expression, we get to witness your self expression, harm is minimal.
  4. Lately I feel like maybe I am the equivalent of a Sharper Image massage chair. I suppose if you have one, why not use it constantly? The cats have a massage servant, why not demand all the massages, all the time? Considering the way these cats act like it's a vital component of life, I have to wonder--How do cats survive in the wild without chin scratches? Why is your chin so itchy? Why can you never be satisfied?
  5. Damn right. I'm sorry for your loss. You gave her a happy home for 17 years--you did good. I always imagined that having 2 adult cats would be ideal because they have each other when you are busy/unavailable. I have had two adult, bonded cats for 2 months now and I can see that I was wrong. They are needy. They are demanding in opposite ways. One is aggressive--Pet Me! Love Me! Maximum tactile input please! The other is passive-aggressive--This is a nice picture, it would be a shame if it crashed to the floor at 5am. Maybe if you gave me better loving and playtime, things like this wouldn't happen. Passive-Aggressive cat is smart and seems to understand that when I am playing a video game, I am entertaining myself. She seems to be offended that I am engaging in entertainment which leaves her out on her own. With that in mind: Does anyone have a recommendation for a tablet game which will attract and please cats? I have seen videos of cats "playing" tablet games. Tablet Games I have searched my streaming services for TV programs that will entertain them. So far, I have nothing much to report in terms of success. Help me out--what works for you and your cats? How can I make them happy without stroking and playing with them all the damn time!?
  6. Retired as in "No longer working" or retired as in "Not in the Army Anymore"? Since Covid, I appreciate how really cool it would be to be retired. I like the outdoors in theory but I don't spend much time there. I like watching Alone for the first 5-6 episodes each season because I like to see the different approaches to resource management, shelter building, and hunting but I dislike watching people slowly starve. My experience and observation leads me to opine that beautiful places are great to visit and depressing to live but maybe that's because I have never lived in a beautiful place where I also had a sense of community. Chats, Marriott has purchased some fairly uncouth hotels in recent years so blame them more than the hoi polloi. Someone of your taste deserves better. Similarly, I have recently come to understand that one should not purchase any product which describes itself as 'tactical' because that has become a marketing buzzword which appeals to the hoi polloi of wannabe Operators. Nevertheless, when playing with my foster kitties I say, "this is my string. There are many like it but this one is mine." and proceed to try and seduce them/refuse them.
  7. I wish there was some big photographic coffee table book, "Naked People". It would incorporate young/old, cut/uncut, little bitties/melons/post-cancer, a variety of scars--just lay it all out on the table and let them look. The object of which would be that many people have many bodies and everybody is fine. In other words, don't worry about your children seeing your body--just make sure they know that bodies are all fine. Everything is fine. No need to judge or worry about it at all.
  8. In honor of your post, allow me to contribute: Black Tom Explosion I was playing a video game which referenced damage to the Statue of Liberty and had to look it up to see if it was true. I had heard that people used to be able to go up into the torch and that it was damaged so that people could not go up there anymore but I never dreamed of this. This article reports that Russia sued a US company for negligence and that the incident contributed to both the Japanese Internment Camps and the creation of the CIA. Mind Blown. If this is inaccurate, please point it out to me. (Although, in fairness, my swear jar would be much higher than my 'unwelcome history lesson' jar.)
  9. I had a hand steamer and the best job it did for me was killing bed bugs. If you need garments steamed, just hang them up in a closed bathroom with the shower on As Hot As Possible. Walk away, come back 20 minutes later and it will be fine.
  10. I would love to imagine a world in which I can give direction and the crew would take me seriously and not presume that I don't know what I am talking about...because I have ovaries. Maybe I don't get it, maybe they don't get it--when I say "use these two road cases full of lights to place a light at each location I have indicated" and they do exactly not that... Today the biggest superpower in the world seems like the ability to make men believe that I know what I am talking about.
  11. This is interesting to me because standing fucks me up. When standing, I can't disconnect from the pain that standing causes me. In sitting, many will disparage me as lazy but if I am not in pain I can be much more efficient. It has come to a point where watching other people standing makes me uncomfortable because I assume they are in as much pain as I would be. It blows my mind to see someone standing unnecessarily because I can only think how painful that must be. 1) If they are standing unnecessarily, that is a clue that they do not feel what I feel. 2) That is amazing that they can stand without distress. 3) It's a shame that I seem lazy to them because I need to sit.
  12. Please continue with any and all stories of shelter cats who find homes. Tonight I have 2 foster kittens who are cavorting with no knowledge that we have about 36 hours before I surrender them to a better life. I hope it is a better life. I give all the nose scratches and tummy rubs possible but in the end, it has to be someone else who adopts them and gives them a forever home.
  13. Today's L'esprit de l'escalier moment: Photographer invades my space to store his gear, later complains that he has been tasked with shooting specific instances of diverse people engaging in white man activity. He has to fake a picture of women engaged with mechanics. Photographer decries the phoniness of his politically correct assignment, observes that women are only interested in the marketing and social media aspects of the trade. Professionally, I can't pick a fight with every sexist I encounter. Privately, I observe: "Yeah, it's funny how when you crowd everyone else out of a field you find that only white men are interested in the field." On the one hand "fuck you, you fucking fuck". On the other hand, I get it--you have no idea that you are part of the problem.
  14. OK, it's true that I am drunk and not entirely grasping the subject at hand. Nevertheless, I am suffering large amounts of cognitive dissonance with this sentence. Kalbear: 62 Warning points--disdains willingness to traumatize moderators...I suppose Kal is only traumatizing about 6 to 8 moderators so maybe that seems reasonable to him and he imagines that he is not a part of the problem at hand.
  15. Wow! Hot Damn! Nice Job! MC, I am not hip to the current parlance but You Go BOI! (apologies, I am painfully white.) Lately freelance work has picked back up--yay! I was serious about joining Uber but recently it seems unnecessary. Tonight I am pondering the variations of what is a 'good guy.' In a number of situations I have been advised by trusted colleagues that some contact is cool, a good guy, he will set me up. The men who make these recommendations don't necessarily understand that I get treated differently than them--he's cool to you, but he is an asshole to me. I have been around the block enough to understand that to disillusion these colleagues may work against me. Just now, the rational thing to do would be to invest $20k in gear but I can't secure proper financing. Carrying that much credit card debt is stupid. Maybe I should look into Woman Entrepreneur specific grants and loans but...as a participant in a Male Dominated industry, I shy at anything which smacks of Affirmative Action. The idea is that if I don't 'qualify' to normal modes of financing, I don't deserve financing. I know that is stupid but a lot of people don't know that is stupid. Far out drunk trip: Recently, I saw a colleague on LinkedIn post an opinion. This guy was instrumental to me achieving something great in my world. I owe him. Nevertheless, his posted opinion was directly contrary to my political outlook. To me he seems like a white supremacist who seriously does not know that he is a white supremacist. What do you do? Congenial, nice guys have no idea that they are fundamentally against you, on any level.
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