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  1. Today I spoke to a business colleague who expressed his trials to due Covid thusly, "all the shows got cancelled, we finally got a nice, lucrative job and then the riots broke out." What I wish I had said, "Rephrase that: you got a nice, lucrative job and then the police executed a man for a misdemeanor in broad daylight on a public street." There ya go. Presuming that they are not actually selling them at a loss, that's the markup on those slippers.
  2. Based on my understanding of the definitions, your post confuses me. Full disclosure, I get my info from the Kitten Lady.
  3. My childhood cat was more than a pet, she was my female role model. She was affectionate and playful, she was a mother and a hunter. She would go out for days on her own and then come home, chew the burrs out of her fur until she was silky smooth again and let us shower her with attention. She was beautiful, graceful, elegant--all of the things I am not. I wish I could be more like her.
  4. Or it could be a great way to get the ball rolling on getting to know each other. Ask her what she saw in it, why she likes it, how she identifies with the characters. There are things that aren't there and there are things you just can't see.
  5. What might be living with me? A) I recently had my first experience with moths. Through inattention, I apparently created a moth colony. B ) I have no screens on my windows so in the summer I am very much at one with nature. Sometimes the bugs are extremely annoying, other years not so much. C) I live in a converted brick & timber warehouse and there are crumbling bricks. So much so that I regularly hear the noise from bits of masonry falling. D) The last couple of days, I hear random knocking-shit-over noises that don't seem to be coming from the bricks but are too heavy to be moth related. I am beginning to suspect that I am Not Alone. Is it a mouse? A pigeon? A capybara? I wish I could meet my roommate and come to some amicable accord but alas, I have no idea whether this is real or just a product of being home alone for 6 months.
  6. Hey!! You would have hated it. A couple of years ago I bought a food processor and imagined that it would help me make pina coladas. Instead I created a kind of pineapple slurry and added cream of coconut and rum. It did not go well. Good to see you.
  7. It was full on coconut milk. It was sweet and lovely and I killed it dead.
  8. I miss trolling Mercenary Chef with tales of my culinary ineptitude. Recently I attempted to make a shrimp/thai noodle/lime/cilantro thing and boy was it bad. I added fresh pea pods to it but clearly I don't know how to handle fresh pea pods. Give me them steamer bags I'm fine. I overcooked the noodles, made a mess of the pea pods. The recipe called for an entire can of coconut milk but either that was too much or I didn't reduce it enough. The sauce was so runny I threw in a couple packages of ramen to try and soak it up. I fought the good fight with the peas, eating about half of them before picking the rest out and throwing them away. I had great success with a Hawaiian Chicken Salad but it involved more soy sauce than my body could handle. I love to imagine his passionate outrage at my foibles. Confidential to MC: Yes, I am that inept. There's nothing you can do about it.
  9. Chataya, Hi! I've missed you. I sincerely hope he doesn't go petulant douchebag on you and badmouth you in professional circles. Getting him to stop making advances is one thing but he can still fuck with you if he wants.
  10. That's interesting. I never saw it from that perspective. S John, I get you. I largely agree. Maybe you will get the reference: Maude Flanders goes to Bible Camp to learn to be more judgmental. For me, one of the mistakes I make over and over again in life is not being judgmental enough. I give the benefit of the doubt far beyond the point of reason. I can't tell you how many times I have found myself thinking, 'oh! That's my mistake. I assumed that you possessed basic human decency and you don't.' Clearly I have extremely poor judgment.
  11. Tonight I am thinking of the whole 'you make me want to be a better man' thing. Some of you might remember this line from Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets. I have known someone who was clearly a better man when he was with the woman he loved. You could almost tell his relationship status by his behavior. 'Harmless Asshole' when they were together, 'Super Asshole' when they were apart. I also have vague memories of Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven where I think he was a bad outlaw killer but then hooked up with a good woman who changed him. But if you are a good person, why should you want to be with a bad person--even if they are better when they are with you? Frequently I think of Hannibal Lecter quoting Marcus Aurelius, "Of each particular thing, ask: What is it in itself, in its own constitution? What is its causal nature?" It seems to me that if a person is generally, casually a bad person, then there's no point in improving them. Harking back to the parable of the scorpion and the frog, ""A scorpion asks a frog to carry him over a river. The frog is afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, both would sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog then agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When asked why, the scorpion points out that this is its nature." No matter how much a person may want to be good, if their nature is to be bad they will always revert to their nature at some point. So what do you think? Can bad people be made good with the right influences or will a dick always be a dick? Should you nurture a person and try to uncover the good or should you just run? No matter how bad a person is, they will always have some good qualities but you don't go out with Hitler just because he likes dogs, ya know?
  12. I found the inclusion of Forrest Gump and Silence of the Lambs to be confusing on that list. In particular, they point out that the Buffalo Bill character is not trans but claim that people won't recognize the distinction and so...I don't know, I guess they are saying that the film is anti-trans even though there is not a depiction of a trans character at all. With reasoning like that you can object to anything you want.
  13. I tried to read the New Yorker article but it was so clearly written for literature scholars and not for me that I gave up. I understand that once you learn things it's hard to imagine anyone else not knowing those things but try. I was unaware of The Wind Done Gone but I read the preview of Ruth's Journey which purports to be an account of Mammy's life even though it is clearly stipulated that Mammy was born and raised from Scarlet's mother's own bedroom. It's OK, I get it. People want to latch on to the fame of GWTW to tell alternate stories of people enslaved. Those stories are important and attaching them to GWTW in order to get greater acknowledgement is fair in my book. What I want from HBO is a Dick & Jane level examination of the Slavery Apologist Bingo Card: we didn't treat them that bad they are better off than they would have been in Africa we gave them food, clothes, shelter, medical care which they would have otherwise had to provide for themselves they are simpletons and like having someone to give them orders we raised the cream to positions of trust and authority, if they were field hands it was because they weren't good for any higher position etc All of this can be found in GWTW and it is all bullshit. What I would like is a feature which points to each entry on the bingo card and explains why it is bullshit but then allows people to go ahead and enjoy the film for the value that is there.
  14. Zorral, if you have links to GWTW being used as an educational tool about race relations, please share. I would be very interested. The widespread existence of humanities classes with this information doesn't help the average HBO viewer and the point is to reach the average person and impress upon them the significance. Inkdaub, "It's likely easy for me to judge the movie as someone who has never seen it in full and honestly has no interest in it. If it were a film I loved it would be much harder and I would likely be much more forgiving. " Thank you for including that. It's nice to see that people can respect that others can have differing opinions without being the enemy. Aside: for me, watching the film feels like it's going at a breakneck speed because I know how much is being cut out. What I'm talking about is the complex relationships that form. In this clip at the very beginning of the movie, we can see that Mammy has authority over Scarlet but she is a servant. In the book, Scarlet orders Mammy to 'go fetch my shawl' to throw her off the scent and give Scarlet a few moments to run away from the house. Mammy has authority but Scarlet is white. Mammy can tattle on Scarlet to her mother but Mammy has to do what Scarlet says in the moment. I find it frustrating that people want to distill it down to 'racist trash' or a fantasy of grace and gentility. There's so much going on. Not too long ago, I bought the digital version of the book. It has a forward from a white southern guy who stipulates that the house he grew up in had a Bible and Gone With the Wind. This is important. Lots of people get their sense of themselves and their sense of race relations from that book/movie. The trick is to preserve the good without giving a pass to the bad.
  15. That's fair. I'm still struggling my way through the Matrix. It's had great cultural impact but I am so not interested. It would be nice if someone used GWTW as a teaching tool. Make a supercut of all the racial bits and outline how these devices were used for whites to convince themselves that they were not doing anything wrong.
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