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  1. Re: crushes I have a 25 year crush. He is a coworker. I may go years at a time not seeing him. I don't obsess. With absence he fades away but every time I see him, the crush is renewed. I know him just well enough to understand that we are not compatible, no matter how cute I think he is. (For the ladies, he is the gentleman pirate--object of 100's of steamy romance novels.) There is no question in my mind that I prefer men who are unavailable. A man who is unavailable can't hurt me. I can project all my feelings on the person I want him to be and never be shocked and saddened that he is not who I want him to be.
  2. Yeah, I grew up in a rural area with a cat who was not spayed. Farms willing to take in barn kitties was one of our main sources of homing the kittens we produced. I was naive enough that I didn't grasp that those kittens did not live long, healthy lives. My wish was granted. I picked up 3 foster kittens on Tuesday. I suspect they may be barn kitties--they were sick and scrawny and timid. Now two of them are thriving even though one has an eye infection which is not clearing up as fast as I would like. The third is the proverbial runt of the litter. He is scrawnier than the others and more timid. He is gaining weight but I see the other two harassing him and dominating the food dish and the toys. In any other context the two would be fantastic kittens but contrasted with the gentle kitten of the sad eyes, they seem like meatheads. I'm trying to make the right choices in handling them and nurturing them but it's hard to tell whether my instincts are true or whether I am just projecting my own feelings on the sad kitten. I'm trying to figure out whether the sad kitten needs the others so that he is not alone or whether I should create a space where he can feel protected and special, away from the meatheads. Perfect kitten rearing isn't really a big deal. Do the best you can, get them healthy and adoptable and move on to the next group. Nevertheless, I want to be some perfect kitten guardian and I tie myself in knots trying to achieve it.
  3. From time to time, I watch cat videos. Largely, these are people who walk around with cat food and a cell phone to record their interactions with Community Cats. I understand (from Kitten Lady) that we should suppress community cat populations by TNR--Trap, Neuter, Release. However, I can't help but wish there were more community cats in my neighborhood. The idea of going about my daily life, surprised by cats and kittens, is tantalizing to me. Going about your business? Hard day at work? Surprise! Here's a kitten! Community cats make the world more amazing and wonderful. Nevertheless, if you love cats and want them to be healthy and safe, TNR is the way to go. Damn you Minnesotans and your responsible love of felines! Why can't I have this? That is only available in places with Out of Control cat populations. What can I do but watch my email and hope for one more foster litter before winter?
  4. To be fair, I'm sure he would not agree with my assessment. He would probably be horrified that I think that. I'm a Gen Xer and I tend to think we were all brought up on these notions that men should be bigger, stronger, smarter than women. I can't write him off for having absorbed some of it just like I have sympathy for women who have absorbed it. Thanks for the supportive comment though.
  5. I don't know if anybody here is a World of Warcraft fan. I played for 6ish years, just quit recently, and I'm not quite over the withdraw pains. I wish I still played but I know that quitting was the right thing to do. Anybody interested in talking about it?
  6. This year I turned 50 and I can comfortably say that I am done with sex and relationships. There is an ex-flame in my texting life who routinely sends me dinner pix and doesn't answer my calls. I really like him, I wish he liked me enough to have a conversation once in a while. The big disenchantment is that he is 5'8" 140lbs. He really enjoys super heroes and comics, cooking without repercussions, obscure languages and calligraphy. My observation is that over the course of a 25 year friendship (and a 3 month more-than-friendship) I am not what he wants. He can't really like me because he is focused on being bigger, stronger, and smarter than his love interest and I can't give him that. He might like me if I could transplant myself into a 5'2" 100lb frame with a lower ACT score but as long as he can never feel bigger, stronger, and smarter than me--we can't forge an alliance. It makes me sad because I would like to be his friend regardless of our incompatibility. It makes me sad that he holds me at arms length because he can never be bigger, stronger, and smarter than me. I am old enough to understand that there is no point in diminishing myself to fit his ideal. It's just a shame.
  7. I like the fishing pole best, it never fails to engage. Now I have 3 different poles and I do change it up even in the same play session. Each pole has its own properties--length of pole, length of string, type of bait.
  8. I know next to nothing about birds but I am posting here because I had a bird encounter that I want to share. Recently I did a kayaking trip on the Mississippi which brought me close enough to observe a couple of islands with huge populations of some kind of crane. It was pretty impressive. First came the sound, upon getting closer I noticed the dozens of nests in the tree tops. I didn't know that Minnesota even had cranes, much less that they were nesting so close to an industrial part of the river up on the north side of the city. Nothing really to say about it except, "Go birds!"
  9. Inkdaub! You are so lucky to have such a kitty. and she is lucky to have you. Enjoy!
  10. The game is properly called Blanket Monster, wherein you have a cat on the bed with you and you move a finger or toe underneath the blanket for the cat to pounce upon. The blanket should be thick enough to protect you from the repercussions of such pouncing. Re: boredom. I recently discovered that there is a wide range of programming available on Amazon Prime Video tailored to feline interests. I only got one episode in to Squirrel Watch. Re: naming. I tend to be very literal with names. In each litter there will be one known as The Toenibbler. Medium and long hair kittens will be called Spongebob Fluffy Pants. Sometimes I have a Dances with Bottle Caps. The one who vocalizes for no apparent reason will be called Drama Kitten. Once I hosted a mom + kittens where the mom had been named Turkey. I had no choice but to name the kittens Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Cranberry, Green Bean, and Nutmeg. Another mom was called Holstein and her kitten Cheese Curd. These are horrible cat names but at one point I actually called the mom Holstein and she definitely perked up at the name. A great benefit to fostering is that I can use many ridiculous endearments without fear of repercussion. Sweetie Pie, Honey Baby, Pussycat, Kitten Face--all are permitted because it ain't nobody's business if I do.
  11. Chats, I feel your pain. When I first moved in here and got my brand new purple carpet, I was so happy. Then a particular mom cat peed on the rug and all her kittens followed her example. I clean it well. I have lots of Nature's Miracle. Still, it's the perfection/toilet dichotomy that is the problem. Lately I have been mixing vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Cats always sniff before peeing and the theory is that if they get a snoot full of vinegar, they will look elsewhere for a place to pee. It's not scientific but nobody has peed on my rug since I started spritzing.
  12. Agreed. I don't think there can be meaningful discussion unless each participant can make points both for and against each side of the conflict. If your only focus is on the horrible things one side has done to the other, there's no point in wasting the internet ink. Since I am mostly ignorant, I like to picture a solution in which a small community is established with a mixture of people who want to live in peace and raise their children. Once that is established, you expand so that anyone who wants to live in peace can find a home. Eventually, anyone not living in these communities will have no choice but to acknowledge that they engage in war because they want to. I know: Pie, meet sky.
  13. I have never seen The Godfather in its entirety but once I did watch the opening scene. opening scene I have since been amazed that nobody ever told me how freakin' charming that cat was and why all references to the Godfather leave that bit out. Now I imagine a world of bullies and hustlers who know exactly how charming that cat is and swirl their bourbon and smoke their cigars while plotting to steal kittens from shelters. FB, yes 2 kittens is a small litter but because the mom was less than a year old and clearly it was her first litter, it's not unreasonable. I totally get why the shelter was skeptical but what can I say? She had 2 kittens.
  14. Thank you Kay. This is it. The kittens are 7.5 weeks old. Tomorrow they have a vet check appointment. I expect that the shelter will keep them, vaccinate them, fix them and put them up for adoption. I am comforted to think that mom is so fucking awesome, she won't last 10 minutes on the adoption floor before someone scoops her up. The kittens are kittens--too adorable to worry. But tonight I feel bad because I know mom and kittens will be separated tomorrow but they don't know. I always feel guilty about the unintended blindside. Random side note: Mom was pregnant when I brought her home with me. The shelter didn't know how many kittens she was carrying. It was her first (and only) litter and she had 2 kittens. In several interactions with the shelter they have asked, "what about the other kittens? ...there are only 2. I was met with some skepticism which makes me think they are concerned that I may be embezzling kittens---like she actually had 4 and I am only reporting 2. I am super entertained at the idea of a kitten embezzlement scheme but from the shelter's point of view, I guess they have to be on top of that.
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