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  1. Thought Margery was well done. She knows what she is, and is doing her best to cement the Tyrell position. In another post, it was mentioned something like that she was hinting Loras was Bi. I didn't get that... thought she simply was under no illusions about Renly/Loras and was trying to ease Renly's mind. The LF/Tyrion confrontation was well done. You could see LF's interest get peaked with Harrenhal/Lord Paramount. He does bitch at Tyrion about being played in the book, and the Jamie/Sansa swap was a good way to get him down south so he can eventually broker the Purple Wedding. Show Asha does suck though. Looks aside, she has none of the charisma of book Asha at all. Her eyes are dead. And my non-reader gf says she has poor posture.
  2. BTW, I'm no moderator, but can we please stop with the homophobia debate? It doesn't belong in this thread, so shut up about it already. Start a new thread to appease the trolls and the righteous. God.
  3. Agreed. And calling them the knights of summer. Showed her disdain/disbelief in what was going on.
  4. Although the Sansa/Shae was forced, book Sansa herself did think to herself how sullen and sulky Shae was. She caught "looks" out of the corner of her eye, or somesuch. From a non-reader perspective, the Myrcella selling scene was confusing. My gf said "but wait, did he just promise her to 3 different people? Why?" So I had to explain it. I think we've lost a great deal of the reasoning behind Tyrion's actions, even if the scene was well done. Missed him ticking off his fingers, though.
  5. Holmes

    How would you rate episode 202?

    As a reader, yeah: 4. As a watcher, apretty good 7. I think we can all agree Littlefinger/Ros was superfluous. After reading this thread, that point has been beaten to death. Having Craster whack Jon was a little jarring also. The kid's scene was perfect, I thought. Sounded just like kids bickering. I do wish that Stannis/Mel was offstage though. And that Janos Slynt had called himself Janos Slynt.